• Feb 23, 2019

home the pet, parents can make a huge contribution to education of the baby. To those mothers and fathers who want that their kid grew up the full-fledged personality and in the future had no problems with communication, it is recommended to buy a puppy. The best friend of the person will help to create the favorable atmosphere for education of the little man. Let's consider 10 reasons to present to the child a dog.

Children and Dogs

Interesting information

Experts claim that in family where there is a canine friend, children are ill much less as they have stronger immunity. It concerns kids of any age, including babies .

The Baby with a Dog

If the baby suffers from a low self-assessment, the puppy will help to cope with this trouble. The children feeling own responsibility on care of animals become more self-assured. Care of the pet forms character .

Finding of a doggie in the apartment allows to cope with asthma and allergies. It is connected with increase in resilience of a children's organism about which it was written above.

of Hozyaev of dogs differ in bigger resistance to stress.

the Canine friend allows:

Quiet Kid

  • to get rid of the increased uneasiness;
  • to calm nervous system;
  • to be always in good mood.

The baby who has a doggie, as a rule, has no heart troubles and elevated pressure.

The puppy allows to impart love for sports and to active lifestyle. Regular walks with an animal bring to huge benefit to health .

the Dog helps children to become with diseases of an autistic range quieter and to cease to be anxious without cause, and to hyperactive children — to overcome a syndrome of scattered attention.

Curious Facts

Curious facts

The dog is capable to help with strengthening of family relations. Looking after the pet, family members become kinder and are more sympathetic. The love to the playful pet unites brothers and sisters.

The Boy with a Dog

The favourite helps to accustom the baby to the correct day regimen. If the child not collected, then, having presented to him a dog, parents help it to become more disciplined. The kid should wake up early to walk the pet.

Children who have a dog usually differ in more developed communicative skills. Communicating with a canine friend, they become more open .

The doggie teaches the child to love, she adores the owner just like that, without demanding anything in exchange. The kid feels necessary since the childhood. In the future he will be able to give to people around the love.

Thus if parents reflect over whether it is worth giving to the doggie child, they need unambiguously to make it.

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