• Dec 10, 2019

Features of character of a basenji

Character of a basenji distinguishes independence in combination with devotion, playfulness and rare ingenuity. At the correct education it is a modest, silent, kind dog. She is imperceptible in the apartment — but in exchange will demand an opportunity to be run in plenty during walk.
Basenji: character On a photo: of the Basenji
For a basenji it is necessary to become not the despot and the tyrant, but the leader, it is not a shame to them to submit. Main educational tools: confidence, an equal voice, hardness and is a lot of patience.

of the Basenji quickly learns teams, but also quickly begins to miss. And if bothers — will just stop obeying. Consider sharpness and independence of a dog.

If you make by
everything correctly, you will get almost ideal partner: devoted, extraordinary accurate, lovely and silent.
On character of a basenji are extremely affectionate and are jealous the owner. But at the same time the breed will be enough love at the representative for all family.

to the Inexperienced person should choosing other breed as education of a basenji demands remarkable efforts. Otherwise the pet will bring more chagrin, than pleasures.

They can be quite intolerant
of strangers and animals.
of the Basenji — fowlers at heart, differ in extraordinary dexterity. Paws use almost like hands. And can even climb trees.
Excessive accuracy can turn back that the pet for hours licks himself. Also comes off this fascinating occupation only in order that сгрызть something suitable (from his point of view) and useful in life (with yours).
to Walk by
a basenji without lead it is better not to try. If the pet feels taste of freedom, he can decide that he will quite do without your society so far.
Representatives of breed are inclined to theft so do not leave things (and products) which can attract them, without supervision.
Besides, a dog can turn out not such silent as you count. Yes, she does not bark, but its repertoire is surprisingly rich, stretches from howling before purring. Sometimes it seems that the canine friend just about will start talking.
of the Basenji — is unconditional, a dog on the fan. If you make efforts, can become the excellent partner and the convenient flatmate. Many are attracted by her self-sufficiency and innocence with a civilization. But it will show the best qualities only if you treat it as to the equal partner, but not as to an exotic toy.

Character of a basenji in relation to children

Correctly brought up and trained in a basenji — a benevolent, not so aggressive dog who treats all family members, including children kindly.
However to you should control communication of the child and a dog constantly. Do not allow the child to treat roughly the pet, to disturb him at meal time or a dream. Also do not leave the small child and a dog unguarded.

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