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Combative dogs are a group of animals who were brought especially for fights. Desire to pit dogs originates in the 18th century. Then there was a new noble entertainment – to set dogs on a bear or other wild animal. The person long since was drawn towards bloody duels. Further to get animals it became problematic and decided to arrange duels between dogs. But, before combative dogs came into the view of the nobility, they began the formation on "day" of London.

Versions and Description of Breeds of Combative Dogs
Combative dogs are a group of animals who were brought especially for fights

the History of animals

The lower class of the English society thought up to themselves a new entertainment. On the fenced territory rats were issued, and then the owner of the totalizator accepted rates for what time and how many rats his dog will kill. The show made huge success and brought quite good income to the dog owner. There was also a good point – population of rats decreased. The English bulldogs and terriers were the most successful krysoboyam. To strengthen combative potential, these types were crossed. Therefore the new breed – a bul-and-terrier turned out. It gained strength, and it became boring to send rats. Then owners of dogs decided to arrange dog fights.

Today combative dogs are distinguished by a strong constitution with the developed muscles and a stately bearing. Dog fights are forbidden practically in all countries and are considered as animals abuse. This type of entertainments went underground. Many continue to grow up and bring up dogs of this look.

Studying combative breeds of dog which list numerous, it is necessary to consider also their characteristics.

the Best combative dogs (video)

of Alabay – big and cheerful

This name is not absolutely correct, it designates a color of a dog. The present name – the Central Asian sheep-dog. The breed in the extensive territory from the Caspian Sea to China, from the Urals to Afghanistan is widespread. The homeland is Central Asia. This is the most ancient dog in the world. It is considered national property of Turkmenistan, there is even a ban on its export. Still it is called a wolfhound. And today shepherds of Asia consider that not to find the best security guard of a flock him. The dog of this breed is capable to cope with ease with several wolves at the same time.

Main characteristics alaby:

  • power and force;
  • good health;
  • thick and rough skin;
  • steel jaws;
  • healthy respiratory system;
  • combativity of the winner is developed.

Алабай is an excellent sentry dog. He is strong, hardy, adequately reacts to aggression, persistent, is patient to pain.

Dogs grow to 70 cm, and boughs – to 65 cm. The skeleton is massive, the head powerful, corresponds to a body. The skull is wide, transition from a forehead to a nose is almost imperceptible. Teeth large and white, are located closely to each other. Ears and a tail are stopped proceeding from norms. Eyes of the average size, are far put from each other, can have different color. Extremities are powerful, paws small.

the strongest dog, in family lovely and cheerful, loves walks and games . But react to other dogs negatively. And so far nothing can be done with it. The dog can snatch on other dog and with ease to break off it. Therefore it is necessary to choose carefully places for walks. In evening and night hours these animals especially alerted. This fact should be considered.

Alaba are allocated with advanced intelligence. Are capable to make decisions and to be guided in the circumstances. The owner has to bring up the pet that that recognized authority and force from early age. Otherwise further the person can suffer.

Versions and Description of Breeds of Combative Dogs

to Tosa-in – the favourite of Japan

The Japanese fighting dog – a Tosa Inu. The clever and hardy dog is national property of the Land of the rising sun. Dog fights throughout several centuries are popular in this state. This breed originates from a nikhon-ina. In the 19th century to the country began to deliver representatives of other breeds. the Japanese dog often lost, and then was decided to improve breed. For this purpose took the size of a mastiff, quickness of the Danish mastiff, bark, sense of smell and complaisance of a pointer, from a police dog – genes. As a result of crossing the courageous and fearless dog turned out.

The Tosa Inu has a powerful body, the wrinkled head, the hanging-down ears. Wool at dogs dense, color monophonic. Dogs with spots are not allowed. This breed can be exposed to diseases of a coxofemoral joint, intestines.

It is considered that Tosa Inus are fighting dogs, but in family they are the loving and kind pets. They well get on with children, excellent security guards do not bring special trouble. Dogs of this breed are used in search works. Getting a Tosa Inu, it is necessary to remember that their elements – fights. The correct education and training play a paramount role. They will not approach as the pet who is peacefully lying on a sofa.

Versions and Description of Breeds of Combative Dogs

Who such pit bull terrier

The list of combative dogs is continued by a pit bull terrier. Correctly the breed is called – the American pit bull terrier. These are terrible representatives of the strongest dogs. Have a frightening appearance while do not differ in the massive sizes. When the tradition arose to arrange fights, to commoners of England was forbidden to have large animals. Therefore only little dogs found the place in the very bottom of the country. The small sizes did not prevent to kill a rat, but allowed to develop combativity.

The pit bull terrier was brought especially for fights. There are various terrifying stories how this dog attacked the person. Fighting dogs suffered persecution. All who showed though the slightest aggression were destroyed. Various myths and conjectures were born. Today a pit bull terrier – unrecognized breed which is forbidden in many countries.

Pit bull terriers differ by types. It is necessary to consider the main of them.

