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that these dogs were used for protection of farms, benches, pastures and as small rodents hunters. In translation from Flemish "schipperke" "the tiny sheep-dog" or "herdboy" means. Visually representatives of this breed are very similar to spitz-dogs, but unlike pretty decorative doggies, schipperkes carry to a class of sentry dogs. Nevertheless spitz-dogs participated in cultivation of this breed of dog.

Dogs of breed of a schipperke: cheerful security guards the Breed of dog of a schipperke was brought by
to territories of Belgium and was applied to protection of property of owners and catching грызунов

История origins of breed

The breed of dog of a schipperke was brought to territories of Belgium and was applied to protection of property of owners and catching of rodents. Unlike the majority of other shepherd's pedigree dogs of a schipperke was the small size and had gay good-natured character. The office security dogs having gravity and focus on work were most often used as working dogs, but not partners. And amusing little security guards were quickly fallen in love to manufacturers therefore they were supported not only as guard dogs, but also as decorative.

The breed of a schipperke has "related" communication with the Belgian sheep-dogs. Tiny and Belgian sheep-dogs are united by the general ancestor, леувенар which already died out today.

Dogs of breed of a schipperke: cheerful security guards the Dog of a schipperke is harmoniously put by
, the threefold layer of wool, as well as the most part of spitz-dogs

By the end of the 19th century has the place of the died-out leuvenar is sure Belgians and a schipperke borrowed. Large and tiny dogs served at commonalty, helped them to protect their property and saved from annoying rodents.

Thus, schipperkes quickly extended across the whole Europe, and soon little sheep-dogs were bought also by the queen Henriette Maria Frantsuzskaya. The ruler adored the pets and ordered to imprint to palace artists their faces. Not only black schipperkes, but also snow-white dogs and doggies with brown specks lived in the palace of the queen.

After a while a small amount of representatives of this breed was transported also to England. In the territory of Great Britain the new breed of dog quickly attracted to local manufacturers, and several doggies lodged in family of the queen.

Local aristocrats did not remain indifferent to pretty black doggies and were accepted to their cultivation. Already nobody paid attention, and to the standard standard of breed the main criteria for a schipperke there were only a black color , a lack of a tail and the Belgian origin. In the territory of England shortly there was a large number of a schipperke with the stopped tails, the weak or completely absent working skills; besides, dogs were absolutely different in the size.

In Belgium to keep thoroughbred dogs, the pedigree club was created. Local experts made all possible efforts for maintaining breed of a schipperke.

Appearance of a schipperke

The dog of a schipperke is harmoniously put, the threefold layer of wool, as well as the most part of spitz-dogs has. Dense and fluffy wool of the pet hides rather well-muscled and compact body. At dogs of this breed the frame is facilitated, but joints are well put. By pretty and attractive the doggie is done by her muzzle which is slightly shorter than a cranial part. Proportions and dimensions at heterosexual representatives of breed considerably differ.

the Dog of breed of a schipperke is an excellent security guard, the partner and the hunter. In growth 33 cm, as a rule, reach. The weight of the pet is stated in the standard of breed, and it should not be less than 3 kg. Dogs with an insufficient weight are discarded by experts. It is desirable that the representative of breed weighed from 4 to 7 kg.

Dogs of breed of a schipperke: cheerful security guards

The standard recognized only a black color of a schipperke. But there are representatives of this breed and with other color of a hair. Osteva the hair of brownish or gray color of adult individuals is admissible, as well as a small amount of gray-haired hairs at elderly dogs, and here other shades of wool are considered as defect.

Puppies of a non-standard color can be born at the black titled schipperkes , and emergence of one or several individuals in a dung with other color is directly connected with a certain gene. The "color" gene can be shown absolutely unexpectedly even if puppy ancestors in several generations were only with black color of wool.

The character of puppies of a schipperke of other color does not differ from behavior of standard representatives of breed at all. Most often on light puppies with a cream and brown color, and sometimes and black and subdead, blue-gray doggies are born.

Schipperkes of a cream color cannot participate in cultivation, despite the statements of manufacturers who are sure that it could improve wool to breed. Abroad cream schipperkes participate in prestigious exhibitions and are sometimes highly appreciated very from experts.

