• Jan 13, 2020

the First techka at the Pomeranian spitz-dog, as a rule, occurs in 8 — 12 months. Usually the first techka shorter, and allocations not such plentiful, as in the subsequent. At the Pomeranian spitz-dogs 2 techka a year are most often observed.

during a techka a dog can become pregnant therefore your task — to show vigilance on walks if you do not want efforts with a pristraivaniye of unplanned puppies.

According to rules of the Belarusian film logical association, boughs of the Pomeranian spitz-dog are allowed to knitting from 18 months, and dogs — from 15 months. However many owners prefer to wait until to a dog 2 — 2.5 years are executed.
that it is quite difficult to breed the Pomeranian spitz-dogs.
It, first of all, is connected with the tiny sizes of these dogs: childbirth can take place with complications and constitute danger both to kids, and to mother. Therefore if you decided to deliver the Pomeranian spitz-dog in house conditions, surely hold near at hand the phone number of the veterinarian or experienced manufacturer which will consult you or will come to help if something goes not so.
 newborn puppies of the Pomeranian spitz-dog of a bitter orange of a photo On a photo: puppies of the Pomeranian spitz-dog

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