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the Long-haired toy terrier – a true treasure of the Russian cynology. In spite of the fact that the breed rather young, it managed to find deserved love and popularity at the people preferring tiny decorative dogs. Amusing doggies combine the mass of great qualities: beautiful appearance, moderate inquisitiveness, sociability, activity and peacefulness. They become beautiful family members. Thanks to easy, friendly and appeasable temper easily find a common language with all members of household. The lovely, gentle and sociable being leaves nobody indifferent. Therefore it is not surprising at all that big-eyed bright doggies so often meet on streets of the Russian cities.

Features of Care of a Long-haired Toy Terrier
the Long-haired toy terrier – a true treasure Russian кинологии

История formation of breed

The classical terrier sleek-haired became the primogenitor of breed. It, in turn, was born in far Manchester thanks to mixture of blood of a whippet, an Italian greyhound and the English borzoi. The first representatives of a look appeared in our country in 1716-1725. One of the dogs delivered from England belonged personally to Peter I.

And here long-haired dogs were brought in the Soviet Union, for as received the corresponding name – otherwise call this breed of dog the Russian terriers of that. the First individual was born in Moscow in 1957 Mother of a doggie became a bough with slightly extended hair, and the father – a classical sleek-haired terrier. The newborn called Chikki. He had appearance, non-standard for this breed: at pads and ears of the pet there were amusing piles. The kid possessing so unusual jewelry was favourably allocated against the background of other sleek-haired posterity. In this regard the team of cynologists headed by the manufacturer Zharova made the decision to fix this unique appearance in further posterity.

When Chikki grew up a little, he was tied with a female who possessed slightly extended hair. The result of such experiment surpassed all expectations of experts – on light 3 healthy cubs were born at once. Each dog had the extended wool. As kids were born in the capital, they were given one more name – the Moscow long-haired toy terriers. Over time animals found huge popularity in the USSR. They were appreciated effective appearance, the non-standard sizes and appeasable character. In 1964 representatives of breed for the first time participated in an exhibition. And only 2 years later the official standard in which stated the main requirements to representatives of a look was adopted. He acts to this day. By the beginning of the 70th years the livestock of breed reached 300 copies.

However light times for the Russian toy terrier proceeded not for long, from the beginning of reorganization in the changing country the stream of foreign goods rushed. The USSR delivered not only products, but also exotic dogs of small breeds. Interest in long-haired terriers who already managed to bother slightly people began to decrease promptly. The breed appeared on the verge of disappearance. Only 10 years later cynologists were engaged in its restoration. Fortunately, everything passed successfully. Today clubs of fans of these tiny dogs exist in many corners of the world.

Features of Care of a Long-haired Toy Terrier
the Toy terrier can be described literally several words: small, mobile and elegant doggie


As the toy terrier looks it is possible to describe literally several words: the small, mobile and elegant doggie having high extremities, thin frame and dry muscles. The sex is very poorly expressed in appearance, however is strongly shown in behavior of an animal. The short description is quite enough if you want to gain general idea about breed. But if you decided to get the thoroughbred four-footed favourite, it is necessary to study full requirements of the official standard:

  1. Thoroughbred pets have to have the easy dry head proportional to a body. A skull at animals roundish and quite wide.
  2. The muzzle pointed on average it occupies about 1/3 heads. The forehead is wide, transition to a muzzle is expressed brightly. In general the dog has the head in a form reminding the head of a chihuahua.
  3. Lips thin and dry. The coloring of a lobe of a nose has to coincide with coloring of a hair.
  4. Teeth are small, very sharp, have white color. The nozhnitseobrazny bite is considered norm.
  5. Eyes are big, are located slightly on roll out.
  6. Ears are big, triangular, thin. Are covered with hardly noticeable silky hair. Can be in a standing or semi-standing position.
  7. The neck is long, highly put and beautifully curved.
  8. The breast has moderate width, is lowered practically to the elbows.
  9. A back short and direct, and a waist – convex.
  10. Croup sloping, rather wide. A stomach accurate and tightened.
  11. Front extremities very thin, dry and long. On back pads corners of joints are accurately expressed.
  12. The tail is put low. Usually at early age dogs postpone a procedure of knocking over.

