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Breed a pit bull terrier – American. It appeared at the end of the 19th century because fights with bulls were forbidden. Society had a need for small, but vicious dogs who could be involved in dog fights. So there was a breed the American pit bull terrier, and in abbreviated form – a pit bull terrier.

Pit bull terrier: features of breed, a version, maintenance and leaving
Breed a pit bull terrier – американская

Описание and kinds of breed

Pit bull terriers are very friendly pets, despite the purposes of their removal. They perfectly get on with children, can become good watchmen. Pit bull terriers have big energy, love outdoor games therefore the owner needs to give to the pets physical activity.

Short description:

  • growth at males on average 49 cm, at females – 44 cm;
  • life expectancy – up to 13 years;
  • the thoroughbred pit bull terrier can have a color gray, tiger and another, except мерля;
  • the head is rectangular, jaws powerful;
  • eyes have the almond-shaped form and are put so-so;
  • the tail short is also narrowed by the end;
  • short wool, brilliant and rough.

Besides a traditional American pit bull terrier, also other kinds of this breed exist. the Most mysterious of them is the Albanian pit bull terrier. Many deny existence of this breed. However the spotty pit bull terrier is, and he is beautiful. Its color is similar to leopard: мерль. But, unfortunately, the cynologists having sufficient experience deprive this breed of thoroughbredness, including such pets mongrels.

the Colour мерль at the Albanian pit bull terriers is considered defect. Scientists claim that deviations in a color can cause deviations and in nervous system of an animal, and it generates tendency to neurologic and mental diseases. Problems in the immune system are also possible. But it belongs to a gene of M which was introduced from the outside.

However the breed can initially have the M gene which is responsible for a spotty color in the genotype. And it is considered norm.

The dwarfish pit bull terrier is considered one more version. Such breed was created when crossing the American pit bull terrier and patterdale-terrier. Such pet is not created for dog fights, and is suitable for participation in exhibitions more. But, as well as physical activities are required for his "relatives", a dwarfish pit bull terrier.

The cost of the thoroughbred pit bull terriers having a family tree is from 15 to 25 thousand rubles. But the price can be above if the animal, for example, showed good results at competitions.

Main features of a pit bull terrier (video)

Character of a dog

Many people consider pit bull terriers very aggressive animals capable to attack without the reason, and are negative to them. However this developed stereotype does not belong to reality. During dog fights the pit bull terrier attacked only on command and if he snatched on the person, then he was disqualified. Therefore if not to give an animal the command, he will not attack. However here it is necessary to make one reservation: early socialization of pit bull terriers, otherwise rage to people around at animals after all will be to be observed. For this reason the owner of such dogs has to be skilled and sure.

Pit bull terriers perfectly approach for a role of loyal friends and defenders. They are full of energy and curiosity, like to play with the owner and willingly execute all commands. The American pit bull terrier needs care and caress therefore he will never approach those people who will not be able to provide it it. However animal it is better to keep in public places on a lead.

the Character of an adult pit bull terrier in many respects depends on education in which the owner has to be engaged. From a little puppy can stick together also an aggressive dog who without the reason will rush on any moving object, and the friendly pet who will get on with people and animals. Therefore it is very important to socialize correctly a pit bull terrier since puppyish age.

In spite of the fact that pit bull terriers are playful and direct, these dogs have attentiveness and execute commands under the first order.

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Maintenance and leaving

It is amusing that, being a combative dog, the American pit bull terriers are afraid of cold. In this case long walks in cool weather will not suit them. But even if not to consider weather outside the window, these pets like to be at home more, in the bosom of the family, to which they very strongly become attached.

Pit bull terriers are good the fact that it is rather simple to look after them. It is possible to bathe the pet 1 time in half a year. It is weekly necessary to comb out wool and to wipe ears that ear pass of a dog was not hammered.

It is very important to give to a pit bull terrier a certain number of physical activity as this breed has tendency to excess weight that can lead to diseases. From the owner the pet needs to shear nails if they do not grind off, to brush to him teeth and to wipe eyes with various vegetable tinctures.

