• Feb 24, 2019

Animals not less people have various diseases including eye. Symptoms of a cataract at dogs and options of treatment of an illness are defined by the expert during visual inspection and holding diagnostic actions. You should not tighten with the address to the veterinarian, otherwise development of serious complications up to final loss of sight is possible.

Reasons and Signs of Development of a Cataract in a Dog

of the Reason and symptoms of pathology

The exact reasons of development of this illness in dogs are not established to this day. However most of scientists are inclined to consider the major contributing factor heredity. as a result of the conducted researches was revealed , that 8 of 10 puppies in the future have a cataract if this disease was diagnosed at least for one of parents.

But exists some more reasons contributing to the development of pathology:

Reasons of Development of a Cataract in Dogs

  • Diabetes.
  • Burns of organs of vision — ultra-violet, thermal it is (very rare), chemical.
  • Eye injury. The regular mechanical irritation, a scratch or blow can become the reason of a cataract.
  • Weak immunity or predisposition of a dog to the same infectious disease which she is ill more once a year.
  • Age changes. In process of aging both animals, and people are more often subject to various pathologies which also the cataract is among.
  • Poisoning. The dog can get poisoned with chemical and medicamentous substances. Cases of poisoning of pets with alcohol are very often fixed. The dog cannot give alcohol even in small doses at all.

As for symptoms of a cataract, the main and the most noticeable of them is a cataract. If to look in eyes to the pet, it is possible to notice a white circle instead of a pupil. Pathology can affect both one, and both eyes at the same time.

Also the cataract has the following distinctive signs:

Symptoms of a Cataract at a Dog

  • At the first stages turbidity insignificant, but over time the spot increases in sizes and closes all pupil. In the normal state the crystalline lens safely passes light beams therefore the pupil at a dog looks dark.
  • At turbidity there is a reflection of light from a muddy crystalline lens therefore the white spot appears. Thanks to this sign it is possible to reveal problems with eyes at an animal, without using any special equipment.
  • The lack of treatment leads to violation of visual functions. The dog begins to see badly, goes without hurrying and is very careful, stumbles about objects and refuses to play.

Visual impairment can occur also for other reasons therefore you should not diagnose independently a disease and to be engaged in treatment of the pet. Only the qualified specialist has to do it.

Treatment of a cataract

Treatment of pathology is carried out only by a surgical way. But for simplification of symptomatology and delay of development of a disease the veterinarian can appoint the following medicines:

Medicines at a Cataract

  • Vitsein;
  • Vitaiodurol;
  • Vitafakol;
  • Smirnov's drops;
  • Katakhr.

the Main treatment of pathology consists in carrying out operation.

Surgery assumes use of the following methods:

  • extraction of a crystalline lens;
  • fakoemulsifikation.

Treatment of a Cataract Device

In the latter case the special medical device supplied with a needle through which in an eye ultrasound destroying a crystalline lens moves is used. On its place put an implant in the curtailed look, it is developed already inside. After awakening from an anesthesia the dog finds again ability to see.

The cataract is among the most widespread diseases of eyes at dogs. The main symptom of pathology — emergence of a white spot around a pupil — testifies to the beginning of development of a disease therefore at emergence of this symptom of the pet it is necessary to show to the expert urgently. Otherwise other pathologies can join a cataract that will even more aggravate a situation. The lack of the timely help leads to full loss of sight.

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