Toy terriers have moderately long hair. the Average length of hairs – 3-5 cm. Wool is direct and wavy, densely adjoins to a body. On a front part of pads and the head indumentum shorter. On back side of paws it, on the contrary, is extended. There are silky tows. Ears are at the edges covered with fluffy hairs about 6 cm long and more.

Features of Care of a Long-haired Toy Terrier

Admissible colors and sizes

The standard recognizes several types of coloring of animals. The black and subdead toy terrier is considered classics. Such representatives of breed meet much more often the others. are Also admissible also other colors:

  • pale-yellow or blue with the burn marks painted in the same tone;
  • sable – the unique coloring combining red color and hardly noticeable black raid;
  • black with reddish, reddish or brown subdead;
  • purely brown.

Distinctive feature of pets are the compact sizes. As a rule, height in withers at animals fluctuates from 18 to 26 cm. Especially large representatives of breed can grow to 28 cm. Normal weight – about 1.5 kg.

How to look after a long-haired toy terrier (video)

of Feature of character

Despite the compact sizes, doggies toy terriers are owners of very ardent temperament. However if the owner manages to find approach to the pet and correctly will bring up it, the dog will show exclusively appeasable character. The terrier with pleasure will obey other family members and to execute their commands, but only in case they learn to operate a dog.

Tiny doggies need to be controlled carefully. If not to find them for education time suffices, the intolerant character will surely have an effect. Even such small, but badly well-mannered doggie can create to the owner vital issues. She without breaks will bark and can even pass to active actions. As a rule, animals choose as a rage object similar. And especially courageous individuals can try to attack also larger dogs. At worst such rushes can end with visit of veterinary clinic. These features of breed demand not only vigilant control, but also active physical activities. After long walking the dog just will not have forces on showing all harm of the character.

The Moscow long-haired toy terrier is ideal both for lonely people, and for big families. He not bad gets on with children, especially with those whose age is more senior than 4 years. And with kids the pet can quite find a common language, but only in case he received the correct education. The main thing that the dog received enough attention. If you understand that you have no time for occupations with a pet, it is better not to bring him at all.

One more distinctive characteristic of an animal – an excessive merzlyavost. As soon as temperature falls below 0th °C, the pet begins to feel on the street uncomfortablly and strenuously shivers from cold. Only warm dresses can save it. If you do not want to be spent for acquisition of clothes for dogs, pay attention to animals with more dense woolen cover better.

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Education and training

Many owners of dogs mistakenly believe that they small that do not need careful education. According to them, such trifle cannot cause serious problems. As a result of so thoughtless approach to training many people should face on the street uncontrollable dogs which constantly bark. And houses the dog lover has a little hysterical tyrant with whom it is just impossible to agree peacefully.

Not to allow the worst, it is necessary to be engaged in education of a dog at once after she appeared in the house. Especially, it is simple to train the pet: he has remarkable mind and ingenuity. Long-haired toy terriers with ease acquire both simple, and complex teams. Training speed in many respects depends on that, how correctly and consistently the owner brings up a puppy. Normal the animal has to know and execute basic commands: "nearby", "place" "to sit", "lie", it "is impossible", "give". Is important that the dog performed tasks at once, to the owner had not to repeat them repeatedly. It is desirable to fulfill exercises not only at home, but also during walks. If not to do it, the dog will follow teams only in rooms, on the street it will not be possible to achieve obedience.

If the owner makes every effort and at once will intelligibly explain to an animal the requirements, further problems with training will not arise. It is necessary to establish rules of conduct at once after the new family member appeared in the house. Restrictions will help a dog to understand who in couple the leader and what the owner wants from it to achieve. Little pets quickly acquire that it is impossible to gnaw master's things and to celebrate need anywhere. Over time the animal will understand that it is forbidden to accept food from others hands, to jump on members of household at a meeting and to bite hands of the person during the games.

