• Nov 30, 2019
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how actually our pets treat us: understand or not whether trust us. In article we will consider behavior of a dog which speaks about great love and trust to you.

7 strong indications of what your dog trusts you

Sleeps together with you

If the pet devoted, then he tries to be closer to the owner. And despite all bans, gets to you into a bed. The dog sleeps only where feels comfortable and in safety.

Shares toys

Sometimes these animals bring the favourite toys, but do not want to play at all. They do it just because want to share. The dog gives the most expensive that she has that you could play too. She shows these attachment, trust and love.

Yawns on couple

When we look at other yawning people, and we want to yawn. Psychologists designated it as "empathy by the neighbor at the emotional level". Same situation and with the pet. When he looks at the yawning darling, accidentally repeats after it. If noticed such feature between you and your pet, then be sure - it is emotional proximity.

Sign language

Not each wagging means the same sense. When the tail deviates more often to the right, it speaks about affection for the owner and good mood. And if it deviates to the left, it speaks about uneasiness and irritation. This point is characteristic not to all dogs. In general, when the tail moves parallel to the earth, and the pet looks quite happy, he means completely to you trusts.

Pay attention how often the dog looks back at you. When he so does, wants to know, what do you do. Its observations of you – sign of love and devotion.

The mimicry of a dog can also tell about much. If the dog sees the person whom considers as the friend, then she kind of raises eyebrows. The look is expressive, cheerful. Thus the pet expresses the joy.

Gives in to training and training

Everything depends on the speed of command execution. Quick response to them speaks about the aspiration of a dog to be constantly near darling.

If your pet with a reluctance executes someone else's commands, but with pleasure reacts to yours, then it speaks about his devotion.


Licking of the owner is a hobby of dogs. Even in spite of the fact that it is unhygienic, let's the pet of lick. For it this highest expression of love and devotion.

Joy of a meeting

One of signs that you are loved and houses – joy of a meeting wait. A dog, having taken away the owner on a threshold, cheerfully barks, jumps on it, wags a tail and shakes on a floor. So she shows the delight at the sight of the person dear to it.

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