• Jan 25, 2021

That puppies grew at healthy, it is necessary well to feed their mother. What has to be a forage for the feeding dogs?

The Dog Feeds Puppies of a Photo
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It is important that the forage for the feeding dogs covered energy cost. Better to consult with the competent expert correctly to change a diet boughs during pregnancy and bringing up of puppies. Changes have to be gradual.

The first time of sterns for the feeding dog is offered in 5 – 6 hours later childbirth, however fresh water always has to be in access. Feeding to a bough it is necessary to feed at least 3 times a day. Count portions so that mother could bring up posterity, but at the same time avoid obesity.

Perhaps, the feeding dog will need to add vitamins to a forage and mineral substances. However you should not do it thoughtlessly, a surplus these substances is not less dangerous, than their shortcoming. Therefore it is obligatory consult with the veterinarian before including any additives in a diet.

If you feed to a bough with a dry feed, it is worth choosing products a premium or a superpremium class for pregnant women and feeding a bough. Perhaps, it makes sense to replace a dry feed with damp.

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