It is possible to entrust education of an animal even to children 7 years are more senior. Small age here not the hindrance, perhaps, will quicker come into contact with the child of that. For simplification of control over an animal provide it sufficient physical activities.

Features of Care of a Long-haired Toy Terrier

That needs to be considered when choosing a puppy

To buy a puppy of a toy terrier, to have in a pocket a necessary sum of money insufficiently. When choosing a lovely brown-black lump it is necessary to consider several important factors. In this case you receive a beautiful, healthy and adequate animal.

The first what it is necessary to pay attention to, – posterity conditions of keeping. If puppies hungry and not well-groomed, live in narrowness and insanitary conditions, it is better not to risk, and to address other manufacturer. Also it is not necessary to make purchase from the owner who badly understands dogs, tries to leave from answers to your questions or shows obvious incompetence. It is not necessary to buy dogs in the markets, near the subway, in underground passages. The risk is high that there can palm off on you the sick pet or at all put off a black-brown puppy absolutely of other breed.

Before purchase attentively examine appearance of a puppy. The animal should not have dandruff and skin diseases. Existence of inflammations, rashes, reddenings, wounds is inadmissible. Mucous have to be clean and pink. needs to pay Special attention to behavior of a dog . The kid has to be inquisitive, active, sociable, friendly. When you take the pet on hands, he can be frightened. It is normal, you for him the new person.

Before purchase surely study all documents. The animal surely has to have a pet passport in which data on all inoculations are specified. In 2 months 1 vaccine, in 3 months – 2 has to be put. In the document information on dates of inoculations has to be specified, stand the press vetklinik and the signature of the doctor. Without them the procedure is considered invalid.

If the dog is bought for participation in exhibitions and competitions, she has to conform to the standard of breed completely. To judge external data of the favourite in 2 months still very much early therefore it is better to buy a dog who already was 4 months old. At such age it is much simpler to estimate an animal exterior. The pet of a show class surely has to have a family tree. The manufacturer is obliged to report to the owner "a puppyish card" – the special document which needs to be exchanged further for a family tree.

Features of Care of a Long-haired Toy Terrier

Correct feeding

The long-haired dog has to eat properly and in a balanced way. Many manufacturers recommend to use dry feeds for feeding of the favourite. They contain all vitamins and minerals necessary for an animal. Upon purchase it is necessary to give preference to premium sterns or luxury. Cheaper food can do irreparable harm to health of a dog.

If you chose natural food for feeding, surely include special vitamin complexes in a diet. may contain the Approximate menu:

  • boiled low-fat meat, for example, chicken or beef;
  • boiled vegetables – carrots, vegetable marrows, a cauliflower;
  • sea fish without stones;
  • the porridges cooked on water or meat broth.

Small doggies adore receiving delicacies. They consider the most tasty delicacy dried tracheas. It is possible to prepare them independently, using the drying camera, or to get in special shop. As encouragement it is possible to give to pets dried fruits, especially dried apricots, pieces of apple or banana.

is strictly forbidden to give to dogs:

  • meat of fat grades;
  • fried, sharp and smoked products;
  • confectionery and pastries;
  • pasta and bread.

Animals have to have always access to clear cool water. It is necessary to change it at least once a day, it is desirable for a thicket.

the Facts about toy terriers (video)

of Feature of leaving

Toy terriers do not need difficult leaving. beginners will even easily cope With care of little pets. It is enough to follow several simple rules:

  1. The special attention is required by a long hair of animals. That it did not lose the beauty and a presentable look, it is necessary to take care of daily combing.
  2. It is necessary to bathe doggies in process of pollution. During the water procedures it is necessary to use the special shampoos suitable for their type of wool.
  3. Ears of pets need regular leaving. They need to be wiped periodically with the wadded disks moistened in special lotion and to clean by means of Q-tips.
  4. Eyes тоев have to be always clean and brilliant. It is recommended to wipe every day them with black rather weak tea, camomile broth or veterinary lotion.
  5. Claws cut as required.
  6. Teeth clean special toothpaste once a week. A brush it is better to choose rigid.

The correct care of a toy terrier – guarantee of great appearance and health of a pet.

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