Character and training

Representatives of this breed are very inquisitive, cheerful and tireless. The cheerful doggie is always ready to cheerful and outdoor games. In spite of the fact that a schipperke it is rather friendly and peaceful, at a meeting with the stranger, it can rush on it and even to bite, without understanding his intentions – it in a dog the security guard speaks. Do not show aggression of a schipperke only to the unfamiliar children and kids living in family. Dogs are ready to suffer all pranks and games of children with them.

Representatives of breed of a schipperke are very mobile and active dogs. From an energy surplus the pretty doggie can begin everything to destroy in the master's house therefore long walks in the fresh air are necessary for it.

the Schipperke needs to provide daily emission of the collected energy. If the owner has no large number of free time for long walks with the pet, then they can be replaced with occupations of dog agility. Will enough work with a dog on the specialized platform few times in a week that he could dump energy.

Before acquisition of a black puppy the alleged owner seriously should think of whether he is ready to find a lot of free time for training and training of a dog. In spite of the fact that these sheep-dogs tiny, they need competent training not less, than ordinary, that is big dogs.

It is necessary a schipperke and early socialization. At competent approach training of the representative of this breed is available to nonprofessional manufacturers and even teenagers. Routine teams during training need to be diluted with unusual elements that the dog did not start missing.

Dogs of breed of a schipperke: cheerful security guards

Leaving and maintenance

In spite of the fact that over time schipperkes began to use as a security dog more and more seldom, she did not turn into decorative, and the security guard from it excellent. In leaving of a schipperke, as well as the majority of working dogs, it is unpretentious. The tiny doggie will be suitable for contents in the city apartment or a country cottage. It should be taken into account only that fact that representatives of this breed are inclined to loud bark which can irritate neighbors.

If the schipperke lives in an apartment house, then regular loadings and long walkings are necessary for it. As frequent water procedures are contraindicated to the pet, in rainy weather it is better to dress a dog in special overalls.

Behind hair of a schipperke careful leaving is necessary . It needs to be combed out and cleaned regularly. It is the best of all to make the procedure of comb-out by means of a slicker brush or a furminator. In the period of a molt it is necessary to comb out a dog 2-3 times a day. During untimely removal of an underfur the schipperke can have skin diseases or the unpleasant smell of a dog will appear. Ears need also to be cleaned as required.

Dogs of breed of a schipperke: cheerful security guards

Schipperkes have tendency to ophthalmologic diseases, therefore them needs to be carried periodically on routine inspections to the veterinarian. Representatives of this breed also are inclined to diseases of the musculoskeletal device therefore it is desirable to conduct 1 time in half a year x-ray examination. If the dog unexpectedly began to limp, then he needs to be shown to the veterinarian urgently.

The diet of a pet has to be balanced and nutritious. The choice of a way of feeding remains for the owner as the schipperke as food approaches both natural food, and an industrial dry or tinned feed. The diet consisting of natural products has to be surely complemented with vitamin supplements. If the choice of the owner fell on an industrial forage, then it is necessary to give preference to the checked brands a premium or a superpremium class.

Dogs of breed of a schipperke: cheerful security guards

Health of a dog

Average life expectancy of representatives of this breed makes 14 years. of the Schipperke are inclined to some hereditary illnesses:

  • dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint;
  • aseptic necrosis of a head of a hip (disease of Legga of Pertesa Calvé);
  • hypothyroidism;
  • мукополисахаридоз;
  • cataract;
  • eye retina atrophy;
  • epilepsy (in rare instances).

Generally elderly individuals therefore it is desirable for dogs to reduce physical activity at this age have a dysplasia and to enrich a diet with vitamins. The aseptic necrosis of a head of a hip most often does not give in to conservative therapy, and the dog needs surgical intervention.

The hypothyroidism is treated at a schipperke by means of standard medicines. And here treatment of a mukopolisakharidoz who meets at 15% of individuals of this breed is selected the veterinarian individually. This disease is very dangerous by the consequences.

Ophthalmologic diseases most often arise at elderly dogs, but it does not mean that from them young individuals are insured. The atrophy of a retina can proceed as an independent disease or appear after traumatizing an eye, заворота / an eversion of a century.

At an institution of such doggie it is necessary to be attentive and not to take the manufacturer a word. It is necessary to check all necessary documents before purchase.

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