• Dec 31, 2018

to Blind people it is not so easy for div to adapt to the able to see world. Someone is deprived of sight since the birth, others — after injuries and serious illnesses. Seeing eye dogs help to cope with a problem. They maintain balance and are capable to execute different commands. In some countries began to use also other animals. But not everyone knows why seeing eye dogs will be replaced with a pony soon.

Seeing eye dogs will replace with soon a pony

Use of a pony

Not each animal can become an attendant. Dogs differ in short life expectancy. Often they are perceived as an ordinary pet. Attempts to use a pony as the guide began to undertake in 2000. During the experiment it was succeeded to allocate a number of advantages of such attendants.

Such replacement is relevant for the following categories of people:

  • with an allergy to dog wool;
  • with phobias;
  • belonging to some religions which consider dogs dirty animals.

Use of a Pony

Ponies perfectly study, they have a good memory and attention. Such guides still look unusually on city streets. In America the special organization is engaged in training of little horses.

Animals undergo careful selection. They have to have a steady mentality, good learning ability and a dobronravnost. Training of a pony takes not one month. After they can serve the blind person of 30−40 years.

Main advantages

Main Advantages of a Pony

One-hoofed pets are economic . On their training less money because of high life expectancy leaves. They have an excellent character, they are aimed at communication with the person. During preparation they are specially subjected to stressful situations and desensitization: it allows to make them cool and reserved.

At a pony excellent memory and they are capable to remember situations which were ten years ago. They have a good sight: the review makes nearly 350 °. They clearly see in the dark and well notice potential danger.

Horses are concentrated on the person

Horses are concentrated on the person and do not show such rough emotions as dogs. Because of subconscious fear of attack of a predator they constantly look out for possible sources of threats and therefore choose safe routes.

Ponies very hardy and easily overcome long distances. With them it is possible to walk on the streets, and they long will not be tired. Besides, they are tidy: they can be supported on personal plots. From them there will be no wool in the house.

of Feature of training

Only the expert has to be engaged in preparation. At selection use the special test. It allows to define suitable individuals. It consists of the following criteria:

Features of Training of a Pony

  • estimation of mobility of ears;
  • ability to answer pressure;
  • socialization;
  • the aspiration to bypass obstacles.

Only after such estimation of little horses take for training. It is based both on simple training, and on development of independent thinking. Process takes several years.

At the end of training animal pass special examination . After that they can be transferred to blind people. Such guide will be an excellent attendant.

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