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Shih-tzus call "dogs chrysanthemums". They long time were considered as imperial dogs and belonged only to the nobility, but now they considerably expanded a circle of the admirers, having proved as quite good partners.

Dogs of Breed of a Shih-tzu of a Photo

On a photo: shih-tzu. Photo:

Shih-tzu: description

Shih-tzus are playful, sociable and cheerful dogs, they well get on with children.

However care of hair of a shih-tzu will demand from you considerable efforts. One more minus of breed – a large number of diseases (including genetic) to which shih-tzus are inclined. Therefore you watch closely health of the pet in time to address the veterinarian.

Excessive bark
Relation with children
Aggression to other dogs
Information on breed
Country of origin Tibet
of Use of breed Partner
Life expectancy of 12 — 14 years
Growth in withers Up to 27 cm
Weight of 4.5 — 8 kg
Special attention Care of wool
Physical activity Moderate

Shih-tzu: character

Features of character of a shih-tzu

Shih-tzus make an impression of a toy being, however it is not a sofa doggie. Representatives of breed are full-fledged partners, and character of a shih-tzu very peculiar.

Little lions have high intelligence and well study.

They do not choose one owner – the love in their big heart is enough for all family members.

These doggies do not take out loneliness, and follow on heels people where those went. Even if the doggie fell asleep, and the owner decided to pass into other party, the pet will right there be picked up that as the faithful sentry to go afterwards.

They are also ready to sit for hours at you on hands or on a lap. And if you take in head to ignore the favourite – he will take offense seriously and for a long time!

If the owner is very busy and long does not pay attention to a canine friend, shih-tzus are capable to be upset so that they will be depressed and will get sick.

Many shih-tzus do not like to run therefore they can become excellent partners for elderly and lonely people.

"Lion's doggies" are friendly and well get on with other animals, but wishes to be driven for cats on the street.

Shih-tzu of a Photo On a photo: shih-tzu. Photo:

Character of a shih-tzu in relation to children

On character of a shih-tzu is a charming and charming being who has enough love for all family members, including children and other animals. However you should protect the pet from too rough manifestations of children's love or irrepressible curiosity of the small child.

Explain to the child that the dog is not a soft toy, but the living being who experiences all that range of emotions, as we. Including fear and pain. That the pet has desires and requirements. The child should not disturb a dog when she eats or sleeps. If the canine friend was tired of pranks and entertainments and wants to leave, he cannot be kept at all.

Shih-tzu: training

The shih-tzu – not office breed, do not have special requirements to training, but the main teams should be taught – for the sake of the convenience and safety of the pet. Even the small ill-bred doggie can become a source of big troubles.

Basic level of training of a shih-tzu: the To Me, Row, Foo, Sit and Place teams, instilling of skills of purity and schooling to hygienic procedures.

Try to drive in unfamiliar places the pet on a lead. And if the conflict with other dog is possible, take the on hands.

In the first days of joint life, all vaccination is not done yet, it is better to refrain from walks at all. Prepare the special place where put diapers and where the kid will be able to celebrate need. The shih-tzu can accustom to go to a tray.

to walk by
Up to one year better the pet in a breast-band vest.

The high intelligence allows these doggies to grab all knowledge on the fly. So when training a shih-tzu it is possible not to be limited to "living wage", and to study tricks or at least to teach the favourite to bring slippers, toys or a lead. To train a shih-tzu – not a burden, and pleasant entertainment both for the teacher, and for the pupil. Sometimes it seems that "the lion's doggie" understands each your word. And are even able to read mind.

Often shih-tzus participate in dog agility – and is quite successful.

When training a shih-tzu show persistence and surely encourage the correct actions with a sincere praise or delicacy.

Be consecutive. Also do not allow a puppy of what will not be allowed to an adult dog.

Dogs of Breed of a Shih-tzu of a Photo On a photo: shih-tzu. Photo:

with What to feed a shih-tzu

The question " with what to feed a shih-tzu " it is extremely important, the health and appearance of a shih-tzu depend on healthy nutrition.

Before you will bring a puppy of a shih-tzu home, think over, than you will feed him. At first it is necessary to adhere to the mode set by the manufacturer. All changes are entered gradually.

