• Dec 24, 2018

Existence in the apartment of pets is always followed by inconveniences. The animal needs to be walked every day. In a day at the chetverony friend a large amount of energy which demands an exit collects. Whatever was load, it is impossible to get rid of performance of such action. And here the science came to the rescue. Japanese the designer developed adaptation which is called: the exercise bike for two, pedals turn — the dog runs.

The Exercise Bike for Two Pedals Turn — the Dog Runs

The design is developed at the same time both for dogs, and for their owners. Works it by the principle:

  • of People sits down at the exercise bike and twists pedals .
  • Nearby there is a racetrack which begins to move. Than quicker rotation of the pedal mechanism, of subjects movement of a path is stronger . On it the animal also runs.

The Exercise Bike for a Dog and the Owner

the Mechanism of switching can regulate the direction of movement of a path. Therefore the dog can move both in the direction of placement of the equipment, and in the return.

Such adaptation is useful for pets.

Exercise Bike Shortcomings

However it has also two essential shortcomings:

  • the path has the small sizes therefore breeds of dogs have to be only small;

the Cost of a product makes 2000 dollars.

In this regard it is worth thinking of regular free walks with pets.

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