• Mar 9, 2018

of Furminator for dogs. It helps to comb out an underfur that saves from the maximum quantity of the fading material. It is so possible to solve an immemorial problem when wool appears on all house and it is found in the most unexpected places. The device was widely used also among fans of other animals: cats, rabbits and horses.

of Furminator for dogs the special device for care of the pet's wool

Pluses and minuses of application

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From advantages it is possible to allocate the following:

  1. This hairbrush for a dog does not form koltun.
  2. By means of this adaptation it is possible to work both with short-haired, and with long-haired individuals.
  3. Hairs clean up quickly and most safely for an animal.
  4. Deletes only an old underfur, without touching at the same time a new layer.
  5. Skin of a dog is not injured.
  6. To understand as Furminator works, it can do even to the nonprofessional.
  7. Accelerates a molt and as much as possible collects all old wool, preserving the room in purity.
  8. Metal cloves of a furminator do not bend.
  9. Due to the safety the similar procedure can be pleasant to a dog.
Kinds of Furminator for Dogs and the Rule of Their Application
For wool comb-out to nonprofessionals will be suitable hairbrushes of the German well-known company of pet goods of Trixie more

of Minuses much less: high price of the device if the person uses Furminator from quality material; adaptation suits not all types of dogs.

the Price policy is various and depends on firm, the size and quality of materials. Invented and patented Furminator for dogs Furminator Inc. The average price of their products fluctuates from 30 dollars for a small product and up to 70 dollars for big (1000-2500 rubles) which is used by professional groomers. Furminatora of this firm the high quality of products and also good reputation in the market distinguishes.

For wool comb-out nonprofessionals will be suitable hairbrushes of the German well-known company of pet goods of Trixie more. At these models the handle has bigger quantity of teeth, what is much more convenient. The product is simple in use. Besides, furminator of Trixie have the special button which instantly changes an edge. The average price of model – about 1500 rubles.

Councils for the choice of adaptation (video)

The known brands on production of furminator are Foolee and Kudi. The first option is released in France. The product has 5 variations of the sizes, and the average price fluctuates in the range of 700-1300 rubles. The second model is manufactured in China with the small note "2 in 1". In the device for trimming there is a hairbrush. The average price – 1000-1500 rubles.

Reviews of all firms generally positive. Furminatora's is expensive pleasure, but it will be wrong to get because of it low-quality fakes which are capable to do much harm to a dog. Besides structures of reference firms will serve much longer at the expense of the qualitative edges and the rubberized handles.

Kinds of Furminator for Dogs and the Rule of Their Application

Design and use

There is a question of how to choose Furminator for the pet, advantages of use of this device much more. On appearance the device looks as a usual hairbrush for a dog with some additions: to the rubber handle the ground edge which can be changed over time that increases the term of its operation fastens. of Furminator for dogs can be the different sizes depending on length and density of hair of animal:

  • small (3-4 cm) it is usually used for cats and rabbits;
  • average (6-7 cm) – for dogs of average breed;
  • big (12-13 cm) – for dogs of large breeds.

Long cloves well delete an underfur at pets with long wool, keeping length and a hair shine. For short-haired dogs there will be ideal short, densely located teeth. In this case it is necessary to look for the device in larger specialized shops. For special breeds of dog of Furminator maybe – both it is more other sizes, and it is less.

Kinds of Furminator for Dogs and the Rule of Their Application

In the period of a molt comb a dog several times a week, in other days you carry out comb-out once a month. It is worth paying attention to length of wool of a certain breed and its special needs. to Understand as Furminator works, it is absolutely simple:

  1. The device needs to be washed with water before operation further to avoid clogging by wool and breakages of an edge. For the same reason Furminator cannot wipe with anything.
  2. Before the main stage wash up the pet and dry up it as it is necessary to use a hairbrush for a dog only on dry wool. The wet hair can get off in koltuna, causing to an animal of inconvenience.
  3. For any breeds wool is removed only on growth of hair. Furminator needs to be applied to long-haired dogs within 15 minutes, at more started state – slightly longer. The short hair moves away in the direction from a back to a stomach.
  4. At comb-out it is impossible to use the excessive force as it can do much harm to a dog.
  5. In case of any questions concerning combing of a dog it is possible to ask for the help professionals.

How to comb out a dog (video)

Furminator will be suitable for comb-out of wool not of all breeds. Do not comb out animals who have no underfur as they just do not fade (for example, poodles) and also naked breeds (terriers). Use of a hairbrush at damages and irritations of skin is forbidden.

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