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the Big Swiss sennenhund (gross) – one of the largest breeds of the Alpine mountain dogs. Unlike the most popular and widespread Bern sennenhunds, this breed of dog has richer history. By results of the international film logical poll, the Swiss sennenhund is recognized by one of the most beautiful pedigree dogs.

Features of Breed of Dog Big Swiss Sennenhund
the Big Swiss sennenhund (gross) – one of the largest breeds of the Alpine mountain dogs

the History of origin

The breed the Swiss sennenhund which ancestors are dogoobrazny dogs presumably existed still BC. Aryan nomads used these large dogs for a stage of many thousands herd. At the beginning AD these universal dogs had to train for a new profession in fighting dogs, and already during war – in four-footed soldiers.

The territory of modern Switzerland was occupied by the Roman Empire. Always being famous for the magnificent conditions for cultivation of the cattle, Switzerland was subordinated to laws of Romans, but after falling of the legendary Empire the cattle breeding began to develop with a bigger activity. Eventually powerful and aggressive dogoobrazny dogs did not become necessary, they were succeeded by the first sennenhunds.

The big Swiss sennenhund served on slaughters and delivered carcasses and milk to the next markets. Powerful dogs put to carts. This breed of dog was called country, and a bit later – myasnitsky.

The history of origin of breed a big Swiss sennenhund is for certain unknown as were engaged in cultivation of these pedigree dogs in different corners of Switzerland. From the country of representatives of this breed did not take out and sold extremely seldom. Generally their manufacturers gave to relatives, friends and acquaintances. If to trust the historical information, then the big Swiss sennenhund is one of the earliest representatives of pedigree dogs famous today. In build and a constitution sennenhunds are similar to early mastiffs. Presumably, dogs from modern Lebanon also participated in cultivation of the Swiss sennenhunds.

Features of Breed of Dog Big Swiss Sennenhund
Rather long time of the Swiss sennenhunds was not recognized as independent breed

Today by representatives of this breed of dog – pride of various prestigious exhibitions, and photos of these beautiful and stately dogs use for various trademarks. Despite popularity and popularity around the world, the big sennenhund is not especially widespread, unlike the same Bern sennenhund.

Rather long time of the Swiss sennenhunds was not recognized as independent breed, and they were ranked as St. Bernards. At the beginning of the 20th century the first, yet not recognized representative of this breed of dog was shown at one of prestigious exhibitions. One of manufacturers famous at that time and in combination the judge of this exhibition was struck with beauty of stately dogs, and exactly thanks to him formation of the Swiss sennenhunds as independent breed began.

Later big Swiss sennenhunds were crossed to Bern to accelerate process of cultivation of pedigree dogs and to diversify the same appearance of Swisses. Throughout the whole century to this day cultivation of representatives of this breed progresses very slow rates therefore big Swiss sennenhunds are considered as rare dogs, and their cost only increases.

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Character and training

Initially dogs of this breed were positioned as shepherd's country dogs. The Swiss sennenhunds protected the cattle, nearby territories, property and houses and also delivered small freights. Due to the initial purpose of a dog it is possible to draw a conclusion that gross – a dog freedom-loving and she perfectly developed security instincts. Thus, the course of protective guard duty can quite be included in process of training of the Swiss sennenhund. Representatives of this breed perfectly master it and further protect the house of the owner and his inhabitants from attack of malefactors.

Already from early age big Swiss sennenhunds are extremely vigilant and attentive. If puppies of other pedigree dogs after meal strong fall asleep, then kids of the Swiss wake up at any rustle. From puppyish age needs to disaccustom a dog to loud and long bark in the house, which can irritate uneasy neighbors.

In training big Swiss sennenhunds are easy and quickly enough acquire new information, possessing an excellent intuition and high I.Q. The alleged owner of a dog of this breed has to understand clearly that, despite the impressive sizes, the one-year-old sennenhund will remain "teenager". As well as other large pedigree dogs, the Swiss sennenhunds mature very long and therefore the owner has to be morally ready that the dog will settle down only by 3rd years.