To define a portion of a forage for a shih-tzu, look how the puppy eats. If in 15 minutes after feeding in a bowl there is a food – it is superfluous. If the puppy licked a bowl and does not leave – you were greedy. Over time you decide on serving size. As a rule, for an adult dog is 5% of weight, and for a puppy – 10%. The tummy after a meal should not be hollow, but also be inflated as the sphere should also not.

How many once a day to feed a shih-tzu?

Frequency of feeding of a shih-tzu depends on age of a dog.

Age of a shih-tzu

the Number of feedings of a shih-tzu in day

Up to 2 months


2 – 3 months


of 4 - 5 months


of 6 - 11 months


12 months Are more senior than


8 years Are more senior than

3 - 4

with What to feed a shih-tzu: dry feed or "naturalka"?

It is possible to feed a shih-tzu with natural dishes or a dry feed.

Natural food of a shih-tzu includes the following products:

  • cottage cheese, curdled milk, kefir (if your pet normally reacts to them),
  • porridges (oat-flakes, buckwheat, rice – not less than 25% of a day diet),
  • slightly boiled thoroughly low-fat meat (beef, chicken meat or rabbit flesh – to 250 гр in day),
  • the crushed vegetables (vegetable marrows, pumpkin, beet, carrots) with vegetable oil or cod-liver oil,
  • boiled sea fish (instead of meat – 2 – 3 times a week are not more often),
  • boiled eggs (up to 2 pieces a week).

Few times in a week it is possible to give a shih-tzu an offal (chicken or beef).

The adult dog can be indulged with berries or dried fruits.

needs to be added to a diet of a shih-tzu vitamin and mineral fertilizing, however before choosing them, consult with the veterinarian.

The dry feed for a shih-tzu has to contain vitamins A and E, the Omega acid. Choose a forage a premium or a superpremium class taking into account age of a dog, fatness and level of activity.

Than you fed a shih-tzu, clear fresh water has to be in continuous access.

After 7 – 8 years the dog is transferred to a diet with the reduced content of fat.

The forbidden products for a dog: hot or cold food, sweets, salty, fat, sharp, smoked products, river fish, bones, pasta, bean, potatoes, white loaf, sausages and sausage and also any spoiled or low-quality products.

Shih-tzu at a Photo Exhibition On a photo: shih-tzu. Photo:

Diseases of a shih-tzu

Are subject to some diseases of a shih-tzu more, than to others.

Main diseases of a shih-tzu : дистихиаз (dopolniteny eyelashes), collapse of a trachea, adenoma of paraanal glands, an urolithic disease (meets at dogs whose diet consists of low-quality dry feeds), diseases of digestive tract, a disease of kidneys, allergies, diseases of eyes more often (a cataract, a cornea ulceration, "the third eyelid", заворот centuries), diseases and pathologies of intervertebral disks, chronic defect of heart valves, otitis.

However, shih-tzus treat long-livers, and depends on owner liability as his pet will long please. Carefully look after his eyes, ears, gums and teeth. Cut wool on ears, well wipe a doggie after bathing, clean off a dental plaque.

The slightest trauma – an occasion to go immediately to the veterinarian.

Do not forget about prevention of stings of pincers.

Sometimes the shih-tzu undertakes care of the wool. As a result can swallow a lump of wool and choke.

Representatives of breed are inclined to obesity which does not do well to a dog. Therefore responsibly treat feeding.

Dogs of Breed of a Shih-tzu at a Photo Exhibition On a photo: shih-tzu. Photo:

Care of a shih-tzu

Care of a shih-tzu will demand from you considerable efforts and time.

Care of hair of a shih-tzu

Hair of a shih-tzu demands careful leaving, otherwise the koltuna disturbing a dog are quickly formed.

For care of hair of a shih-tzu stock up with a massage hairbrush, a hairbrush-shilokhvostom, a three-row hairbrush for a pile, scissors, kogterezky, the trimmer, a towel (it is better microfibre), the hair dryer.

To hygienic procedures the dog is accustomed since the childhood.

Grooming of a Shih-tzu of a Photo On a photo: grooming of a shih-tzu. Photo: Regularly wash with

, comb and cut a shih-tzu. Tie a bang in a tail – hit of strands of wood in eyes is fraught with complications.

