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The history of breed of a shih-tzu leaves deep into centuries. The first shih-tzus appeared in Tibet about 2 millennia ago. Their primogenitors are the Lhasa Apsos brought by monks. In turn, sentry temple dogs are considered as ancestors of Lhasa Apsos.

Grooming of a Dog of Breed of a Shih-tzu of a Photo On a photo: shih-tzu. Photo:
Breed of a shih-tzu is fanned by a set of legends.
Agrees one of them, Buddha in wanderings on the world was accompanied by a small doggie. However the baby could turn around at any time in a lion on whom Buddha went astride. Locals believe that the dog lion who costs at an entrance will bring wellbeing and protection against evil spirits to the house.

During government in China of the Qing dynasty (1644 - 1662) the Tibetan lamas delivered "lion's doggies" to the imperial palace – as a tribute.

In 1908 two "lion's doggies" Dalai Lama presented to the empress Ci Xi – in acknowledgement. The empress highly appreciated a gift and made a powerful contribution to development of breed. She watched that these doggies were not crossed to Pekineses who also lived in its rooms. And on pain of the death penalty forbade to take out a shih-tzu from the palace.

The empress herself made the first description of breed of a shih-tzu according to which her representatives move as goldfishes, and color of wool reminds a lion.

After the death of the empress of a shih-tzu continued to part, but altered a little. The muzzle and pads became shorter, and wool – longer.

Individuals reckoned as especially valuable with a white mark on a forehead (Buddha's press) golden (imperial color).

In the early thirties the 20th centuries passed exhibitions of dogs at which shih-tzus found popularity in Shanghai and Beijing. However after coming to power of communists in the 40th years of the 20th century all palace doggies were destroyed.

The breed of a shih-tzu would hardly remain if even before certain representatives did not get to Europe, in particular, to Great Britain. British also kept breed. What is not surprising, considering love of these islanders to the dog tribe.

Grooming of a Dog of Breed of a Shih-tzu of a Photo On a photo: shih-tzu. Photo:

the First breeders of a shih-tzu in Europe became the general Douglas and madam Braunrig. In 1930 the first dung was received.

In 1934 the first club of fans of a shih-tzu was created by British, and in 1948 they adopted the standard of breed. In the sixties the 20th centuries "lion's doggies" got to the USA.

As in England began a new era in the history of breed, Great Britain remains to this day the country curator which forms and approves the standard.


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