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the West Siberian laika – breed of universal hunting dogs. In the territory of Russia representatives of this breed are one of the most popular and widespread. Likes became favourites of numerous manufacturers not only thanks to the magnificent hunting skills, but also devoted character, universality and unpretentiousness. Representatives of this breed also have a magnificent color, great appearance and appeasable character.

Opisny Breeds West Siberian Laika
the West Siberian laika – breed of universal hunting dogs
the Dog is suitable

for hunting not only for small, but also rather big game. In Siberia and in the Urals the best assistant in hunting, than likes, it is almost impossible to find.

History of origin of breed

The exact origin of this breed of dog is for certain unknown to this day, but experts believe that likes quite ancient breed, and their ancestors are wolves.

Unlike Russian-European, the West Siberian laika is used directly for hunting. As a rule, the dog is brought only on a certain species of a game. In the 19th century an important task was extraction of valuable fur and therefore the dog was trained only on this look, and at the same time the dog did not react to other game in any way. Most often the dog was trained on a sable for whose fur hunters received big money.

The first laika of this look was removed as a result of crossing Mansi and Khanty лаек.

Unique skills of the hunter and universality made a dog really excellent working dog. Likes are capable to hunt as a fur, hoofed animal, and birds. After it began to use for hunting for a large animal much more often – a bear, an elk and a boar.

Demand on the West Siberian layek considerably fell in the second half of last century owing to what also their quantity was considerably reduced. A certain species of a laika was associated with various breeding groups which lived in the north of Russia. In transit to the Central Russia experts tried to keep a thoroughbred laika. in the middle of the XX century are approved 4 standards лаек:

  • Karelian-Finnish (Karelian).
  • West Siberian.
  • the Russian-European.
  • the East Siberian.

West Siberian was considered as the most numerous breed.

Opisny Breeds West Siberian Laika
In Siberia and in the Urals the best assistant in hunting, than likes, it is almost impossible to find

Appearance and a color

Inherited appearance and a color of like from the ancestors – Mansi and Khanty. In growth dogs reach about 60-65 cm, and a female – 55-60 cm. In weight representatives of breed, as a rule, reach about 20 kg.

the Dog possesses double wool, with direct, dense and rigid hairs. On a tail at лаек long ostevy a hair, without suspension. The color is very beautiful and various. Most often representatives of breed of a white or gray color meet. At the same time at the dogs having a white color of wool existence of a lobe of a nose of a brown shade is allowed. For the West Siberian layek zonarny and reddish colors are admissible.

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Character of a dog

Representatives of this breed have rather emotional, tender and devoted character. The dog is very observant, perfectly knows habits of the owner and quite often foresees his intentions.

In the small-sized city apartment the dog is not suitable for contents as in the closed room to it it is simply close and uncomfortable. If to leave a dog for long time locked in the house, then he will begin to bark and have a severe stress loudly. In a country house of like can even try to jump through a protection or подрыть over a fence. Dogs of this breed are very freedom-loving and like to spend much time in the fresh air. It is better to walk with them on spacious open space that the vigorous dog could dump the collected energy. is not recommended to Limit a dog in actions. on a chain it categorically is not suitable For contents.

Nevertheless thanks to the brave character the laika West Siberian will be an excellent security guard in the house and will begin to protect from encroachments property of the owner not worse, than the Caucasian sheep-dog much more often used for this purpose.

Gallery: West Siberian laika (43 photos)

The strangers who appeared in the territory of a private farmstead, the dog meets by bark, but at the command of the owner instantly calms down and does not show excessive aggression to the person, foreign to it. But the vigilance of a dog does not vanish anywhere, it will not allow to iron itself to foreign person. Up to leaving of the stranger it continues to watch his actions fixedly. At a meeting with foreign dog of like can rush on it as does not consider a part "pack". of a Fight do not bring them pleasure, and they do not regard open opposition as a game or the purpose to do harm to other dog, enter it only to show the domination. Familiar likes most often fight for a favourite toy or a laying. In spite of the fact that the West Siberian likes quite well fight, they are not blood-thirsty and ruthless murderers.

The dog living in the house which is in the settlement or the small village ignores a large livestock. But little animals including cats, awaken in them the hunter's instinct. At the correct education from a habit pursue neighbour's cats of a dog it is possible to disaccustom with ease. But at the same time not always even competent training gives to 100% a guarantee that actions of a dog in this or that situation will manage to be predicted.

In spite of the fact that by the nature the West Siberian likes – hunters, they do not pursue the aim to kill a game, and hunt only just for fun, deriving pleasure from process.

Opisny Breeds West Siberian Laika

of the Rule of leaving

Representatives of this breed possesses rather attractive magnificent "fur coat", but in leaving they are not exacting. Will enough comb the pet of times in few weeks a special crest. In the period of a molt the laika should be combed out much more often and until it does not dump all excess underfur. If in due time not to delete an underfur, then the dog can get sick with skin illnesses.

Frequent water procedures are not necessary to the West Siberian laika. The dog can be bathed not more often than 2 times a year. The white dog demands more frequent bathings. During a molt of a dog it is better not to bathe at all. The choice of shampoo is extremely important for this breed of dog as it is very heavy to clean a dense underfur from foam completely. If a little shampoo remains on wool, then skin of the pet can begin to dry up that will lead further to development of dermatitis.

Important point in care of the pet of this breed also his feeding is considered. > When choosing natural food for feeding of the West Siberian laika in spring and autumn season it is desirable for strong to feed up a dog vitamin supplements.

After long walks it is desirable to examine carefully the pet on existence of any damages. First of all at survey it is necessary to pay attention to a condition of eyes of the pet. If the owner finds insignificant reddening or any sort of allocation from eyes of a dog, then symptoms can indicate by it the begun inflammatory process or emergence of allergic reaction. It is also necessary to examine a nose, teeth and ears of a dog. So, the nose after walk outdoors surely has to be slightly damp, teeth white, and ears clean. The yellowness of teeth can indicate a scale at which the dog needs treatment. Dirty ears with a strong raid indicate most often otitis, defeat by pincers or an allergy. At detection of any of these signs it is necessary to show the pet to the veterinarian urgently.

Opisny Breeds West Siberian Laika

Training and education

Process of socialization of the West Siberian laika needs to be begun at early age. The puppy has to contact to other dogs and cats, to communicate with people, unfamiliar for it, on walks. At the correct education the puppy will grow sociable and friendly, without having lost the security qualities.

Training has to consist of several stages at once, and process directly depends on the purpose for which the dog was acquired. The basic course of training is necessary for each dog of this breed regardless of the purpose of its purchase. Further the owner himself defines whether to train a pet on hunting or to develop in it security qualities.

It is possible to begin a course of basic training at once after the dog adapts in the new dwelling. To start a puppy it is possible to train in standard simple teams, and after their successful development to start purposeful training.

Puppies from early age begin to show the hunting skills . So, on walk the kid carefully listens to rustle in the next bushes, begins to chase cats and catches rodents.

Today many manufacturers prefer to train a dog on hunting. In the best way dogs of this breed are suitable for use in single, pair and welded hunting. Do not hunt big game of a dog alone and most often work with couple, and here hunt small animals independently. Some irresponsible hunters just for fun set лаек on a lynx that quite often leads of a dog to death.

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It is possible to train and pritravlivat a dog on hunting after change of milk teeth and assimilation of basic teams. Before taking the West Siberian laika "on business", it is also necessary to accustom it to the various distracting factors that on hunting it was completely concentrated on a game and was not distracted by water noise, foreign rustles and singing of birds.

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