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the Dog алабай, or the Central Asian sheep-dog, – an animal who combines a severe look and not less serious character. That who only heard about his ferocity, can seem that алабай is no other than "the car for murders". However this judgment is far from the truth because such dogs only treat the breed demanding obligatory education and training, however, as well as other representatives of large sentry types. What is known of these Asians and when to get alaby it is possible and in what cases it is better to refrain?

Alabay: the description and features of breed, leaving and contents
the Dog алабай, or the Central Asian sheep-dog, – an animal who combines a severe look and not less serious характер

Внешний a look

The dog more than effectively and representatively – massive, proportional, with harmonious build looks. Possesses volume muscles, but without the expressed relief, with a collected, greyhound belly.

Alaba – quite tall animals, growth of dogs in withers can reach 90 cm, boughs are slightly lower, but also their minimum size is 65 cm. A bough has more extended case that is connected with reproductive properties. The standard does not limit also higher growth, but only when maintaining proportionality. The weight of dogs is 75-80 kg.

If to speak in more detail about external characteristics, then, according to the standard, the dog looks as follows:

  1. The squared large head, transition from a forehead to a muzzle smooth, but adds sharpness an accurate ocherchennost of nadbrovny arches. The muzzle differs in massiveness, is almost not narrowed to a nose lobe. Dogs with strong jaws, lips fleshy, in a mouth a full range of the white, large teeth forming, ideally, a nozhnitseobrazny bite.
  2. Ears deserve special attention as they to sredneaziata are stopped from time immemorial for practical reasons – that the dog was impregnable during the fight with wild animals. However today this procedure is considered inhumane and the practical component of such operation disappeared. But nevertheless the esthetic moment remains – алабай with not stopped ears loses the original shape and becomes similar to the representative of other breeds – St. Bernards, Caucasians. To manufacturers, as well as owners, the pet's exterior therefore most of them nevertheless support knocking over of ears to dogs of this breed is important.
  3. Eyes with a dark iris and well pigmented centuries.
  4. Dogs of this breed differ in a wide croup, a powerful thorax. Protects a big suspension (a skin fold) from traumatizing a dog. Withers, especially at males, wide, high, with the expressed transition to a back.
  5. The back is direct, with well developed muscles, does not sag and has no hump. Lumbar belt convex.
  6. Front extremities have equal posts, but not under the case, with the brawny inclined shovels. Back extremities are placed slightly more widely than lobbies, with wide hips of average length, short shins and large skakatelny joints.
  7. Paws of rounded shape, with the developed small pillows, fingers large, densely compressed.
  8. The tail is crescent, thickish, it is put highly, it can be directed down or to be lifted to a back. Usually tails at puppies are stopped, but only in those countries where it is not prohibited by the law. They can be both straight lines, and twisted in a ring – it is allowed by the standard too.
Alabay: the description and features of breed, leaving and contents
of Alabai – quite tall animals

Colours of thoroughbred representatives

Alaba can brag of excellent dense wool with a rich underfur. Two types of a wool cover – the short and semi-long, reaching 10 cm are allowed. In the second case dogs have a mane, tows on extremities and behind ears, a fluffy tail.

There is a set of options of a color of the Central Asian sheep-dogs, both the monophonic, and combining at the same time several flowers. monophonic dogs a color of wool can have :

  • black;
  • red;
  • brown;
  • white.

The last type is the most preferable at fans алабаев. In spite of the fact that geneticists consider this color of wool weakened, the fact that white алабай resembles a northern bear superficially, very much bribes.

Quite often monophonic dogs have sites with white wool, for example, in a thorax, a muzzle, extremities. At a dog of a black color small brown, white, gray or brownish burn marks can be observed. And it is desirable that they were the correct form.

Red color of wool is presented in all variety, meet red and red, light-red, golden and red, pale-yellow, a bright red fur coat of an individual, and not only. Originally alaba with a subdead color look. They on a black, gray or brown background have marks of lighter shade, for example, of a spot over eye-sockets, in a muzzle, a neck, a thorax, back extremities and in the tail basis.

At sredneaziat it is obligatory to eat any drawing with multi-color wool. In a color of cheprachny individuals primary color is red, and from above it is covered by a gray, brown or black shabrack. The tiger dog of this breed has a brownish, yellow, pale-yellow or gray wool cover on which cross strips of a dark shade are located as the basic.

Most often dogs with such color have a dark mask on a muzzle. Seldom tiger alabayev have white sites of wool. Besides, spotty Central Asian sheep-dogs meet – spots can be different flowers and differ by the size.

