• May 27, 2019

All kinds of dog family — work human, and rare species are historical monuments which, along with works of art and other objects of national culture it is necessary to preserve carefully.

Disappearing Breeds of Dog

Therefore to keep breeds of dog which can shortly disappear selectors constantly carry out breeding work.

the Genome of all dogs on the planet is identical for 99.85%, and the remained 0.15% differ at all breeds. They make some pets rare, and puts others on a disappearance side.

So, of 11 disappearing breeds of dog:



American Hairless Terrier

  1. Chinuk — the most rare breed in the world removed in 1963. In 1978 there were only 28 individuals. Now exact number is unknown, but is very small.
  2. Norwegian элкхаунд is removed in 1877. Number in the world reaches about 4000.
  3. Stabikhon — the homeland Holland. Stabikhona are considered as the best police dogs and watchmen. The number of representatives does not exceed 3500.
  4. the Thai ridgeback dog — one of the few which kept the appearance till present. Excellent hunter and loyal friend. The quantity of dogs in the world does not exceed several thousand.
  5. A lundehund — the native from the islands of Vara and Rost. On character vigorous, tender and quite sensitive. Number of pedigree representatives no more than 2 thousand individuals whose main part lives in Norway.
  6. Moody's — the Hungarian by origin, the managing director of huge herds and also the excellent security guard and the partner. Now in the world no more than 2 thousand individuals.
  7. An otterhound — the large wire-haired dog weighing up to 54 kg. Now on the globe only about 1 thousand otterhounds, from them 350 individuals live in the USA.
  8. the Carolinian dog is removed in the southeast of the USA. The animal devoted, tender, but differs in sluggishness. The quantity does not exceed several hundred.
  9. The American hairless terrier due to the lack of a wool cover needs careful leaving. At present there are only about 70 representatives of this breed.
  10. the Sanmigelsky sheep-dog — a dog of huge dimensions is from the Azores. Grazes herds and protects property. In the homeland there live less than 80 individuals, more does not meet anywhere.
  11. Kazakh Tazy — the native breed in the ancient time accompanying nomads. In Kazakhstan there were a little more than 100 thoroughbred representatives Tazy and dog breeders take various measures for preservation and increase in number of dogs.

Disappearing breeds — national property of any country which should be kept and increased they are gold fund of livestock culture.

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