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of the Border Collie ("boundary" a collie) — breed about which it is necessary to know that it is extremely clever and active dogs. The intelligence and physical characteristics of these animals use not only in different types of competitions, but also in search and rescue services. They are popular as the best shepherds of sheep. It is considered that the look these dogs are capable to hypnotize the cattle.

That It Is Necessary to Know about Breed

Description of breed

The Border Collie (from the English border — border) is one of the oldest shepherd's breeds which appeared presumably in 1570. But on that from whom there were these dogs historians argue still. According to one of versions, rise to this animals was given by dogs of Vikings. Soldiers made attacks on coast of Scotland, and pets who lagged behind the owners were tamed by locals.

Border Collie

On farms of a collie were crossed to sheep-dogs who grazed sheep. Mental capacities of these animals developed thanks to natural selection as only those individuals who could pass all difficult routes were allowed to work.

Officially the breed was described in 1881, and received the name in 1915. Before it replaced a set of names: worker of a collie, English, farmer, collie. Today these dogs are used not only as shepherds, but also as rescuers, guides and even nurses for small children. Cynologists consider it nearly the cleverest of all breeds — the level of her intelligence can be compared to the level of the three-year-old child.


Dogs of this breed very strong and strong, but at the same time graceful and in proportion developed. Average growth of these pets is 54 centimeters, and weight — 21 kilograms. Standards of breed are:

Appearance of the Border Collie

  1. A constitution brawny and a little extended. Broad chest. The line a back smoothly passes into a tail.
  2. Paws are direct, harmonious and are located in parallel each other. The trace is oval. Claws — shortened and strong.
  3. The head has the extended form. Neck long and a little curved.
  4. Color of a nose depends on color of a dog and can be three flowers: black, gray and brown. The nostrils developed.
  5. Eyes have the oval form. Are widely placed. Generally — brown color.
  6. Ears are triangular, small and are widely put.
  7. The tail is low put and covered with dense wool. The tip is a little raised.

The Border Collie have two subspecies: long-haired and sleek-haired. Colors this breed has a set, but the basic rule — white color should not be prevailing. The most widespread dogs of a black, marble and brown color.

Character and behavior

Character of a Border Collie Extremely Friendly

Character of a Border Collie extremely friendly, tender and cheerful. Aggression and nervousness is absolutely unusual for these pets. But because of the extraordinary high mental capacities such pets can be very cunning . Respectively, education process becomes complicated a little. The owner needs to show the hardness that similar habits passed.

Pets also have very good memory and attentiveness. They are capable to make independently decisions, and still are able to take of desires of the owner the hint. Differ in inquisitiveness and like to follow close the owner. At the same time they do not get in the way and prefer to keep aloof a little until they are called. These dogs are extremely betrayed to the owners.

Collies very much love children and can long play with them. If it is correct to train such animals, then from them good nurses turn out. With other pets these dogs are able to find a common language too.

Representatives of breed late enough mature, so, up to three years is inherent in them children's behavior and pranks . Though many owners say that their pets like to play pranks up to an old age. It is important to remember that the character of a Border Collie completely depends on the level of activity and physical activities.

These dogs is rather partners for the owners, but not sofa pets. Therefore they prefer to be always near the person.

of Feature of leaving and feeding

Despite high intelligence, these animals need education and training . They are given birth to run, execute commands and to study. Physical activities are necessary for these pets for comfortable stay.

Training of the Border Collie

It is the best of all to entrust the first training to the professional. When training there can be a number of problems if it becomes boring for an animal. Collies are capable to pretend to be that do not understand what from them want or to feign a disease. That it could be avoided, education has to take place in playful way. The cynologist can explain how to make that the dog during the trainings did not miss.

This breed is not suitable for street accommodation. It is the best of all to keep them in a country house or in the apartment. Border Collies are necessary daily long walks and trainings.

Long-haired dogs should be combed several times a week specially a brush. During a season of a molt it is desirable to use a slicker brush. Representatives of these breeds therefore once a year is enough to wash of them do not like to bathe.

It is necessary to wash out ears and eyes of dogs of once a week the wadded tampon moistened in boiled water. Also the animal should brush regularly teeth special pastes. Refer vaccination and processing from parasites to compulsory procedures.

The diet can consist of a natural or dry feed. When choosing professional forages, it is necessary to give preference to grades of a premium class or холистик. It is necessary to add a vitamin and mineral complex to natural food. the Basis menus have to make :

  • low-fat meat;
  • unsalted porridges;
  • natural dairy products;
  • seasonal vegetables and fruit.

Feeding of a Border Collie

Dogs have to have a continuous access to fresh and clear water. In one feeding it is not recommended to mix both types of food.

Border Collies are incredibly bright and clever animals. They well will suit those owners who can provide them the high level of physical and intellectual activity.

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