• Nov 27, 2019

of the Dog – the most loyal friends of the person. They love us disinterestedly and are always glad to any opportunity to spend time with the owner. It is difficult to person to express the feelings to an animal in language, clear for them, but there is a strong wish that the fluffy friend knew that it is loved and infinitely value his devotion. Let's tell how to speak in love to the four-footed friend, in our article.

the Way to heart – through a stomach

The accurate hierarchy exists in dog packs where the behavior of any of her members is strictly regulated, and in questions of food including. Domestic dogs perceive life with the person in family as a certain similarity of gregarious existence. They perfectly understand that it is allowed to them by situation and that – no. So the animals living in packs know that the best and biggest piece of production has to get to the leader, and further already gradually be distributed from more the highest to the lowest steps of a hierarchical order. For your dog the leader is you, and only you have the right to decide with whom you want to divide the meal. Therefore, when you prepare for a dog something especially by her loved or share the last piece of pizza – for it this manifestation of its your acceptance as member of pack, respect and boundless trust. The dog begins to be proud of proximity to you, to become more self-assured and to have still great sympathy to you.

Visual contact

The British research institute of a neurobiology headed by professor Brian Hare, studying behavior of dogs, found out that the visual contact between a dog and the person – is similar to the warmest and touching embraces: "A dog, looking to you in eyes, embraces you a look". It sounds very touchingly, and there is a wish to reciprocate to the favourite immediately. Support this visual contact with an animal, at the same time having emphasized with intonation and soft strokings that you very much love it. The pet by all means will estimate it. However in many situations the direct continuous look can be perceived by dogs as threat therefore it is better not to try to execute such trick at communication with foreign, foreign dog, it can be fraught with attack and serious consequences for the person.


A good opportunity for dogs to feel that they are loved, tactile feelings from master's caress and touches are. It is pleasant to animals when the owner shows to them the attention, gently stroking them on a hair on a back, sides and the head. Very pleasantly for a dog when the owner scratches her behind ears. Exactly there animals have especially sensitive zone to which touches cause a lot of pleasant emotions in dogs. Enjoying human caress, the pet feels love and tenderness from the person, and literally is thrilled in master's palms.

of the Eyebrow

The Japanese scientists used the high-speed camera for careful studying of a dog mimicry during the meeting of animals with their owners and strangers. The data published in the report of 2013 demonstrate that dogs actively work facial muscles and raise eyebrows, especially left, during master's greetings. On people unknown to them reaction was weak, and the majority of mimic reductions were the share of the right side. Scientists drew an unambiguous conclusion that the dog realizes that are glad to her and love that more clearly, than more emotions express the face of the owner at a meeting. Actively raise eyebrows, welcoming the pet, and he will feel yours to it love. If you are able to pull one eyebrow, give preference of left.

of the Game

All researches of psychology of dogs show that animals with ease read out emotions of owners, are able to understand language of a body and intonation, gestures, a mimicry and a manner of behavior of owners. Animals appreciate time spent together with the owner and for them it is an absolute measure of love and attention. The dog is attracted by joint walks, amusing games and small pranks together with the owner: at this moment the pet is liberated itself and feels reciprocal trust from the owner. It creates the atmosphere of proximity and mutual understanding between a dog and the person. Find more time for the canine friend, and he will never doubt your feelings to it.

Dogs are created for love in order that the example to show to people, it is how possible to be devoted and emotionally generous in the relations. The owner has to learn to speak with a dog language clear to it that she always felt protected, self-assured and in the person.

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