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That such of dog agility for dogs as far as this sport is widespread in Belarus and in what parameters estimate participants, was told to us by Sayevets Svetlana — the trainer, the dog agility coach, the athlete, the judge of BKO
of Dog agility is a sport in which the dog overcomes various obstacles in the set direction. Dog agility arose at one of the Crufts exhibitions in the late seventies of the 20th century. Organizers thought up entertainment for the audience between the main rings. The idea was borrowed from equestrian sport – jumping. Now on Facebook it is possible to find video from those, first competitions.
of Dog agility quickly extended on the world. The biggest and prestigious competitions are held now by FCI. The championships are also held under the auspices of IFCS and other organizations.
Dog Agility for Dogs of a Photo
On a photo: dog agility for dogs
Ya since the early childhood was fond of dogs and when in the In Fauna broadcast saw a plot about dog agility, at once understood that it is mine. And once, having come to veterinary clinic to planned vaccination, saw the announcement of set in group. And already 17 years do this sport.
FROM EDITION: dog agility, created on the basis of one of types of equestrian sport, after a while from dog community returned to horse again – as one of types of work with a horse is free without coercion. Horse dog agility gains now the increasing popularity too.

there Is dog agility in Belarus?

Is though so far this sport is not really widespread in comparison with other countries.

of Dog agility "advance" groups of enthusiasts with the dogs. In Minsk 4 teams are formed, 1 team is in Gomel and separate couples the owner dog play sports in Brest, Mogilev and even in Belynichakh. About 20 — 30 couples participate in each competition. But there are also those who do not participate in competitions, and are engaged only for own pleasure.

Sheep-dog on an Obstacle Course
of Occupation in Minsk cost 20 c.u. a month (payment of work of the trainer), and 20 more c.u. a month leave on payment of rent of the platform and the equipment. Ideally, 3 trainings a week are provided, but some participants can attend classes of 1 — 2 time a week — here everyone is guided by the opportunities. As a rule, 3 — 4 dogs participate in a training.

We try to hold 1 — 2 time a month competitions, surely regularly there take place the championships of Belarus. Can announce any club holding competitions.

Who can be engaged in dog agility?

can Be engaged any dogs, but for heavy, massive breeds it, of course, can be accompanied by difficulties. With them it is possible to be engaged, but more likely for entertainment and in easier form: both barriers are lower, and other obstacles it is simpler.
However as the idea is suitable dog agility for any dog: both for slow, and for fast, and for big, and for small. They can be engaged with the different purpose: not only to compete at competitions, but also just for the general development and for entertainment.
Is natural, easy, mobile, hazardous dogs will be more perspective for serious training.
of Dog agility are mastered by dogs of any age, there is neither top, nor lower threshold. Even absolutely tiny puppies can master preparatory exercises (certainly, owing to the opportunities). Anyway, everything begins with the developing exercises which are used in the most different directions: and обидиенс, both freestyle, and frizb.
of Dog agility is useful for the general development. The more the dog studies, the it is simpler to teach her to something new.
Breed and the size do not matter too. In Belarus the least athlete — a toy terrier, and he makes excellent progress. However, it is not really clear how it will overcome a swing – weight can just not be enough that "to move" them.
As for people, dog agility all age are obedient. Both children, and elderly people are engaged in it. There is an organization which holds competitions and for physically disabled people.

As dogs train dog agility?

For training of dogs of dog agility is used exclusively positive reinforcement. However, all progressive trainers, irrespective of the direction pass to methods of a positive reinforcement now. But in dog agility no other methods just work. If most it is not pleasant to a dog, you will not be able to achieve either the speed, or purity of passing of the route.
Certainly, a dog works "for salary": for a toy or delicacy, then she is more interested.
For all the time of work with dogs to me any which would not like occupations did not meet. Any dog can be interested. Someone requires a little more time. The main thing — desire of the owner, sometimes people "are blown off" quicker.
Dog and Dog Agility of a Photo
On a photo: dog agility for dogs
For some dogs (for example, for many terriers) trainings have to be frequent and regular, to someone once a week suffices. Someone needs to train strenuously before competitions, and someone, on the contrary, has to have a rest. Everything depends on a specific dog.

As dog agility competitions are held?

the Obstacle course consists of barriers (high jumps and length), a wheel, slalom, tunnels (soft and rigid). Though all organizations, except FCI, already refused a soft tunnel – it can be traumatic if the dog inaccurately flies there at a full speed.
is Also zone shells: boom, swing and hill. There is a certain zone painted other color where the dog has to put surely at least one paw.
of the Competition happen different levels. The rules FCI provide gradation of "Dog agility-1", "Dog agility-2" and "Dog agility-3", but each country can adopt the standards.
For example, according to rules which we submitted and approved in BKO, are added two more initial levels. It is the route "Debut" (short, there are no zone obstacles, only small barriers and tunnels) and also "Dog agility-0" (with lower shells).
Is the routes "Dog agility" — with zone shells, and there is "Adzhiliti-dzhamping" where these shells are absent.
of the Competition are divided by categories depending on the sizes of a dog. "Small" — dogs growth up to 35 cm in withers. "Medium" — dogs growth up to 43 cm. And "Large" — all this a dog is higher than 43 cm
you can use any gestures and teams, in hands nothing has to be, it is impossible to concern a dog also.
On a dog should not be any collar, even antiflea. Only for some dogs to whom the bang can close eyes the elastic for hair is resolved. But it rules FCI. At competitions from other organizations the performance in collars is allowed.
If the dog breaks sequence of passing of obstacles, she is disqualified. If the shell is overcome not by rules, penal points are charged.
the Judge determines to
control time for which excess penal points are also charged. At big competitions fight time goes on fractions of a second.
Is established the maximum time — about 1.5 times more than control. If the dog exceeds it, she is disqualified.
is Won by those who has less penal points.

About mistakes in dog agility

At the first competitions we perfectly passed the route, but before the last obstacle the dog suddenly sharply left aside — she wanted in a toilet. It taught me once and for all: the dog before competitions should be walked.
In one of the championships of Belarus on dog agility we perfectly coped with obstacles and, already finishing, I understood that we were disqualified because I did not wait for the judge's starting signal for start.
Sometimes a dog accidentally leaves on other shell, sometimes both you, and she make the most unexpected mistakes. You will not fill such cones yet, you will not learn to run purely.
be not afraid to be mistaken. Similar cases train reaction, prompt what it is necessary to prepare for.

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