• Jan 13, 2020

Character of the Pomeranian spitz-dog: features

Character of the Pomeranian spitz-dog — the embodiment of activity and the energy splashing too much.

These kids think themselves the real lions and do not reckon with the surpassing opponent's sizes at all, calling "enemy" on fight. In a small little body such brave heart to which the biggest dog in the world can envy fights. If not the tiny sizes, the Pomeranian spitz-dog would become the great watchman and the bodyguard.

However, already they rush to the attack without the slightest fluctuations. Other dog can be attacked during walk and also any who will cross a threshold of your house. Besides they like to bark loudly on any, even decided, an occasion. Therefore do not neglect education.

the Pomeranian spitz-dog will suit the active person adoring long walks.

Is a clever and devoted doggie which till an old age keeps vivacity and love to games. It can practically be taken always with himself what the pet will be inexpressibly glad to.

the Puppy of the Pomeranian spitz-dog will easily get on with other animals, but if you take the new pet to already adult spitz-dog, the conflicts can break out continually — the spitz-dog will apply by all means for a role of the leader of pack.
 the Pomeranian spitz-dog and a zwergpinscher of a photo On a photo: Pomeranian spitz-dog and zwergpinscher

the Representative of breed will easily adapt to any conditions and a rhythm of life. No matter, "lark" you or "owl" — a canine friend will imitate your habits.

On character the Pomeranian spitz-dog is quite stubborn, self-confident and hardy. He is quite capable to make independent decisions, without waiting for your team.

Studies it easily and quickly and if you do not miss the favorable period, then by 4 months you can receive the obedient, operated dog. However he will feel any weak point instantly — and by all means will use it. Will try to obtain the desirable loud, annoying bark.

the Pomeranian spitz-dog perfectly catches nuances of your mood and adapts to them. Therefore it can be recommended to both young family, and more senior generation which got used to silence (on condition of regular active walking). The main thing — to spend time and forces on education and training. The result will not disappoint — you receive the cheerful and loyal friend.

Character of the Pomeranian spitz-dog in relation to children

the Pomeranian spitz-dog can become a "children's" dog if your child is more than 7 years old and it rather responsible correctly to treat the pet. However anyway parents need to undertake the most part of care of a dog and her education.

Inform children that the spitz-dog is not a soft toy, but the full member of family with the desires and requirements. Do not allow to disturb a canine friend at meal time and a dream at all, to show roughness.

As a rule, the Pomeranian spitz-dogs are benevolent in relation to children and willingly play with them. Teach the child to take correctly a puppy and an adult spitz-dog on hands, not to drop it at all — it is fraught with serious injuries.

Forbid the child to feed up secretly a dog, especially chocolate and other sweets — similar habits not only form of a canine friend of the extortioner, but also negatively affect health.

Accustom the child to pack the things and toys, otherwise the spitz-dog can chew them, and even swallow.

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