• Jan 4, 2020

The character бо allows these dogs to be the quite good partner very sensitive to mood and a condition of the owner. They adore communication, but if you not in mood, do not begin to be imposed, and patiently will wait for courtesies of you.

Bo at a Photo Exhibition

On a photo: бо. Photo: google

As a rule, on character бо are not inclined to unmotivated aggression and friendly welcome guests. However if necessary without hesitation will rise in defense of the owner and his family.

бо are obedient and easily study, well cope, easily acquire rules of life in family and adapt to a rhythm of life of owners. They will obey all family members with identical enthusiasm as it is impossible to call them dogs one-woman men.

of KA бо with pleasure will go to long walk, will float, drag the sledge or just to play. Consider that these dogs as air need the movement, physical and intellectual activities so to fans to spend time on a sofa the dog will not approach. The minimum duration of walks for бо – three hours a day.

The character бо allows them to get on not bad with other pets, for example, turtles, cats, birds, goats or horses. However they are quite aggressive in relation to other dogs (both to strangers, and to living in the same family), and this quality of character бо needs to be considered. However, to small relatives бо usually does not show aggression.

So, it is possible to summarize positive and negative traits of character бо.

character Pluses бо

  • Sociability.
  • Friendliness.
  • Steadiness.
  • Benevolent attitude towards children.
  • Loyalty to small animals.
  • High security qualities.

Negative traits of character бо

  • Aggression to other dogs.

That бо fully showed all advantages of character, it is necessary to take a puppy of competent cultivation, to find time for his education and training and also not to forget about early socialization .

Character бо in relation to children

бо can be the quite good choice for family with children. These dogs friendly treat children and are ready to suffer manifestations of their love. As a rule, if бо it is brought correctly up, it will implicitly allow the child even to take away a toy or delicacy from a mouth.

However you should not forget about measures safety . Under no circumstances do not allow the child to disturb a dog when she eats or sleeps and also to stick to the pet if he wants to retire and have a rest from communication. And, certainly, it is impossible to leave the small child alone with a dog.

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