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Kurtskhaar – the German hunting breed of dog removed at the end of the 19th century. Her mind, cheerful nature and inexhaustible energy will not leave indifferent fans of animals. But that the pet became obedient and devoted to the owner, it is necessary to put in his education many forces and time. Before making such friend, the person has to be fully confident that he will cope with all features of this breed therefore the choice of a puppy of a kurtskhaar has to be well considered in advance.

Rules of Keeping of Puppies of a Kurtskhaar
Puppies of a kurtskhaar demand good leaving and дрессировки

Питание for a puppy

As well as for any other breed, parting of a puppy of a kurtskhaar with mother is a big stress. Therefore in the first few days kid it is necessary to continue to feed with food, habitual for it, the first week will become adaptation for an animal. Later gradual introduction of new products to its diet begins.

It is necessary to feed a puppy at the age of 1-2 months with milk food. have to be present At a diet:

  • milk;
  • kefir;
  • cottage cheese with low percent of fat content.
Rules of Keeping of Puppies of a Kurtskhaar
it is important that the puppy knew that it has the территория

Понемногу it is necessary to give to the kid cheese products and crude eggs. When he is 3 months old, it is possible to enter into the menu the crude and boiled meat cut on small pieces, but not in the form of forcemeat. is better if it is:

  • low-fat beef;
  • veal;
  • chicken.

It is impossible to give to puppies pork as it is very heavy and greasy food. Boiled sea fish is one of diet components of a puppy too. It, as well as meat, add to any porridges, except pearl-barley. is desirable to include vitamins In porridges:

  • polished vegetables;
  • special additives.

In three months dogs need to give cod-liver oil on 2 tsps. It is important to mention that it is impossible to feed a kurtskhaar with bones (chicken especially) which can wound a gullet of an animal. At the age of 1-2 months of kurtskhaar feed 6 times a day, on reaching 4 months – 5 times, and after 6 months – 3 times a day.

When the dog reaches 1 years, he is transferred to a diet of an adult kurtskhaar. Sometimes owners facilitate to themselves a problem of feeding of a puppy the ready-made balanced feeds where all needs of a puppy for vitamins, minerals and other components are already considered.

Care of the little pet

As soon as the puppy appeared in the house, it is necessary to define to it the place at once: it can be any laying or a box of the suitable size which is surely protected from drafts. Is important that the puppy knew that it has the territory, and to accustom him to it not so difficult. It is always necessary to carry after the puppy games on a laying, speaking at the same time "into place". At the age of 2 months he rather well understands this team.

Also the kid needs the place where he will go to a toilet: it can be straw, sand or the newspaper. But only not a diaper or rag. Many dogs begin to perceive any clothes, a sofa, etc. as the place for "toilet" later.

When the puppy will begin to fuss, will want in a toilet, he needs to be carried to the specially allotted place with sand, and after completion of process to praise the kid. At night it has to have free access to this territory therefore it is better to lay it this "way" independently from ширмочек that the puppy did not pass by. Thus, in several days he will be accustomed to one place, but it is necessary to watch purity and dryness of sand constantly.

When the dog will be 4 months old, it is necessary to accustom to celebrate her the needs on the street, taking away it there right after awakening. At regular repetition of this process the pet will get used to it soon. If suddenly it happened so that the puppy descended in a toilet in not put place, it is impossible to abuse it for it and the more so to beat. It cannot control the physiological processes owing to the age.

Care of wool of a kurtskhaar is simple. The molt at them occurs 3 times a year, and at this time it is necessary to comb out them a brush on the street. It is necessary to bathe a dog of this breed approximately each 2 weeks.

It is necessary to watch a condition of ears of an animal: they always have to be clean and dry.

High-quality care of a dog means also timely inoculations. the First planned inoculations are put to kids in 2.5 months from such diseases:

  • enteritis;
  • hepatitis;
  • distemper.

Expulsion of helminths is also important and is carried out to inoculations. During vaccination the immunity of a puppy is very weakened therefore it is important to protect it from contacts with other animals.

Rules of Keeping of Puppies of a Kurtskhaar

Education and training of a kurtskhaar

Puppies have to spend a lot of time with the owner. Since the childhood it is necessary to show them who is the main thing, otherwise further for a dog there will be no authority on a type of the person. Manufacturers do not advise to put a kurtskhaar to the open-air cage as because of it its communication with the owner weakens.

Training of a kurtskhaar has to be gradual and consecutive. For a start it is necessary to define what character at a dog: courageous, aggressive or coward. Will depend on it, what is the time it will be required for education of a puppy as hunter. Kurtskhaar very clever and bright, therefore in the first year of life it will easily acquire all house training and also coaching. If it is correct to bring up this dog, then by 7-8 months she will be able successfully to hunt.

For walks it is better to choose places without congestion of people and dogs. It is necessary for a puppy for psychological comfort, establishment of communication with the owner and lack of an opportunity to catch an infection from other animals. Walks have to begin from 10-15 minutes for puppies of 1.5-2 months. When to it year is executed, it is necessary to walk already on 2-3 times a day 30-60 minutes. On walk physical activities are an indispensable condition. But they have to be adequate to age of a puppy, they need to be increased gradually.

Rules of Keeping of Puppies of a Kurtskhaar

With a dog it is necessary to run about, pass well obstacles, to swim for a while . If the physical activity will be not enough, then the dog will become aggressive and excessively active at home. It will be useful to take a puppy with itself in the forest or in a hike. So the dog will study trips in the car and to behavior in public places. And to develop hunting skills, such trips are simply necessary.

As for direct working off of teams, it is necessary here that the puppy did not get tired. Teams at first need to be fulfilled in house conditions, and then to pass to street. There is no certain amount of time for daily training, it is necessary to be guided by when the dog was tired or lost attention. Then it is necessary to finish exercises.

Playing and being engaged with a puppy, it is necessary to sit down on the level of dog eyes. The dog perceives it as friendly gesture and arrangement.

Punishments for faults are the necessary moment in education of a kurtskhaar. But they have to correspond to temperament and character of a dog: sometimes it will be rather simple to raise the voice or to declare "boycott" to a puppy on for an hour or two. For this breed physical punishments are useless and do not result in the expected result.

Buying a fearless, fast and tireless dog of breed курцхаар, the person gets the reliable friend and the hunter.

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