• Jan 11, 2020

Features of training of a papilyon

Papilyon has high intelligence. Besides these kids are allocated with softness and inquisitiveness that makes them by almost ideal pupils. So training of a papilyon, as a rule, does not represent problems.

papilyon "smiles" to a photo On a photo: папильон > it is pleasant and easy for i to bring up

of These dogs, and training of papilyon can do even to the beginner. From you only a little bit of commitment and persistence – and your favourite will be required not only will become ideally obedient, but also willingly will master several amusing tricks. Besides papilyona can apply for a victory in the most various competitions.

However папильон is not a German shepherd and demands a different approach to training.

Principles of training of a papilyon

Basic principle of training of a papilyon: a total ban on violence (including shouts and physical punishment). Other methods work with it: encouragement, positive spirit and persistence.

How to punish a papilyon, you ask. These dogs are so sensitive to your mood that the smallest discontent or coldness – already terrible punishment. Not shout, but strict intonation acts on them. It is quite enough.

Once you consider such feature of a papilyon, exclusive devotion to the only owner. The canine friend will perfectly obey this person and to please in every possible way. If you become this main person, training of a papilyon will go like clockwork.

Training of a puppy of a papilyon

Education and training of a papilyon begins from the first day of its emergence in your house. But do not undertake stunt training at once. In the beginning train a puppy in a nickname (call its every time when you call up the favourite, you take on hands, you feed).

In parallel accustom a papilyon to a toilet and to the place. Get a lodge or a convenient stove bench, place them in a secluded corner as it is possible further from the battery, not on a draft. Accustom to a toilet of a papilyon standardly: as often as possible (it is desirable after each dream and food) take out on the street (or suggest to use a tray), successful attempts encourage.

Surely explain to

a papilyona that it is possible and that it is impossible. Accustom him to perceive quietly your absences and not too furiously to oblaivat guests.

As for teams, that is "living wage" which each dog has to master. It is guarantee of its safety and your tranquility. The basic course includes the To Me, Place, Sit, Lie, Row, Foo and It is impossible teams.

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