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Character of the Central Asian sheep-dogs

Can seem to the people who are a little informed on this breed that alaba – furious animals who are kept in the yard of the house only for intimidation by passing. The element of truth in it is, but mentions of manifestation of aggression from the Central Asian sheep-dogs occur in chronicles not more often than about representatives of other large sentry breeds.

And most often pokusa and injuries put dogs which were not brought up properly or have defects at the genetic level. Each professional manufacturer knows that alaba which show obvious hatred to the person and their posterity are disqualified from cultivation. the Standard marks out the following main qualities of dogs of this breed:

  • nobility;
  • fearlessness;
  • determination.

Of course, nobody says that the breed of dog алабай is simple, and future owners have to know about all possible difficulties and responsibility. The sheep-dog needs to be trained and brought up, finding for it to enough time.

Alabay: description and features of breed, leaving and contents

it is better for

of Whom to take – to a bough or a dog

For protection of the house adjoining territory it is recommended to take two алабаев – a female and a male. Asian girls differ in distrustfulness, care and more often give a vote at the slightest sign of threat. And here dogs "are not so delicate" and can act "in a temper" that is called without warning.

Females make a compromise more willingly, obey better and are more mobile. But they have one shortcoming – the cunning they are capable to try to obtain the desirable. A bough will show vigilance and to urge on a dog phlegmatic person to actions.

If the puppy male got to the house, then the owner should not think that this fluffy little tot is still too small for education. Since the first moment the owner has to prove to the pet that it is the leader of this pack, otherwise later the dog will apply for this role. But if the owner makes everything correctly, then he will get the faithful and obedient assistant, the partner and the favourite of family.

Boughs of this breed are more compliant , but need caress and bigger care. If the dog only performs sentry functions, without receiving attention, she will begin to be depressed. Buying several puppies for protection of one territory, it is necessary to consider that at алабаев leadership skills are very strongly developed. They when grow up, will surely find out which of them main, and to the first blood. Boughs can clash too, but not so fiercely.

Alabay: description and features of breed, leaving and contents

Besides, in favor of keeping of heterosexual Central Asian sheep-dogs the fact that at алабаев the sexual instinct is very developed demonstrates. Experts recommend to knit to a bough at least 3 times, and to hold the dog-alabaya who smelled a female with a techka only the thick chain and a fence in 3-4 m of Sredneaziata will be able can be also partners, but it will be required to be engaged in their socialization and training seriously.

Throughout many centuries from алабаев the unfriendly attitude towards strangers was required, and it concerned not only people, but also animals. Therefore completely it is impossible to save the pet from similar behavior, but it is important that he understood at what distance he should worry and when passersby can pass freely by.

It is not enough to teach a dog it is correct to react to people, he also has to concern tolerantly and other pets. And if the person has no experience, then it is better to ask for the help the professional and to complete the special course suitable for dogs with so developed sentry skills.

Alabay: description and features of breed, leaving and contents

Leaving, maintenance, food

Having decided to get the terrible security guard who is not demanding special care of appearance it is possible to consider the candidacy alaby. Wool at these dogs possesses dirt-resistant impregnation and even without frequent bathing looks quite well-groomed.

However it is better to support dogs of this breed on the street as they plentifully fade in off-season and less – all the year round. To facilitate this process, it is regularly recommended to comb out the favourite, especially during seasonal change of a wool cover, and it is desirable to do it on the street.

It is worth examining auricles once a one or one and a half weeks and to clean as necessary the wadded disk moistened with water or antiseptic. Claws алабаям shear 2 times a month.

Ideal conditions for keeping of the Central Asian sheep-dog – the spacious open-air cage and the box , representatives of this breed perfectly transfer both a heat, and severe frosts. But nevertheless it is worth taking care of the place where the dog could hide from sunshine. However you should not think that the animals who are contained in the open-air cage do not need walkings. The dog should be driven regularly on walks and it is obligatory to give him intensive physical activity.

A weak point of sredneaziat, as well as at other representatives of huge and large breeds, – the articulate device therefore puppies of breed алабай have to receive good nutrition, especially it is important during intensive growth.

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These healthy fellows are unpretentious in food therefore owners should avoid overfeeding of the pet. At one time food the adult dog has to eat no more than 2 l of a forage. It is necessary to distinguish pork from the forbidden products: it is extremely badly acquired in an organism алабаев. To make a full-fledged diet, it is desirable to consult with the manufacturer or the veterinarian.

Alaba, or as these dogs are called in the homeland, wolfhounds, – the serious animals demanding special approach. The owner has to possess a firm hand, quite rigid character, experience in communication with such giants and free time for training and education of the canine friend. Buying a plush puppy bear cub, the person has to remember that only he will be responsible for all acts of the pet, both small, and grown.

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