Type of a bulldog:

  • the head has the form of a wedge, an eye oval, a bite nozhnitseobrazny;
  • the neck is short, a thorax wide, the back narrow if to look from above;
  • legs are direct, dry, with a parallel rack;
  • ears and a tail stop at will, today many prefer to leave in an invariable look;
  • wool densely adjoins, short and soft.

the Type the Staffordshire terrier :

  • muscles are so developed that are given from under skin;
  • the head massive and heavy, the jaw is strongly developed;
  • ears are high, do not need knocking over;
  • hinder legs are placed strongly;
  • the tail is not stopped.

The pit bull terrier long time was pursued for aggression, as a result the main combativity was lost. Today the combative dog becomes more often a pet. What the dog will grow, depends on the person: only education and competent approach to an animal will allow to receive the kind and patient family member.

Versions and Description of Breeds of Combative Dogs

the Bull terrier – the real fighter

The breed a bull terrier was created for a victory. Rare fights can take place without participation of these dogs. Combative dogs had to be aggressive and strong. But it does not mean that out of a fighting ring they behave in this way. Appearance of a bull terrier interesting. He the low growth, a leg short and brawny, muscle bulk is well developed, differs in dexterity and spring ability. The head has the egg form therefore the nickname – a dog with a rat muzzle strongly was assigned to a bull terrier.

A bull terrier – a clever and proud dog. will not begin to submit if it does not find necessary. It is jealous and whimsical. The owner has to raise it in strict submission and respect. Only then the dog will implicitly execute commands. Does not demand special leaving, there can be problems with hearing. These dogs are more often than others are born deafs. Representatives of this breed are very active and demand games and entertainments on air. They cannot refuse it. Then the excess of energy will be spent in the natural way.

Versions and Description of Breeds of Combative Dogs

English mastiff

The mastiff closes the five of the strongest breeds. Nobody knows from where such name appeared. There are various assumptions, but one is known precisely – it the breed originates in the Tibetan mountains. A primogenitor of the English mastiff is the Tibetan look. Historians claim that these animals lived near the person in the 6th century BC. There is an opinion that these dogs dressed in an armor and used in battles at the time of Alexander of Macedon. To England they were delivered by Celts – immigrants in the 4th century BC. These brave dogs also struggled with the Roman gladiators at the time of Great Caesar's government. In the 5th century the German tribes were at enmity with England with use of the dogs. As a result of natural crossing the fierce breed with a dark color was born.

In the 11th century they were not used in fights any more, they became security guards and supervisors for slaves. One such dog cost twenty others. Only notable grandees could own them. Keeping of mastiffs was assessed with taxes. Further they were quite often crossed to different representatives of the strongest breeds from many countries. As a result there were other combative breeds of dog.

As today the real English mastiff looks:

  • body powerful and heavy;
  • skin densely adjoins, on the head folds can be formed;
  • height of a dog is about 75 cm, boughs – 70 cm;
  • weight – 80-85 kg;
  • wool short, rigid, dense;
  • the color is apricot, tiger, silvery.

Historical chronicles speak about a terrible and terrible animal. But eventually and during the strengthened work of selectors the mastiff of the 21st century – a lovely and friendly pet turned out. Fighting dogs today counterbalanced and constrained. They will not rush on passersby, to rustle and to bark joyfully. To enrage them and to force to show emotions, it is necessary to try very much. They are excellent security guards, will always protect the house and family. But in usual time prefer to lie down and have a sleep.

Mastiff very much loves family walks and travel. does not take out loneliness. To small children it is better not to admit it. He is clumsy and can do much harm him the weight. Likes to play with the senior children, especially in a game of tag. This dog is capable to gather surprising speed. But the sport not for it, is better quiet walks. This is, perhaps, the only combative dog who can be walked safely without lead. They do not rush on passersby, do not run for vagrant cats.

Versions and Description of Breeds of Combative Dogs

of the Rule of education

The person gets a dog from different motives – the girl wishes to have a lovely toy, children need a pet, the lonely person needs the friend and the colleague. For satisfaction of the desires it is required to select breed of a dog carefully. Choosing a puppy from the described breeds, should remember that passion to fights at them in blood and from it not to get to anywhere. These qualities were stimulated many centuries in a row. The animal is not guilty of what is done by the person.

Combative breeds of dog will suit strong and confident people. The animal will feel strength of the owner or its absence at once. Will try to get at first the best in the relations. It cannot be allowed at all, otherwise control over an animal will be lost. The dog will begin to make decisions itself and will refuse to submit. Only the correct behavior of the owner will allow to grow up a dog with merits. In education cannot be allowed:

  • violations of the mode: the dog considers it as weakness of the owner;
  • loud music and noisy parties – are an irritant, induce to aggression;
  • lack of attention – fighting dogs sharply react to indifference of the owner;
  • stays alone with children;
  • scandals in the presence of a dog;
  • removals of a muzzle and a lead in public places;
  • incitement on the person as occupations or for the sake of a joke.

the Most dangerous dogs (video)

Fighting breeds of dog need training. An indispensable condition are long physical activities. Minors are not allowed to education and occupations. Their unstable children's mentality and lack of experience can do harm and to an animal, and people around. Any dog is a potential threat and whether there will be it real, depends on the person.

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