• Mar 17, 2019

our pets are not able to talk and therefore they can not always inform us that something is not pleasant to them. And we not always understand, whether the favourite is really not happy, whether just plays. And canine best friends of the person will also suffer to the last not to upset the favourite owner. What is not loved by your dogs?

to Embrace

It seems to you that you give to the favourite positive emotions, but he at this moment has a stress, and considerable. Whether so you want to express the love thus?

to Put on suits not in that weather

Yes, it is lovely, and your pets look in them extremely amusing. But here to tell that it is pleasant to them – and to you it would be pleasant to walk in the summer in a coat? Let and in very fashionable.

to Iron a muzzle

And in general from above dogs perceive any gesture as threat. If you noticed that the dog moves back from you when you try to stroke her, is not necessary better.

5 things which are not loved by your dogs (but all of you equally in it do)

When you shout

Even if the dog behaves not as you would like, you will help nothing if you shout at her. But very much you will upset the favourite, and then for certain it will be a shame to you with it.

to Play

with your guests

If they pleased a dog, she will play with them. But if they for some reason were not pleasant her (it is, even if they very good), then you should not force it.

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