• Jan 11, 2020

Features of nature of a papilyon

The nature of a papilyon is distinguished by such lines as cheerfulness, courage and mind. It is necessary not to respect them at all constantly to drag on hands. These babies perceive themselves quite full-fledged dogs and even not bad hunt. Of course, the bear or the Bengalese tiger will not fall their victim, but here to butterflies, flies, mice and other small living creatures it is worth being careful of a meeting with them.

Papilyon at a Photo Exhibition On a photo: папильон

the Nature of a papilyon such is that this doggie is selflessly devoted to the owner, and sometimes dislikes guests.

Papilyon always tries to keep nearby, any business will not do without his participation. He does not transfer loneliness and, being provided to himself, awfully suffers. The continuous contact with the owner is important for it. Therefore this breed will not suit too busy person.

Papilyona are extremely vociferous. And any suspicious noise (and suspicions in them are caused almost by everything) turns into loud bark. It is unlikely you will manage to correct this trait of character of a papilyon. So if the similar habit irritates you, it is better to stop on more silent breed.

For the rest it is possible to call the nature of a papilyon safely character an ideal room doggie. The graceful decorative doggie does not take a lot of place, if necessary will be located in small carrying and will perfectly adapt to any situation: both to the city apartment, and to a country house. But, certainly, on the street it is impossible to support a papilyon. And surely take security measures if the pet independently walks in the yard of a country house: small and brisk, it can filter into any crack and independently go to explore vicinities.

Papilyon perfectly postpones trips and adores travel. He will well adapt to any climatic conditions.

the Nature of a papilyon such is that this doggie is inquisitive and adores games. And keeps these qualities till an extreme old age.

Thanks to high intelligence, папильон easily studies various tricks and teams. So you will be able to have a good time and to please guests with small representations. Besides, representatives of breed are appeasable so process of training will be pleasant and easy.

Papilyona on character are very friendly and absolutely non-conflicting therefore perfectly get on with other animals, including with cats.

Early socialization is necessary for a puppy of a papilyon. It is necessary that the manufacturer began to communicate with kids still before they open eyes. It is connected with a habit of these kids to bite when they are frightened. But if the manufacturer responsibly approaches cultivation and cultivation of puppies, this shortcoming is not shown. Puppies have to be quiet and trustful.

the Nature of a papilyon in relation to children

The playful, gay character of a papilyon allows it to find easily a common language with any family member, including with children.

However папильон will hardly be suitable for family with very small children (preschool age). In the heat of passion or there is in full swing rough games a child who cannot control himself yet, can unintentionally put to a canine friend a trauma or hurt.

If all of you risked to take such step, then watch closely that the child and a dog did not remain alone. Also explain to the child that папильон – not a plush toy, but the full member of family deserving respect. If the dog wants to retire or feels discomfort, she has to have an opportunity to stop communication. In addition, forbid children to disturb a papilyon at meal time or a dream.

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