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the German boxer is the most vigorous, strong and hardy dog in the world. Boxers they are called because of unusual style of a fight: at fight they strike to the opponent blows with forepaws as though the real boxers on a ring. At the same time quite good-natured temper is behind brawny furious appearance: the German boxer perfectly communicates with children and adores playing that makes him by quite popular pet for house contents.

Features of Breed and Condition of Keeping of the German Boxers
the German boxer is the most vigorous, strong and hardy dog in the world

the History of origin

etching hunting dogs, participating in hunting for wild boars were Primogenitors of boxers. The huge head and quite wide muzzle with a kleshcheobrazny jaw allowed these dogs to take production without special work and not to release it before arrival of the owner. Etching dogs got divorced earlier practically in all territory of Europe and were called then bullenbeyser that in translation means "biting bulls". Bullenbeyser also became primogenitors of dogs of boxers modern and well-loved by many.

The dog the boxer with appearance habitual to the modern person began to arise in the 18th century. Etching dogs already then had the wide shortened muzzles and strong kleshcheobrazny jaws allowing them to hold strong production and at the same time freely to breathe. Selectors were guided by these qualities of dogs in those days and actively developed them. Then began to stop to dogs ears and tails as the most vulnerable parts of a trunk in a fight. The new type of bullenbeyser received the name "boxer".

of Feature of breed German boxer (video)

From the beginning of use of firearms the state imposed the strict moratorium on public persecution by animals, and boxers were left without work, and the breed was threatened by dark oblivion. However features of breed are that that the boxer – a dog who is capable to be not only the first-class hunter, but also the excellent security guard and the shepherd. Sellers of the cattle and butchers became interested in this quality of dogs, and boxers began to train for a new profession slowly in shepherds. For improvement of new security qualities of dogs the English and American bulldogs from whom they received wider case, the shortened large head and presence of white spots at a color began to cross to breeds.

Until the end of the 19th century in Germany treated new shepherd's dogs with great neglect. Was considered that descendants of etching dogs are primitive animals, and they will not be able to carry out the tasks assigned to them. The famous authoritative trainer of animals Friedrich Robert who proved that advanced representatives of boxing breed can solve much better the problems assigned to them, than etching dogs known to all interceded for dogs. After such authoritative protection the German boxer was allowed to participate in dog exhibitions, besides, the international standards of this breed were developed. Over time boxers became so popular and widespread in Germany that began to have numerical superiority practically at all dog exhibitions.

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Standards of breed

The German boxer is quite compact a dog of the small size, but with very impressive appearance. The thoroughbred dog has strong frame, well developed muscles, and proportions of his body have to form an accurate square. In everyone, even the smallest movement of a dog force and nobility are felt. Boxers got a shape of the head from their far ancestors – etching dogs. The skull has the cube form with small camber from above and also quite sharp transition to a little hitched up massive muzzle. The upper jaw of a dog is shorter lower on 1.5 cm that creates the special kleshcheobrazny bite allowing them to hold with little effort long time production at representatives of this breed. Lips at boxers fleshy, hanging down on each side, will a little flatten a nose and is slightly hitched up up.

At the very beginning of formation of breed boxers from etching dogs got the stopped ears and a tail, was considered that such individuals look most presentably. But in 2000 this operation was forbidden, standards of boxing breed were rewritten therefore now tails and ears do not stop to boxers. the Colour the boxer can have red or tiger various shades with a black mask on a muzzle. allows existence of small spots of white color which can occupy no more than 30% of a surface of wool. Completely white boxer is not included in the international standard and the description of breed as it is considered that such individuals are born deafs though it does not have objective proofs.

Features of Breed and Condition of Keeping of the German Boxers

Character of a dog

Boxers are vigorous dogs with bright temperament, but at the same time appeasable character. In a house situation he behaves quite quietly, treats all family members kindly, and on freedom likes to gambol, adores playing and is ready to take part in all entertainments. Constant walks in the fresh air and frequent regular physical activities are an indispensable condition when keeping dogs of this breed. Boxers well get on with pets, but they concern foreign animals enough watchfully, and the neighbour's dog or a cat will never be able to pass by them quietly. Boxers also will treat strangers if in the childhood they were not socialized properly watchfully.

These dogs have all qualities of the real security guards and fighters: courage, force, dexterity and speed. These qualities in combination with skillful training do of them great watchmen. But with all the force and external power boxers are childly direct and lovely. From the owner of the desirable they try to obtain not a pressure and aggression, but caress and a charm. Representatives of this breed are very betrayed to the owner and use any opportunity to stay about him.

Features of Breed and Condition of Keeping of the German Boxers

of Feature of leaving

the German boxers are quite unpretentious in contents. Wool at them short, she almost does not get confused therefore it is regularly not necessary to comb it. Bathing for representatives of this breed is more likely the annual procedure, than daily as the site of wool soiled during walks can just be washed with clear warm water. Irrepressible energy of these dogs demands daily long walks and constant physical exercises. Well will feel at house contents boxers only at daily loadings, otherwise their unused energy can find a negative way out. These dogs do not transfer a heat therefore in very hot days of animals it is better not to tire with long physical exercises. Special leaving is demanded by eyes of boxers therefore during walk it is always necessary to have near at hand soft fabric for removal of parts of dirt and dust. When reddening a century it is necessary to put the calming ointments in eyes.

Representatives of this breed differ in excellent appetite which is fraught with development of obesity therefore a diet of a dog it is necessary to think over and not to overfeed an animal carefully.

How to train the German boxer (video)

Boxers are beautiful dogs, they are playful, inquisitive, but do not stand loneliness and need regular communication with the owner and continuous training. However the spent time will not pass in vain, instead of people receives the excellent friend and the partner ready to come to the rescue and protect at any time from the opponent.

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