• Jan 13, 2020

The origin of the Pomeranian spitz-dog originates to the dogs migrating from the North of Russia and from Serbia to Pomerania. In those days the spitz-dog was a dog of the average size (13 — 15 kg) and began to be used on the new homeland as the shepherd.

In 1761 two Pomeranian spitz-dogs in the company of the new owner — the queen Charlotte — moved to London. The famous artist Thomas Gainsborough represented pets of Her Majesty on the cloths more than once.

of Victoria, Charlotte's granddaughter, also very became interested in these dogs, having seen them in Florence. Marko became her pet — it is red - a sable spitz-dog whose size was much less, than at ancestors — it weighed about 5 kg. Marko became a star of exhibitions.
Thanks to the tiny sizes, Marko and his descendants received the name "Toy Pomeranian". The Queen Victoria personally was engaged in cultivation of spitz-dogs, special attention paying them to the tiny size. And in 1871 founded the English club of bitter oranges. This club adopted the standard of breed.

By the end of the 19th century spitz-dogs became one of the most fashionable and demanded in Great Britain dogs.
At the same time the Pomeranian spitz-dog became popular in the USA. In 1888 the breed was registered in AKS. And in 1892 it was it is presented at the New York exhibition.
In 1899 appeared the German spitz-dog club who expanded the standard. Spitz-dogs of the different sizes and shades began to appear. Then Charles Kammerer published the letter directed to all fans of a tiny spitz-dog, urging to found club of the Pomeranian spitz-dog as independent breed.

In 1913 was created the first German breeding book.

However World War I delivered to
breed on a destruction side. To save it, Germans imported dogs from other countries. But World War II did not allow to finish begun. And only after approach of the world the German club revised the standard and accepted new. The last changes brought in 1998
 couple of Pomeranian spitz-dogs of bitter oranges orange
On a photo: Pomeranian spitz-dogs

Germany is recognized as the homeland of breed. But the Pomeranian spitz-dog is very popular also in Great Britain, the USA, France, Holland, Russia. Today the Pomeranian spitz-dogs who are most conforming to the standard live in the USA.

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