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Such breed of dog as hovavarta, in the Urals it is possible to meet much more often, than in other regions of the country. In spite of the fact that very few people heard about these dogs, these dogs exist already several hundreds of years. For centuries of the existence the breed was almost destroyed, and after is restored again. Now ховаварт perfectly fulfills the purpose. This is a guard dog who is used in many works.

Features of Breed of Dog of a Hovavarta in the Urals
Hovavart is rather large собакой

Описание breeds

Hovavart is rather large dog. Adult dogs can reach 70 cm in withers. The representative of an opposite sex according to the standard is 5 cm less. The weight of a dog can be from 35 to 45 kg.

Representatives of breed can be black or pale-yellow . They have beautiful dense wool which hangs down from a back, and is closer to legs and on area of a tail becomes wavy. At the hovavart the hanging-down ears which do not stop. Normal their tips have to reach corners of lips. The tail at a dog is not stopped. In a quiet state it is lowered down, but not bent by a ring at all.

It is the standard of breed, but nevertheless certain aberrations are allowed. For example, the black hovavart can have a small white speck at a neck. Besides, white hairs around a tail are allowed.

Features of Breed of Dog of a Hovavarta in the Urals

Character of a dog

These dogs not for lazy owners. They require a lot of attention and activities. Moreover, many manufacturers complain of what ховаварт can behave is absolutely unpredictable. Therefore with it it is difficult to walk on the street. But it concerns only those cases when the dog is incorrectly brought up. It is necessary to consider that bringing itself the big pet who besides has all qualities of a guard dog, on his training it is necessary to spend a lot of time. Otherwise the animal will get out of hand and will begin to manage in the house.

At the correct approach to education with hovavarty problems will not be. Especially as these dogs differ in huge amount of advantages. They have very good health as during the existence ховаварт got rid of all hereditary illnesses. Besides, they are hardy and have universal working qualities. It will allow to use a dog for various occupations and even for hunting.

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But on training a lot of time will leave really. Hovavarta behave as puppies, up to three years! So much time should be spent on bringing up a good guard dog.

It should be taken into account also that the breed of dog ховаварт very strongly gets used to the owner. Therefore if the person has to be often in long business trips where it is impossible to take with itself the chetverony friend, it is worth choosing other breed.

In family these dogs perfectly get on with all. They normally treat other pets, love all family members and idolize the owner. But nevertheless it is worth remembering that hovavarta very large. Therefore to keep them in the small apartment where there lives a small child, is not necessary. These are vigorous dogs which can do to the kid harm by negligence.

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Leaving and maintenance

Hovavarta are not exacting to the place of residence at all. They normally feel in the apartment and in the private house with the personal yard. Certainly, the second option will suit a dog more as here the large animal can spend time in nature. But even living in the private house, with hovavarty it is necessary to walk separately. It needs long walks where the dog will be able to show sufficient activity and to splash out the collected energy.

These dogs are not suitable for chain contents or for life in the open-air cage at all. Daily walk has to last not less than two hours.

As for breed ховаварт, it is better for to feed a dog with a special forage for large breeds. If to get a dry feed there is no desire, it is possible to cook food for a canine friend independently. At a diet of the hovavart there have to be a meat, grain, fermented milk products and eggs. Additional vitamins are not necessary if the dog does not give symptoms of a disease.

Features of Breed of Dog of a Hovavarta in the Urals

It is easy to look after wool of representatives of this breed. In spite of the fact that it rather dense, wool does not roll down. The only problem is the period of a molt. Here it is necessary to try that all house was not covered with a woolen carpet. Hovavartov do not cut. It is only possible to delete excess wool in fingers.

It is possible to determine by skin and gloss of a woolen cover as far as the dog is healthy. Besides, needs periodically to pay attention to eyes and ears . They once a week are wiped with special disinfecting solutions. In general ховаварт is one of the most unpretentious dogs who are suitable for the contents and in the country, and in the conditions of the city apartment.

Features of Breed of Dog of a Hovavarta in the Urals

Training of an animal

In spite of the fact that representatives of breed a long time are in puppyish age, they very easily study and give in to training. If to begin with the moment of appearance of a dog in the house, then already in half a year the animal can impart office skills. However it will not prevent a hovavart to behave periodically as a puppy.

This breed does not recognize roughness and force . Dogs perfectly understand words and react to intonation. It will be enough for high-quality training. If to find the correct approach to a hovavart and to show who in the house the owner, then problems with a dog will not be.

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At the correct leaving and feeding the dog can live up to 13 years. In spite of the fact that hovavart have no hereditary diseases, to them, as well as to other breeds, it is necessary to do hepatitis, distemper and rage inoculations.

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