• Feb 24, 2020

The history of breed the Pekinese still hides under a veil of secrecy. Date of origin of breed cannot be defined even approximately. Therefore the origin of Pekineses acquired legends and myths.

One of legends of history of breed the Pekinese says that the prince fell in love with the ordinary girl. But its beauty captivated also angry wizard. When the beauty rejected claims of the sorcerer, he turned her into a lotus flower, and the prince – in a squirrel. However their love did not disappear. The squirrel tremblingly took care of flower. Having seen it, Buddha took pity and blessed lovers.

The Pekinese whose fluffy tail reminds squirrel, and character and a constitution – tenderness and fragility of a lotus became a fruit of love.

Ancient sources contain a set of mentions of breed. Perhaps, they have the general origin with the Tibetan spaniels. Stocky long-haired creations since the 5th millennium are known BC

In 17 century the emperor of China "appointed" Pekineses a sacred symbol of the country. Each doggie in the palace had own varnished table and everywhere accompanied owners. Even, alas, in a next world.

To commoners on pain of the death penalty it was forbidden to support them. However, Buddhist monks often violated this order and secretly brought representatives of breed in monasteries.

Pekineses were three sizes. The biggest were called as "lion's dogs", average – "solar", and the smallest – "rukavichny".

The strict ban on evacuation of Pekineses from China explains the fact that they got to Europe enough at a distant day. But in the second half of 19 century China was occupied by Great Britain, France and the USA (suppression of a revolt of taypin). British found amusing small doggies in the Summer imperial palace and did not keep to taking them with themselves. Luti, the smallest of doggies, arrived to London in a garrison cap of the general Dunn and was handed to the Queen Victoria.

These Pekineses also laid the foundation for the European cultivation of breed. And England deservedly consider them by the second homeland – exactly from there doggies began a triumphal procession along the world. Even Pekineses whom you can meet in China now have the European roots.

 Pekineses on old photos

On a photo: Pekineses what they were in the past. Photo: google.by

For the first time the Pekinese was presented to the English public in 1873. In 1894 dogs were shown at an exhibition in Chester. In 1896 the breed was recognized as independent, and in 1898 created the first standard which was edited from time to time.

In the 20th – the 30th years 20 century the breed was divided into two types: southern and northern. Northerners were heavier and large, southerners – more compact.

And in the 80th years of the last century when in China allowed to get dogs, representatives of breed began to return to the historical homeland.

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