• Jan 26, 2019

Till today still completely did not study a brain of the person. What to tell about animals and their psychology. Some dogs behave as cats — some researchers consider it behavioural failures, others — mental deviations. How it is correct to classify extraordinary behavior of animals?

The Dog Sits on a Fence

Is from the childhood

Many owners of such unusual animals consider that the reason is in the childhood, that is, only those dogs who spent with it the childhood will repeat behavior of a fluffy murlyka.

the Little puppy separated from mother can copy behavior cat's in the following cases:

  • the puppy was taken away to the new house at very early age;
  • the puppy who was left without mother was brought up by people at whom there lived cats.

In both cases it is rather simple to deal with the events . The kid who lost mother or lost contact with it positions a role of mother on the most suitable being from the environment. Exactly there is also to the arena a cat.

The situation will look especially brightly in case also the representative of cat's family like love to the new family member.

The Cat Brings Up a Puppy

In most cases it belongs to female murlyka, maternal instinct pushes them to patronize the whining helpless lump which appeared in the house. After that everything goes on the adjusted scheme: the cat who got a false idea herself mother begins to bring up the adopted child . And at the same time, what quite naturally to bring up as the most real future cat.

A puppy, also especially without thinking of the origin, gradually learns to adopt habits of the adoptive mother. Day after day and month after month the dog studies cat's habits and manners and begins to behave respectively.

Nevertheless cases when the dog showed really cat's behavior are known, at the same time without communicating with cats at all. The reason of such behavior is known to nobody.

Tolly's Dog cat

The hybrid huskies — charming Tolly became one of the dogs who became famous for the whole world thanks to the habits. Unlike the tribespeople, she is not at war with cats and does not send them on the yard of the mansion. However, Tolly's , probably, also does not guess that it is a dog . Even that is not able to bark it and or does not want not to offend the girlfriends who grew up it.

Tolly's Huskies

Huskies as her cat's friends, hours sits with the paws which are drawn in under themselves, hides in boxes and baskets and, probably, dreams to climb trees. Hobby for an animal is observation of owners . For this purpose Tolly chooses a point higher, in the same way as it is done by representatives of the cat family.

It is absolutely unknown, Tolly if at mature age she was completely isolated from communication with cats kind of behaved.

Most likely, the behavior of a dog is not subject to change any more — she will remain a dog with cat's habits forever.

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