• May 22, 2019

clear to the owner what they want. But there are habits allowing the person to guess needs of the pet. Some tricks on which there are dogs to achieve the desirable, are surprising. Four-footed pets sometimes quite strange express the love, irritation, tranquility, joy and other feelings.

Ways of Drawing Attention and Interesting Tricks of Dogs

Drawing attention

When the owner is busy and does not agree to play with a dog, she tries to draw in all ways his attention. of the Habit which are used for this purpose by pets:

  • lick hands and a face;
  • gnaw footwear;
  • bite for legs.

Strange Tricks of Dogs

The puppy tries to lick a face or hands of the owner — so he expresses love and gratitude for care. And still he tries to draw with it attention. If there is a wish to get rid of such persistence, then it is better to talk or take a walk with a dog.

The adult dog gnaws footwear — he lacks physical activities and communication. It is desirable to bring an animal to the street, to run about together with him, to abandon a stick or frisbee. The dog needs to lead active lifestyle. If the puppy bites for legs, then it is boring for him. He wishes to play, have a good time.

It is necessary most to take part in its pranks or to buy it several toys.

Demonstration of humility

The humility and obedience of a dog are also shown in own way. I not always the person understands some of their actions:

  • ducking;
  • a dream in a master's bed;
  • overwrite of paws in lying situation.

As the Dog Shows Fidelity

When the dog listens to the owner's conversation, it serially inclines the head in both parties. So it adjusts the ears on reception of a signal of sounds and shows the interest in a conversation. If the dog does not react to the words of the person, then she just does not consider him the owner.

The animal will not sleep in one bed with the one to whom it does not trust. The adult pet likes to get into a bed to the person, than shows the respect and humility to him. When the pet lays down on a back and lifts up up paws, he waits that it was scratched. So he behaves only with relatives, before the stranger the dog because of mistrust will not accept this pose.

Small pranks

Tricks of Dogs for Receiving the Desirable

The sociable pet always wants to be the focus of attention. If guests come to the house, then a dog surely will approach them and will sniff , will sit near the owner during a feast. And when the person leaves her one, she begins to worry and worry.

The disturbing state forces a dog to destroy everything around. The animal can break fragile objects, break off pillows and blankets, to urinate on a bed, to gnaw wooden products. It can be avoided. It is enough to leave radio or the TV included, to give to the pet several favourite toys . The dog will feel more quietly if the owner leaves quietly and imperceptibly.

Some dogs are ready to be ready to do anything if only to achieve from the person of attention. And it is impossible to abuse them for it or to punish. This pet just cannot remain long alone, the company is necessary for him.

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