• Jan 4, 2020

бо – a large, powerful dog, the typical representative of moloss.

Bo Close Up of a Photo

On a photo: бо. Photo: google

KA бо: description of breed

The dog of breed бо is a typical moloss of average height, but extraordinary powerful. At dogs бо larger head.

By nature dogs of breed бо competent cultivation at the correct education behave quietly, are not noticed in cowardice. Are extremely devoted to the owner, perfectly protect the house and can be reliable bodyguards.

The puppy of breed бо extremely needs early socialization, otherwise can grow aggressive and/or coward.

бо it is quite easy to train, but they throughout all life need regular trainings.

Consider that бо can be quite aggressive in relation to other dogs so on walk it is worth being careful.


Size бо
Excessive bark
Relation with children
Aggression to other dogs
Information on breed

Country of origin Spain
of Use of breed Security and sentry
Life expectancy бо of 10 — 14 years
Growth in withers бо of 52 — 58 cm
Weight бо of 30 — 38 kg
Special attention Early socialization
Physical activity Moderate

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