• Aug 21, 2019

of the Wedding of four-footed pets are not considered as something unusual long ago. Such celebrations are the privilege of people with prosperity above an average, are held with the purpose to show wealth, to draw attention to problems of homeless animals or to raise funds for opening of shelters. At a ceremony the dizzy sums sometimes leave.

The dog wedding at the cost of 20,000 euros which took place in the mansion of the County of Essex (Great Britain) became not an exception.

Expensive and stylish pleasure

In representation of Englishwomen of Louise Harris also Beat Nicholson the dog wedding has to be magnificent. Ladies did not begin to stint surroundings and decided to combine marriage the Chinese crested dog (Mugli's kobelk) and a Yorkshire terrier Lola with all relying honors.

the Initiator of a celebration became the owner of Lola, Ms. Harris who possesses an animals shelter and boutique of dog accessories. She convinced the mistress of the groom of need of a ceremony and with enthusiasm approached its preparation.

Features of a Solemn Wedding Ceremony of Dogs

The wedding took place in the best traditions of Hollywood. The bride ran into the hall in the wedding dress from the designer Michele Oks embroidered by 1800 Swarovski crystals and a pearl necklace.

Under sounds of a wedding march she was met by the groom dressed in a tuxedo.

After a ceremony of 80 guests invited to a feast which took place in the fresh air.

As admitted after Ms. Harris, she always wanted to find the worthy spouse for Lola and to organize an unforgettable wedding. For this purpose she organized an Internet competition and made strict selection. From six most worthy candidates its choice fell on a kobelk of Mugli who in 2005 was recognized as the ugliest dog of Great Britain.

the First appointment of a couple took place in the territory of future spouse, and soon owners agreed to legalize the relations of four-footed pets.

Wedding expenses

Initially hostesses of doggies did not plan a noisy celebration. It was decided to invite 30 closest people, however in the course of three-months preparation the list of invited extended and reached 80 persons.

Main expenditure:

  • rent of the hall — 4,000 dollars;
  • clothes of the groom and bride — 2,000 dollars;
  • jewelry for pets — 2,000 dollars;
  • lease of "Bentley" for a couple — 750 dollars;
  • food of guests — 4,000 dollars;
  • food for the invited dogs — 750 dollars.

All on a wedding about 22,000 dollars left. Lola's mistress at the same time remained absolutely happy, her tiny doggie was all day the focus of attention. Now the couple lives in the different cities with the owners and once a month seems. They exchange gifts and a photo to compensate absence of each other.

Expensive Dog Wedding in Great Britain

At Ms. Harris there lives not only Lola, but also two of its younger the brother. The hostess spares on them no expense: in 6 years about 100,000 euros were spent for keeping of four-footed kids.

From them 23,000 were spent for clothes and accessories, and 16,000 it was paid to the nurse which is with doggies, their hostess at work so far.

Similar expenditure can seem to someone very strange, but Ms. Harris emphasizes that she wants to give to the animals all best.

But it does not plan to repeat a wedding for two other Yorkshire terriers (Lulu and Larry) in the next several years.

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