• Jan 13, 2020

At breed it is several names: папильон, папийон and continental toy spaniel. The dwarfish continental spaniel – the initial name of breed, is also two versions: папильон and фален. Papilyon is dogs with standing ears, and фален – with trailing. Dwarfish continental spaniels were very popular among the Spanish and French nobility, including at the Royal Courts.

Papilyon of a Photo

Remarkable feature of breed – the huge ears reminding wings of a butterfly, and these ears always in the movement. Because of this feature of papilyon still call "dog butterfly".

The first папильон at me appeared in 2012, and I was subdued by breed: these are tremendous chelovekosobak.

Papilyon of a Photo

What character at a papilyon?

Now papilyona become more and more popular thanks to live temperament, these are excellent devoted partners. Adult papilyona transfer change of the owner hard.

Papilyona – chelovekooriyentirovanny dogs, and even in crowded places with them it is possible to walk without lead.

of Observation of the manufacturer: Despite the tiny sizes, these dogs on walks are tireless and very quickly run. Papilyon can pass many kilometers and like to travel so many owners take them in long travel. Papilyona very much like to float.

Papilyon will perfectly adapt to any owner. If it is necessary to lie on hands – he will lie if suggest to play – with pleasure will accept the invitation. But at the same time they are not persuasive and if the owner, for example, badly feels, will not require attention.

Papilyon of a Photo Papilyon is deprived by

aggression at all, will not bite the person and very much loves children. In family with children this dog will become a friend to both the child, and his friends who come on a visit. Papilyon will never offend the child, but it is necessary to watch that the child did not do harm to a dog.

of Observation of the manufacturer: Papilyon perfectly gets on with other animals, they harmoniously fit into any pack, but, as a rule, by means of cunning (without clashing) try to obtain domination among other pets.

Papilyona are very clean. They are perfectly accustomed to a diaper and to walking. They can be accustomed to two times walking, and it is desirable to walk nevertheless with these dogs.

Papilyona almost never bark, and it is very convenient at contents in the apartment.

It is undesirable to leave Papilyon alone, it is even stated in the standard, but I, for example, work, and dogs perfectly stay at home without me. When I am absent, they sleep.

As a rule, houses of a papilyona spoil nothing.


it is easy to train a papilyon?

Papilyona – extraordinary clever dogs. They successfully participate in sports competitions (dog agility, freestyle). One of my puppies is sold to Great Britain, and there he wins competitions on обидиенс.

of Observation of the manufacturer: It is trained папильон very easily. If to take care of a dog, she will show excellent result. And thanks to effective appearance папильон it becomes frequent the best dog of an exhibition.

There are dogs food industry workers, and there are those who are based on a toy. Very many papilyona "are mad" about toys, and motivation in their case, as a rule, game.

Papilyon on a Photo Path

As far as папильон healthy dog?

Papilyon is very healthy dog, but dogs participating in cultivation have to take tests for genetic diseases: the progressing atrophy of a retina and neyroaksonalny dystrophy. All my dogs are tested and have the international certificates that they are healthy.

How to look after for papilyony?

In spite of the fact that at these dogs long wool to look after for papilyony it is not tiresome. Only small pillows of paws are cut at a papilyon, other wool only combs hair approximately once a week.

Wool at a papilyon self-cleaning and even if the dog took a walk in dirt, then after it dries and will shake off, wool remains clean.

Recommendation of the manufacturer: For washing of a papilyon it is worth using the moisturizing shampoo, it is desirable with balm that the hair did not split from a grass.

In the winter папильон does not freeze, and up to-15 degrees I do not dress them – they rather actively behave on walk and can long walk, especially on dry snow. In the fall they perfectly walk even in the rain. This is not the mollycoddle who will bypass pools.

Papilyon in the Park of a Photo

What owner is necessary to a papilyon?

Papilyon will suit practically everyone. The only exception – pensioners who have problems with the musculoskeletal device.

A photo of papilyon from personal archive of Olesya Yershova

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