• Apr 22, 2019

are a part of a diet of pets various minerals, including vitamin A which was discovered by scientists in 1920. Its feature is that it does not exist in pure form. The value of vitamin A (Retinolum) in food of dogs consists in the following: support of immunity, ensuring normal work of all organism and organs of vision, growth of a bone tissue, healthy wool and skin.

Retinolum Value of Vitamin A in Food of Dogs

Difficult reaction of pro-vitamins promotes formation of fat-soluble Retinolum. For its receiving fatty acids are required. With their help biochemical process is started. Substance in food of puppies is of great importance. of its function:

Difficult Reaction of Pro-vitamins to Dogs

  1. Support of immune processes is normal .
  2. Stimulation of recovery processes .
  3. Formation of a skeleton .
  4. Prevention of ophthalmologic pathologies .

Substance with opsiny prevents developing of a disease "a night blindness". Vitamin A performs the functions if is accepted regularly and in normal volume.

At insufficient quantity is broken work of some bodies, skin is shelled, durability of tooth enamel decreases.

Food of Dogs

A dangerous state for pets — excessive amount of Retinolum which is a part of feed additives. At such state the gastrointestinal tract fails, wool drops out, disturbs naggers, claws break. To warn avitaminosis and excessive amount of substance, it is recommended to give a forage taking into account the body weight of a dog. At manifestation of any signs it is necessary to consult with the veterinarian.

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