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Vest - a Highland-vayt-terrier – one of not numerous breeds of dog which are capable to touch and fascinate only by the one appearance. This snow-white friend of the person was among the most popular doggies of the world thanks to the unusually cheerful nature and the small size.

Vayt terrier: description of breed, maintenance and leaving

Historical information

This breed extraordinary, and if to concern history, then it is necessary and to mention the very first owner of these fluffy tiny handsome men – Edward Malkolm. This person also gave them such name that in translation "the white mountain terrier" means.

hunting for a small animal or a game was the Main objective of cultivation of a white fluffy terrier. Just in this breed of doggies, according to fans of hunting of those times, a naked eye it was possible to notice unsurpassed dexterity of movements, briskness. As well as the small sizes of Vest allowed it to enter ranks of the most preferred doggies for conducting hunting.

All listed advantages allowed a little terrier to creep in almost "impassable" holes and to pull out from them production. Despite a malogabaritnost, vest-Highland differed in the high performance. And such quality as a snow-white color, always was in a priority as in the forest of white doggies it is visible perfectly, and it allowed not to confuse them with anybody another.

For the first time display of the west-Highland terrier took place in London in 1907. This action was created showing this unknown handyman. After this event the popularity of dogs of Vest began to grow with an incredible speed not only in European, but also in the western countries. The terrier became the general favourite, and today in each corner of the world know about this fluffy doggie.

Vayt terrier: description of breed, maintenance and leaving

Description of appearance and temperament

It is necessary and to note that the breed of a dog a West Highland White Terrier which description is known by many is popular and world famous not only thanks to such qualities as dexterity, speed. These doggies have distinctive characteristic features that allows them to try to obtain "professional" progress:

  • self-confidence;
  • boldness;
  • self-respect.

Now this doggie is called often a vestik-terrier and it is successful not only in the field of hunting. It is removed with great pleasure in commercials or movies.

These small, but full of determination and infinitely devoted doggies have quite strong and brawny constitution. Their height fluctuates within 28 cm. The dog possesses the standing pointed ears on which ends there is no fringe. If this quality is present at appearance, then it speaks about defect.

Vayt terrier: description of breed, maintenance and leaving

At vest-Highland there is one distinctive feature - it is the standing tail covered with very rigid wool. It is considered inadmissible if it is bent or lies on a back.

At first sight it seems that the head of these animals very big in comparison with a trunk. But this external characteristic makes dogs very amusing and lovely.

The size of white terriers allows freely and without any problems to keep them in the house or even to the small-sized apartment. Only it is necessary to take into account that a white mountain terrier – breed of dog which constantly need physical activity therefore the basic rule of their successful house contents is a regular walking.

Except that terriers – dexterous, bright and sociable doggies, they very mobile, direct, loud and sometimes even stubborn. When walking needs to be watched them sharp-sightedly. their restlessness can play a dirty trick with them once. Having broken from a lead, they at once can jerk for a cat or run to look for adventures in the remote territory.

One of negative qualities is their destructive activity that is explained by the increased vigor. Especially they adore running and digging the earth everywhere. It is necessary not to allow them to well-groomed lawns or gardens. It will be necessary to put a lot of effort in order that mountain four-footed was disaccustomed to this habit, and not the fact that it will manage to be made.

of Feature of breed vest-Highland (video)

One more negative quality which not to take away from doggies, their feeling of jealousy of other pets is. Therefore before to get a pet in the form of a terrier, it is necessary to find out in advance how the breed вестик will behave in the big company of other favourites, especially other dogs and cats.

However the white terrier can be very obedient and regularly serving dog for the owner. to achieve it, it is necessary to pay since the earliest years much attention to the to the snow-white pupil, to be engaged in his training and to subject to frequent loadings. But many who decide to get a white terrier have to be definitely ready to some difficulties, a vestik-terrier – a doggie with a time uncontrollable temper and, apparently, insuperable obstinacy. A huge mistake of the owner in that case – desire and aspiration "to remake" a doggie, to try to break its character. To gain her trust – here the main objective which the manufacturer of this breed of dog has to put before himself.

Having overcome all barriers on the way to heart of a white terrier, it is possible to be fully confident already that the vestkhaylendsky dog will never betray in life, will not throw in a difficult and dangerous situation, and in case of need will always protect. It is that breed of dog to which the modesty of their sizes does not prevent to be the first-class hunters, excellent fighters, and, above all, wonderful and loyal friends.