Features of Breed of Dog Big Swiss Sennenhund

In the house big Swiss sennenhunds treat the owner, his family and small children very amicably and friendly. If the dog does not protect the house or the territory, then its security instinct is shown concerning the small child or she tries to help the owner about the house (brings slippers, the newspaper, participates in sports activities).

Despite endurance of dogs of this breed, they cannot be trained to exhaustion. Process of training in various teams and tricks can be continued until both the dog, and the owner derive pleasure from training.

Also the beginning dog breeder, but only on condition of respect for all standards of the contents of this large shepherd's dog will manage to train a big Swiss sennenhund.

In spite of the fact that representatives of this breed have no tendency to manifestation of unreasonable aggression and are not coward, socialization nevertheless is necessary for them. At its absence the dog can have undesirable defects of character of which it will be very difficult to get rid at more mature age.

Big Swiss sennenhunds are very devoted dogs and extremely hard transfer long separations from the owner. To strangers, as well as the majority of other security dogs, belong vigilantly and watchfully, without lowering from them an attentive look and tracing each action.

Features of Breed of Dog Big Swiss Sennenhund

Maintenance and leaving

Representatives of this breed do not need careful leaving, nevertheless there is a number of certain rules to which the owner of a big Swiss sennenhund has to adhere. As for keeping of a large dog, the small-sized apartment in the city will not approach. is necessary for the Dog a lot of empty seat and therefore it is better to support her in a country house with the additional site or, as a last resort, in the spacious city apartment. And the more so on a chain it is not recommended to keep the Swiss sennenhund in the open-air cage extremely.

If the big Swiss sennenhund lives in room conditions, then regular long walkings are necessary for him. In a country house it is possible to let out a dog to take a walk in the site, but trainings cannot be deprived of her.

Hair of a pet is inclined to a plentiful molt, and this factor needs also to be considered at room keeping of these dogs. Every week a dog it is necessary to comb and purify his wool by means of a soft brush. The sennenhund can carry out water procedures only at urgent need, for example, before participation in a prestigious exhibition or at strong pollution. Big Swiss sennenhunds treat clean pedigree dogs and have no tendency to digging of poles or digging in garbage and dirt. In rainy days it is possible to put special clothes which will protect from pollution on a dog.

Features of Breed of Dog Big Swiss Sennenhund

Big Swiss sennenhunds adore bathing and therefore the owner can take the pet not the small river or the lake.

In the spring and in the summer the dog needs to be examined on presence of wreckers and parasites who can lodge in her wool. It is necessary to watch a condition of eyes, ears, teeth and the pet's claws.

At detection of insignificant allocations it is necessary to remove corners of eyes of their dog accurately by means of the wadded disk which is previously moistened in warm water. It is not recommended to moisten a disk in grass infusions as the dog can have an allergic reaction.

Ears of a pet can be cleaned by means of children's oil or special means which can be got in specialized shop and veterinary drugstore.

Features of Breed of Dog Big Swiss Sennenhund

To prevent formation of a scale, it is necessary to include in a diet soft hryashchik (when feeding by natural food) or special sticks. At emergence of a stone independently to clean an oral cavity of a dog, even by means of specialized toothpaste, it will not turn out any more therefore it should be brought to reception to the veterinarian.

At long walkings and regular trainings of a big Swiss sennenhund his claws grind off in the natural way. If claws at the pet long, prevent normal walking, then they need to be cut by means of the nail clipper or to entrust this procedure to the veterinarian.

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pet's Food

As for food of a dog of this breed, the diet consisting of an industrial dry or tinned feed of the brand a premium or a super-premium is considered the most optimum. Certainly, it is possible to feed the Swiss sennenhund also with natural food, but from the owner in this case performance of a number of necessary conditions will be required. So, when choosing food of a such type it is necessary to feed up a dog vitamin supplements, especially during growth. The puppy needs to be fed up also dairy products, and other products have to be neutral not to cause an allergy in the pet.

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