The answer to a question, how to cut a shih-tzu , depends on for what you bought a dog. Hairstyles are house (for every day), exhibition and competitive.

Grooming of a Shih-tzu of a Photo On a photo: shih-tzu. Photo:

For bathing and the subsequent combing of a shih-tzu will be necessary for you shampoo, the conditioner and spray for wool. Water for acceptance of a bathtub should not be hotter.

Hygienic care of a shih-tzu

Teeth of a shih-tzu are daily brushed special paste.

In time examine eyes of a shih-tzu. You watch that there was no turbidity, allocations, lachrymation. If something is wrong – go to the veterinarian.

Daily examine paws of a shih-tzu not to allow jamming of foreign objects and development of an infection. Wool between fingers has regularly hair cut.

After each walk of a paw wash, and in the winter also grease with fat. In hot dry rock use the moisturizing cream.

Weekly cut off a shih-tzu claws.

Also do not neglect preventive visits to the veterinarian – at least once a year.

Grooming of a Shih-tzu of a Photo On a photo: shih-tzu. Photo:

Puppies of a shih-tzu: how to choose?

Before going for a puppy of a shih-tzu, carefully consider everything and discuss with other family members. Whether all are unanimous in the decision to shelter the new member of household? Whether you are ready to subordinate substantially the life to needs of a dog? Whether it is enough at you time, forces, means? Whether the situation in family will change in the next several years? With whom do the dog will remain if you go to a business trip or to a holiday?

If answers to all these questions of difficulties do not cause, and you decided that you your breed – a shih-tzu, decide on the purpose of acquisition of a dog. It is future star of exhibitions, the proud parent of numerous posterity or just loyal friend and the companion? The class of a dog, and, therefore, the price depends on the purpose.

The show class is a dog for exhibitions. She demands careful leaving and special trainings.

It is shaven – the pet for cultivation. They can also participate in exhibitions.

Pat is doggies as now speak, "as a hobby". They do not participate in exhibitions and cultivation, but bring to the joy of simple "human" communication at all not less. In the monetary relation they cost cheaper all.

it is worth approaching the choice of a puppy of a shih-tzu with all responsibility. Get acquainted with parents, study their family trees.

Do not hesitate to ask many questions. The future, joint with the pet, depends on your tediousness (in good sense of a word). It is impossible to go too far here. What feed with kids and how often? Whether did inoculations if yes – what? And what veterinary manipulations still are coming? What documents provide to you? How often and what parents and farther ancestors were ill? How to look after the kid? What is required for care of wool? It is better to think over questions in advance and even to write down them.

The healthy puppy of a shih-tzu active and inquisitive, easily makes contact and does not show aggression. The kid has to be well-fed, but without the inflated stomach. Ears, a nose, eyes have to be clean, without allocations. Indoors there should not be an unpleasant smell.

Dog of Breed of a Shih-tzu of a Photo On a photo: shih-tzu. Photo:

Well-known shih-tzus

the Shih-tzu at cinema

In the movie "Seven Psychopaths" the unlucky writer lost inspiration, and the new scenario is not given in any way. Mister Sluchay involves the writer in kidnapping of a dog which was started by his excentric friends. But what to do if the stolen dog – favourite a shih-tzu of the local gangster? To it as easy as shelling pears to find and destroy useless thieves.

Also the shih-tzu appears in the movie "Winners of a Show". Preparation for the most prestigious exhibition of dogs – business nervous. Several married couples passionately wish to ensure a victory to the pets and surround them with such care what did not dream even to husbands and wives. And care of the groomer and the veterinarian is not enough. The psychoanalyst is extremely necessary for dogs! But whether obsessed owners will be helped by something?

Famous owners of a shih-tzu

Shih-tzus are so charming that many celebrities could not resist them. Among them there are Elizabeth Taylor, Melinda Messendzher, Katherine Heigl, Jim Parsons, Nicole Richie, Frank Sinatra, Henry Ford, Mariah Carrie, Maurice Gibb, Beyonce, Gerry Holliuell and Bill Gates.

Grooming of a Shih-tzu of a Photo On a photo: shih-tzu. Photo:


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