• Oct 6, 2018

the Breast-band for dogs – one of types of ammunition of quadrupeds finding the increasing popularity. The breast-band is especially relevant for little dogs who can be raised without effort for the special handle and to transfer through absolute obstacles. It was necessary to deal with how to choose a breast-band for a dog whether it is possible to make it with own hands and also to designate concrete advantages before a collar.

Advantages and the Choice of a Breast-band for a Dog
the Breast-band for dogs – one of types of ammunition of quadrupeds finding increasing популярность

Преимущества before a collar

This dog ammunition fastens on the case of the pet. Consists of the leather or fabric belts passing through a breast, connecting on a back over forepaws. The animal walking in a similar accessory feels much more freely in the big and noisy city.

At sharp breakthroughs the breast-band for dogs, unlike a collar, does not injure the pet's neck, does not hurt it . To be convinced that the belt on this sensitive part of a body is capable to be a source of negative feelings it is enough to try on of it on himself and to pull sharply. Similar pain, especially in a stressful situation (for example, an exit to the street with an untrained puppy), can cause panic and for a long time avert the favourite from walks.

For certain many observed how they a collar on a neck of a dog began to rattle and choke with strong pressure. Similar loads of cervical vertebras and muscles of an animal can lead to injuries of a back, joints, a headache and other negative consequences. Correctly picked up ammunition evenly distributes loading on a thorax of a dog that is especially relevant for breeds with a long backbone (for example, dachshunds, bassets) and also the old, weakened animals.

Besides, safety of the pet considerably increases during walk: the back belt on a breast-band is comfortable to seize in case of need quickly a dog and to move to other place. It can be necessary at hit of an animal in a hole, during a dog quarrel, for breaking of a curious puppy from picking up of doubtful objects.

the Description and types of breast-bands for dogs

The breast-band is not only most humane type of pesy ammunition, but also a necessary accessory at occupations training, security, protective disciplines, riding sports. There are especially strong copies capable to sustain sharp breakthroughs of large breeds of dog (huskies, the Caucasian or Central Asian sheep-dog, etc.). Professional manufacturers estimated functionality of similar ammunition, having almost completely passed to it.

Depending on the purposes there are different types of breast-bands for dogs:

  1. Walking (professional). They are intended for walking, trainings, office work. Similar ammunition is comfortable, does not hold down natural movements of the pet, it is reliable him holding. It is widely applied at education of search, guard dogs.
  2. Training . For example, a breast-band with freights for physical development of animals, extension of muscles of a breast, giving of relief to muscles of the exhibition pet. Similar accessories are suitable also for occupations applied sports. They are made of wearproof high-strength materials. There are options with the lasting belts for a veytpuling (dog weightlifting).
  3. Exhibition . their purpose – to emphasize exterior advantages therefore they often include bright decorative elements, beautiful accessories.
  4. Riding . Similar breast-bands are intended for regimentals of the dogs participating in races on teams therefore are made of strong material. Have a special design. As the draft dog can be used in rescue and shipping operations in snow-covered areas, for such cases there are extras.
  5. Rehabilitation . Are applied to disabled dogs, animals with problems of the musculoskeletal device weakened and elderly pets. Can be used during the postoperative period. Such breast-band has the top handle by means of which the owner can raise even a large dog, place in the car, support if necessary.

Besides, breast-bands for large and small breeds of dog differ among themselves. Differences consist in durability of material, a special design of a product. Models for big animals (алабай, the boxer, kangat, etc.) do not allow the pet to pull strongly a lead that does walking by more comfortable not only for an animal, but also for his owner.

Owners of dogs of small, decorative breeds give preference to appearance of accessories therefore they will suit breast-bands made of cloth in the form of soft vests, with fashionable accessories, bright finishing, additional elements of design. Such ammunition easily puts on, combining in itself functions of clothes and a collar.

Breast-bands differ as material of which they are made, and can be:

  • leather;
  • fabric.

Advantage of copies from synthetics is the possibility of washing, various color execution, wide range of design. Leather breast-bands differ in the increased durability. Are recommended for strong, powerful dogs as are made of thick skin. Some models are in addition stitched by the reinforced thread that increases accessory service life.

Advantages and the Choice of a Breast-band for a Dog

Principles of the choice

Before selecting ammunition to the pet, it is necessary to be defined for what it is necessary: on walks, trainings or for the period of a disease.

It is necessary to consider age of an animal: up to 6-9 months (depending on breed) there is a formation of his skeleton therefore to this term it is not recommended to put on a breast-band.

The design of any breast-band allows to carry out adjustment of belts depending on the size of the pet, his anatomic features. The breast-band for dogs has to fit a body of an animal completely. The triangle on a breast will help to distribute loading, the top slip with the strong handle will reliably record the pet. Qualitative ammunition well shrinks on dogs of any breeds, it is easy to put on it. But in order that it is correct to pick up a breast-band, needs to take the main measurements of an animal:

  1. back Length : from withers to the tail basis.
  2. a neck Grasp in the widest place : from edge of shovels to Kiel (the sticking-out stone on a breast under a neck).
  3. Chest : in the widest place, at once behind forepaws.
Advantages and the Choice of a Breast-band for a Dog
the Design of any breast-band allows to carry out adjustment of belts depending on the size of the pet, its anatomic особенностей

Дополнительно it can be necessary to take measurements from Kiel to back side of forepaws and from shovels until the end of the last edge. As a rule, producers of dog ammunition attach detailed size tables to the products that helps to choose an optimum copy in each case.

To put a breast-band on a dog without problems, before acquisition of regimentals it needs to be tried on. For this purpose it is necessary to clamp the pet between legs, to push his head in a breast-band (at the same time the lower and top belts are from above, on a neck). Then it is necessary to push serially paws in the corresponding openings between the top and lower belts. It was necessary to connect thongs along a back and to clasp them.

All mobile elements are regulated therefore they can be adjusted to the individual size of an animal. For fastening of a lead there is a ring on withers. By a design additional fastenings depending on purpose of a breast-band can be provided. To understand how to dress to a dog a breast-band, it is possible to watch the video instruction.

Advantages and the Choice of a Breast-band for a Dog

Production by the hands

Some owners, having got acquainted with the prices of dog ammunition, incline to independently to sew a breast-band to the pet. Considering simplicity of a product and huge material selection, it is quite simple. On the Internet there is enough information as the breast-band for a dog is sewed by the hands, the pattern will be for any model. It is only necessary to buy fabric and to pick up accessories.

a Standard set of things which can be necessary:

  • material (leather, nylon, synthetics);
  • soft lining fabric (felt, flannel);
  • 4 integral metal rings;
  • a tape for fastening of rings.

To understand how to make a breast-band for a dog with own hands, it is possible to watch video. In network there is a set step by step of the painted lessons, being guided by which any dog breeder is capable to sew original equipment for the pet.

Advantage of such independently made accessories is an opportunity to decorate them with accessories to taste, to choose bright details, fabric with the pleasant drawing. The dog breast-band, the hands and with love made for the pet, is capable to bring much more joy of walk as to a sobakovladelets, and the most animal.

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