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the Description of breed курцхаар and character of a dog should be studied that who wishes to bring such pet. If not only the friend, but also a strong hardy dog for hunting is necessary, then such breed is considered the most suitable. Her representatives differ in playfulness, force and devotion. Besides they are good partners. Kurtskhaara are considered as the most known German hunting breed.

Dogs of breed курцхаар: the description, training and leaving
of Kurtskhaara are considered as the most known German hunting breed

External data

The German short-haired pointer (it is one more name of a kurtskhaar) – quite remarkable dog. At males weight is about 25-33 kg, and at females – within 20-26 kg. Height in withers at the first from 61 to 67 cm, and at the second – from 57 to 64 cm

The head has oblong shape, differs in proportionality in relation to a body. Front party and in general all skull quite wide and a little convex. The muzzle, as well as at all hunting dogs, differs in the extended form that gives the chance to snap at a game and to bear. By the way a muzzle very strong. Jaws are strong, muscles of chewing type are well developed. Teeth strong and healthy. Radical are located so that adjoin with each other.

The nose has small горбик. It can be hitched up or a little lowered. The lobe of a nose differs in the large sizes and the opened form. As a rule, it has a brown shade. The nostrils which are well opened and wide, mobile.

Eyes are very expressive, the average sizes. Their shade can be from black-brown to light yellow. If in the latter case eyes too light, then the exhibition value of the representative of breed decreases.

Ears are located highly, and they always hanging. Have the extended form, quite fleshy, can even reach corners a mouth. The neck is proportional, not really long, but strong. Muscles in this place are well developed. The crest which above is a little extended as approaching a trunk a neck begins to extend.

Dogs of breed курцхаар: the description, training and leaving
the German short-haired pointer quite remarkable dog

Breed of dog курцхаар has the square case. It quite powerful also differs in harmony and proportionality. The thorax is deep, and the belt tightened. The back has the direct form. It is wide, and in the place near a waist a little convex.

Paws brawny and strong. Lobbies differ slantwise in the located shovels because of what are close to the case. Bones humeral are slightly extended. Hinder legs are located in parallel to each other. Hips very wide and strong. Too developed shins badly affect endurance of a dog at long walks. Fingers densely clench. They very strong also have the rounded or oval shape. Small pillows are quite firm. Claws differ in density.

The tail has average length. At the basis it thicker, but by the end is narrowed. If the dog quiet, then it either hangs down, or settles down horizontally. When a dog active (for example, something looks for), the tail moves. As a rule, it is stopped half or on a third. On a body there are no folds, and skin smooth and densely adjoins.

The color of a kurtskhaar is different. There are some of most widespread options. Among them – completely black and brown. Sometimes there are whitish spots. Experts consider that if on wool there are burn marks of a yellowish shade, then such dog will well sniff up production on a trace with blood.

of Feature of breed куцхаар (video)


Character and training

The German short-haired pointer (it is one more name of a kurtskhaar) differs in diligence and playfulness, but at the same time the dog looks very elegantly. On the first signal these dogs begin to look for production at once. By the way, character at them persistent so they do not wish to come back without it to the person. Dogs of this breed approach hunting very seriously. They have all necessary for this quality:

  • correct, that is active and fast, search;
  • good nose;
  • knacks for an aportirovaniye both in water, and on the land.

Besides, they have a good rack on birds and small animals. Thanks to it they are excellent assistants on hunting.

Because a dog very vigorous, she perfectly is suitable for field work. It will not be able fully to exist without prosecution of a game, its search. Such active walks need to be arranged at least periodically.

Dogs of breed курцхаар: description, training and leaving

At a kurtskhaar such character that perfectly is suitable not only for hunting, but also for accommodation in family. But either the large apartment, or the house is required. By the way, the dog very much loves people at whom she lives, especially children. She will never show aggression in relation to them. The dog always implicitly submits to children, very much likes to play with them.

The German pointer курцхаар differs in the universality. It is breed very active and mobile. Dogs very much love games, swimming. By the way, they are appreciated unpretentiousness and cleanliness. Besides, they obedient, quiet and clever. Moreover both coloring their quite unusual and elegant.

Pets are hardy, active, harmonious, differ in a proportional constitution, devotion, steadiness. But at the same time their playfulness and insight can be shown along with shyness and some block. By the way, the last years the German pointer is used as sports and riding breed.

It is necessary to bring up the pet and to train him as soon as possible. Dogs of such breed differ in good intelligence and easily give in to training and training. But if to pass the moment and to be late from the beginning of training, it is difficult to correct such gap, and it will take a lot of time.

Dogs of breed курцхаар: description, training and leaving

of the Rule of education

When training kurtskhaar, considering their character, it is necessary to follow certain rules:

  1. It is necessary to start training as soon as possible.
  2. Patiently to expect until teams are executed.
  3. All teams have to be said by a quiet voice and is accurate.
  4. If for a dog the ban is established, then it is impossible to break it under no circumstances.
  5. It is impossible to deceive a dog for achievement of definite purposes.
  6. Education has to be systematic. It is impossible to do big intervals.
  7. You should not do homework too long on time, otherwise the dog will quickly be tired.
  8. Not to forget about encouragement (for example, delicacies are always welcomed).
  9. Never to punish physically.

After dogs of breed курцхаар studied the main teams, it is necessary to start training in rules of conduct during hunting. For this purpose at them hereditary so the person needs only to reveal them and to enhance the main qualities.

Puppies it is necessary to accustom not to hunt other pets, otherwise further there will be problems. By the way, dogs are very friendly in relation to people. They do not show to them aggression. Even if the pet did not like any person, then he just will not approach him.