Pit bull terrier: features of breed, version, maintenance and leaving

of the Rule of feeding

The balanced food is important for the American pit bull terrier. It is necessary first of all in order that the animal did not gain excess weight. At puppyish age a pit bull terrier has to be fed with high-calorific products on 4-5 times a day. It is desirable that the puppy ate at the same time, from the same ware, and water has to be freshen.

Not only meat, but also dairy products enters a diet of an animal. Meat is served to a pit bull terrier in the raw or a little he boils. But it is necessary to remember that pork does not approach. Preserved foods or a dry feed can enter a diet. But it is necessary to be careful as on such food the pet can have an allergy.

milk porridges which are among will be useful to the Puppy:

  • buckwheat;
  • gerkulesovy;
  • wheat.

With age the quantity of a forage which is given to a dog increases, and here the number of meals is reduced and by 1 year is close to 2.

It is important to remember that daily the pit bull terrier needs to use 100 g of meat, and once a week – veal or chicken heart or a liver.

Pit bull terrier: features of breed, version, maintenance and leaving

Health of pets

Immunity at pit bull terriers quite good. However, as well as other breeds, they tend to diseases:

  1. Allergic diseases are widespread among this breed and can develop because of the wrong feeding, for example, on beef or corn, plants, dust. The allergy causes discomfort and the naggers in animals.
  2. Heart diseases meet as congenital heart disease.
  3. Dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint.
  4. It is known that pit bull terriers are inclined to a set of excess weight. It comes from the fact that animals are inclined to dysfunction of a thyroid gland. The disease leads to deterioration in wool and other problems. However it is easily controlled by means of intake of medicines.

Pit bull terrier: features of breed, version, maintenance and leaving

Other kinds of combative dogs

Besides the American pit bull terrier, there are also other breeds of combative dogs. One of them is a bull terrier.

Boole appeared as a result of crossing of a terrier with a bulldog. In England such dogs poisoned bulls, but in the 19th century the parliament forbade these entertainments, and the breed remained. In Russia because of emergence "nedobuly" this breed of dog causes negative emotions in people. Bull terriers as, actually, and pit bull terriers, are considered as aggressive dogs though it absolutely not so. Now admirers of such pets are engaged in upclassing of breed.

The bull terrier is a strong, brave dog who has a non-standard appearance. These dogs have good hunting skills. But, despite the terrible appearance, it is very gentle and tender breed.

One of kinds of this breed is the tiny bull terrier. Height of such pet is no more than 35.5 cm. And wool of white or tiger color.

One more breed of combative dogs is a mastiff who treats ancient breeds and a little in what differs from wolves. Such terrible dogs gain special popularity presently.

there Are 3 kinds of a mastiff:

  • English;
  • Neapolitan;
  • Tibetan.

The English mastiff is the longest and heavy pet. The record weight of a dog – 156 kg, and length – 251 cm. This kind of dogs differs in quiet character. Loud bark is not inherent in them, but they concern strangers watchfully.

the Interesting facts about dogs (video)

For the English mastiff very important socialization from puppyish age in order that he became the beautiful and reliable friend of family. For this reason manufacturers advise not to take this breed as the first pet, for his education the strong hand is necessary.

The Neapolitan mastiff is the Italian kind of breed. The most known of them is the Canine – Hagrid's dog from movies about the wizard Harry Potter. This is the loyal friend and the defender of the house. If the owner invites to the house of the guest, then his pet will not have anything against it. However, if the guest shows disrespect in relation to the owner, the Neapolitan mastiff can prick up the ears or behave aggressively.

It is important to know that it is better not to support the Neapolitan mastiff in the house where there are small children as this dog does not realize the size and can do them harm inadvertently.

Presently the Tibetan mastiff is considered the most expensive dog in the world. Record price – 500 thousand dollars. These dogs were bred in China, India and Nepal to guard sheep. The Tibetan mastiffs inspired fear in leopards and were good defenders.

Now such animals not bad get on with people. These are clever dogs who do not stand relations of familiarity. Therefore if the owner brings every day into the house of new guests, it can cause certain problems.

Pit bull terrier: features of breed, version, maintenance and leaving

Families where there are small children as animals are sensitive to sounds should not get the Tibetan mastiff and can take shouts of children for aggression manifestation.

Combative dogs are not suitable for dog breeders beginners. That correctly to bring up them, experience and a firm hand are necessary.

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