Gallery: vest-Highland-vayt-terrier (48 photos)

Care of a white terrier

Extraordinary temper of doggies of breed the haylender is not an occasion to refuse an invention to get these fearless and cheerful doggies. Their contents does not demand almost any work, these doggies differ in excellent good health and longevity. The only thing that can "knock down" them, is their predisposition to allergies. Allergic reaction at the pet can arise because of house dust or pollen of the blossoming plants.

Care of a white terrier consists in the following:

  1. Doggies differ in quite long wool therefore two times a week them need to be combed to avoid possible problems. At least two times a year them need to be subjected to trimming. If the owner is not able or is afraid to make such procedures over the pet, all tasks will be perfectly carried out by the expert. Thanks to this important procedure wool will always remain soft, glossy and brilliant. Besides its protective properties will remain that will allow a dog to be saved from cold and dampness.
  2. Bathing is a necessary procedure for domestic dogs, but here as for terriers, for them it is not absolutely desirable operation. Who at least once faced this breed, has to know that the more often to bathe them, the more often they will be soiled. And their wool can strongly suffer from frequent contact with water. Once a month it is necessary to bathe a vayt-terrier with use of special shampoo.
  3. The wool located near ears and eyes needs not to forget to be pulled out.
  4. It is necessary to take itself for the rule daily carefully to examine eyes of a puppy, his ears and teeth. If there is a need, then eyes are wiped with a damp sponge or usual cotton wool. Ears need also to be cleaned at least once in a week.

Vayt terrier: description of breed, maintenance and leaving

of the Rule of feeding

As for feeding of a terrier, it is necessary to be informed on some important rules here. If there are problems with dogs of this breed, then their main reason is in the wrong or low-quality food.

Rules of feeding are as follows:

  1. It is necessary to feed vayt-terriers only after the dog returned from walk. Digestion of food happens most safely only when the dog is at rest.
  2. Licking and easy withdrawal from a bowl – the messenger of the fact that the dog gorged on and was satisfied.
  3. If the dog turns near the bowl, then it is the sign of the fact that he did not gorge on, and it is necessary to increase a portion.

It is known that in the first weeks of life puppies of terriers eat exclusively maternal milk. Then it is possible to be engaged in their fertilizing and to do it it is necessary especially carefully. As the first feeding up cottage cheese will perfectly serve. In order to avoid possible rickets cottage cheese has to contain enough calcium. The main thing what the owner has to know about, so is that cottage cheese has to be obligatory for warm.

Vayt terrier: description of breed, maintenance and leaving

From third week it is possible to begin to accustom a puppy to meat, but to do it it is necessary so that there was an alternation of meat to maternal milk. After 4 weeks it is possible to pass surely to the combined feeding, this meat, porridge and cottage cheese.

the Basic rule – not to overfeed terriers. Otherwise they will grow fat, and it will not lead to anything good. The main thing is to observe balance.

If to speak about cultivation of terriers, then it is necessary to remind that it is better to begin knitting from 15 months. Knitting of dogs can be begun earlier. The first knitting knots has to drop out on its third techka when its organism completely ripened and got stronger.

Vayt terrier: description of breed, maintenance and leaving

Keeping of a dog in family

The terrier is extraordinary cheerful partner who can be taken with himself in a travel, whether it be the trip on the car or even weeds by plane.

Especially comfortable situation for a terrier private possession where he will have an excellent opportunity to run about on the yard or a garden will possess.

For the people leading active lifestyle, the terrier will become the excellent partner and the friend. However if the daily schedule of the person is calculated so what to give to time to a little canine friend it will not be possible, then it is better to refuse the idea to bring him at once.

Dogs of breed a haylender very easily get accustomed in big families . However the owner they choose only one.

Families where there are small children, need to weigh everything pros and cons before bringing new "family member". Though these doggies also are very friendly, sociable and cheerful, the persistence and uncontrollable behavior of children can irritate them or even to cause aggression. For children will become more senior вестик the excellent friend and the partner.

Vayt terrier: description of breed, maintenance and leaving

of the Disease of a terrier

The people who decided to start a breed doggie a terrier have to be informed on that, as they tend to some diseases. Most often it diseases of skin, liver and maxillary bone. If to be more concrete, then it:

  • diabetes;
  • cataract;
  • barmy dermatitis;
  • fibrosis of lungs;
  • congenital deafness.

However if to follow all rules of competent keeping of the snow-white robust fellow, then all these diseases can be avoided with ease.

the least dogs in the world (video)

The terrier is entertaining, very cheerful and unusual breed of dog. Their zadornost will leave nobody indifferent, and the ingenuity and sharpness of mind just strikes. To decide to bring the snow-white robust fellow – means precisely to know that in the next 13-15 years life will abruptly change and only to the best.

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