Dogs of breed курцхаар: description, training and leaving

Drawing up diet

Kurtskhaar is a dog who differs in unpretentiousness and in food so no problems with feeding at owners will definitely arise. But health of a dog and his force in many respects depend on the mode and a food allowance so it is very important to watch it. Especially it concerns puppies.

As soon as the pet is taken, it is necessary to consult at the previous owners or at manufacturers in advance about what the dog prefers to eat as it is necessary to make a diet and also to learn also other features. It is very important to adapt at first to the previous mode and a diet that the dog had no severe stress, and she could adapt quicker. At the same time gradually food can be changed.

As a rule, puppies in the first months are fed by about 5-7 times a day. Then the number of meals gradually decreases up to 2-3 times (by the way, it is influenced by a season of year). If the dog a lot of time stays on the street, then food needs to be given to a thicket. Besides it has to be nourishing. In a separate bowl it is necessary to pour clear water always. To wash out container at least 2 times a day.

The everyday menu of kurtskhaar has to include half meat products as these hunting dogs need food of animal origin. Pork and beef in a fresh or boiled look, an offal and also fresh rabbit flesh and chicken meat perfectly are suitable for a pointer. It is impossible to give sausages at all – such food worsens work of a liver because of harmful chemical compounds in its structure.

Dogs of breed курцхаар: description, training and leaving

It is necessary to include in a diet also fresh vegetables. For example, tomatoes, vegetable marrows, pumpkin, some kinds of cabbage, sweet pepper, beet and carrots perfectly approach. It is recommended to give greens every day in small amounts. All these products need to be crushed and added to dishes. It is possible to use vegetables both in fresh, and in a boiled look.

But some products are not suitable for kurtskhaar. For example, it concerns potatoes, peas, a garden radish and pasta. They need to be excluded from the pet's diet completely.

Twice a week kurtskhaara have to receive phosphorus, calcium and other useful substances. They in a large number contain in dairy products and eggs. It is very important to include cottage cheese and milk in a pet diet. Besides, rice, buckwheat, semolina and porridge are useful. Thanks to them the organism of a dog is sated with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, iron, lecithin and other connections.

Cod-liver oil is extremely useful. Dogs are recommended to give fish (both sea, and river) at least once in a week. Only it is necessary to watch that bones did not come across. It is the best of all to choose boneless kinds of fish.

It is impossible to include in a diet various sweets at all. It concerns including cookies and cakes. Because of them the sight of the pet worsens, teeth spoil. The appetite decreases too. Sweet can be replaced with fresh berries and fruit. Previously from them it is necessary to remove stones. The dog perfectly will suit plums, apricots, raspberry, strawberry, a melon, watermelon and other.

Dogs of breed курцхаар: description, training and leaving

Leaving and maintenance

Kurtskhaar differs in unpretentiousness so care of the pet absolutely simple. It is very important to pay attention to purity of a mouth. It is periodically necessary to brush teeth to a dog. The same touches also auricles: every day it is necessary to clean them accurately cotton wool. Too it is necessary to watch claws and to cut regularly.

As for wool, it is not required to wash it often. But if necessary, if the dog was strongly soiled, it is necessary to use special shampoos. And here it is necessary to comb out the pet regularly. In spite of the fact that kurtskhaara concern short-haired dogs, the molt at them is rather strongly expressed.

Strangely enough, to furniture and clothes hairs do not stick so such dogs perfectly are suitable for accommodation in apartments, however, the owner is obliged to provide the pet with sufficient physical activity. It is necessary to walk a dog every day. And it is better to do it not once a day, at the same time to allocate for walks several hours.

It is recommended to visit special platforms for dogs where курцхаар will be able to prove from the best side. It is very important to organize games for a dog. Besides, it is periodically necessary to leave on hunting as without it the dog will just become sad. Will be at least hunting imitations enough.

Kurtskhaara are capable to live on average 12-14 years. It is very important to watch of the pet over health. Physical activities and hunting well influence a condition of an animal, prolonging his life.

It is very important to carry out in due time prevention and treatment of a helminthic invasion. It is periodically necessary to use drops from fleas. It is necessary to watch that there were no pincers as the dog takes part in hunting and often runs in thickets where can pick up such parasite. If on the pet's body he is found, then it needs not just to be got and thrown out, and to carry in laboratory to define whether he is a carrier of any causative agents of diseases.

Dogs of breed курцхаар: description, training and leaving

It is periodically necessary to take a dog to veterinary clinic for routine inspection to reveal a disease (if it is available) at early stages and as soon as possible to begin therapy. As for frequent diseases which develop at kurtskhaar, they are connected with genetic predisposition and active lifestyle. Here belong:

  • заворот stomach or part of intestines;
  • dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint;
  • a hypothyroidism or other violations in functioning of an endocrine system;
  • otitis;
  • eczema of crude type;
  • granuloma of razlizanny origin;
  • melanoma;
  • epilepsy;
  • various problems with organs of vision (most often it is a cataract, заворот and an eversion of a century);
  • von Willebrand's syndrome.

There can be also other diseases so it is very important to visit the veterinarian periodically.

It is necessary to remember that the dog German курцхаар first of all is hunting so for her full existence the owner needs to allocate time for hunting with the pet. Breaks between such departures can be long if the dog perfectly spends house time, playing with family members and especially children.

The main advantages of a kurtskhaar are the unpretentiousness, good attitude to children, friendliness and excellent hunting instincts. But on the other hand there are also minuses. Need for long physical activities and excessive activity belong to them. It is also necessary to keep constantly shape and to carry out training in certain time.

How to train the German pointers (video)

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