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Exist various breeds of little dogs, and today practically all of them are popular. There is no wonder, such dogs were initially brought as partners, and therefore have friendly and sociable character. Sometimes they are even used in therapeutic and neurologic practice. Small breeds have one more important advantage: such dogs rather comfortably feel even in the conditions of the small city apartment.

Popular Breeds of Little Dogs
Little dogs rather comfortably feel even in the conditions of the small city apartment

the Shih-tzu and Pekineses

By one of the most ancient breeds of dog consider a shih-tzu. A sort they from Tibet though some consider that it is the Chinese dogs. Actually till the 20th century in China only representatives of imperial family could have such dogs.

It is small doggies with long wool. Their growth is up to 28 cm, and weight can vary in the range from 4 to 7 kg. Wool on a muzzle of a shih-tzu reminds a chrysanthemum flower therefore sometimes they are called by "dogs chrysanthemums" though actually their name in translation from Chinese is meant by "lion". This breed can have any color: white and red, white and gold, red, black-and-white and just black, blue, tiger, gray, brown. Most often in coloring after all white color prevails, but also almost black or red individuals meet.

It is interesting that if to take into account only a ratio of growth and length of wool, then here the shih-tzu is practically a champion, conceding on this indicator only of the Afghan borzoi.

Popular Breeds of Little Dogs
of One of the most ancient breeds of dog shih-tzus

Though it is little domestic dogs, they differ in quite strong constitution. But all of them cannot equally perform functions of the security guard as have too tender and even loveful character. Puppies of a shih-tzu can keep the fine company to small children as they differ in mobility, and their wool not so long to bring upon them trouble therefore doggies safely follow the little owners everywhere.

Shih-tzus well are served to training. In general they are considered as silent dogs, but strong emotions can cause in them loud bark. The only exception – withdrawal of the owner from the house. They take it hard, but do not bark, just whine. In general shih-tzus are very playful and cheerful, it is not necessary to miss with them.

There is a theory that shih-tzus have the general ancestor with Pekineses. There are no confirmations of this hypothesis. One is clear: the Pekinese is very ancient breed too, it was removed in China about 2 thousand years ago and also was highly appreciated by the imperial yard. Modern Pekineses are tiny doggies which growth fluctuates within 15-23 cm, and weight can be up to 6.4 kg. Pekineses differ friendly, but at the same time in stubborn and a little self-confident character that complicates education process and the more so trainings. Pekineses can be very active, but actually do not need special physical activities. These small dogs do not demand difficult leaving, but, of course, their long wool needs to be combed regularly.

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Amusing Pomeranian spitz-dog

This breed carries different names. Some experts call it "the Pomor dog" as she is from Pomerania, the region of Germany. However there is also other name – the Pomeranian spitz-dog as these dogs also treat this version. Such dog as a toy looks. Growth of representatives of this breed does not exceed 22 cm, it weighs only couple of kilograms. These are dwarfish dogs, but the small sizes do not prevent them to be excellent partners, and both for children, and for adults. Besides the Pomor dog possesses very amusing muzzle so all this combined does breed such popular.

Spitz-dogs – in general very fluffy doggies, and this version – especially. They are a sable, red or black color. The owner should spend a lot of time for care of their wool.

The Pomor dogs it is the animals allocated with excellent character . They are a little pedantic, but are very bright, and still they have leader inclinations. However, puppies have some willfulness that in combination with their activity can lead to damage of furniture. So for them it is recommended to buy the big open-air cage with toys that the surrounding situation did not suffer.

Popular Breeds of Little Dogs

Terriers are excellent hunters

Some consider that terriers are little cheerful dogs. Actually not all breeds belonging to this category differ in the small sizes, there are also quite large versions. Initially terriers were brought for hunting for small animals. And it is not just the least hunting dogs, they can perfectly look for production in holes and underground dens. Almost always a terrier – the little rats and badgers, and some versions hunter hunt also foxes.

In this category there are both large breeds, and pocket dogs – so call tiny animals who can be taken with themselves on walk even in a small bag. It is possible to give such breed as a toy terrier as an example. Not without reason its name is translated as "toy". These are tiny doggies which weight is up to 3.5 kg.

One more example – a Silky Terrier. The breed was removed in the 19th century. These are small dogs whose weight is up to 3.5 kg, and growth does not exceed 26 cm. At these terriers sharp mind, cheerful nature and, apparently, an inexhaustible stock of energy. These are the obedient and easily studying dogs. They love children, quickly become attached to owners.

Popular Breeds of Little Dogs

This breed is also called a drag-net terriers. Such dogs really possess very thin and silky wool. It is regularly necessary to look after it.

Considering breeds of pocket dogs, it is necessary to remember also Norwich Terriers. These are little hunting animals whose weight is about 5.5 kg. As well as others thoroughbred terriers, Norwich can quite be fond of hunting for small rodents. Norwich Terriers are courageous and bright animals who have cheerful nature.

Also such breed enjoys popularity as that is the fox terrier (sometimes she is called still the American toy terrier). This is a little dog who has easily recognizable nice appearance. Among her ancestors there are also fox terriers – from them these animals adopted sharp mind, hunting passion and activity. Toi fox terriers about 5 kg weigh, but can quite hunt small rodents. Besides, they easily study and can remember a large number of teams. These beautiful animals become excellent partners as very strongly become attached to the owner.

It is possible to carry one more breed of dog which, however, was not recognized by any international associations to this group. It is Prague крысарик – a dog toy by the form who can really catch small rodents. Many national film logical federations and the union after all recognize this breed. These are the least dogs in Europe, their growth does not exceed 23 cm. The weight of such animals is up to 2.6 kg. These are pocket pets, but at the same time they differ in perfectly developed hunting instinct.

Popular Breeds of Little Dogs

The most popular kind of terriers are Yorkshire terriers. The full name – a Yorkshire terrier. It is decorative breed of dog which was removed in England during the Victorian era. It is interesting that if other species of terriers were removed as hunters, then Yorkshire terriers from the very beginning intended for wealthy ladies as partners. So today fashionable girls, putting Yorkshire terriers in the walking bag, only carry on ancient tradition.

Growth of such animals does not exceed 23 cm, and weight – 3.2 kg. Of course, in comparison with a chihuahua it is a lot of, but actually it is very tiny doggies. Officially Silvia who died in 1945 when she was only 2 years old was the least Yorkshire terrier. Its growth did not exceed 7 cm, and weight did not reach also 1 kg. In spite of the fact that it is little animals, all of them equally quite vigorous, active also can protect the favourite owner. To train a Yorkshire terrier, special preparation is not necessary, it is not required to put a lot of effort, these dogs seize all literally on the fly. Yorkshire terriers remember most of teams quicker, than other dogs.

Popular Breeds of Little Dogs

Dwarfish pinschers

Considering breeds of dog of the small sizes, once you note also such group, pinschers. As well as in a case with terriers, enter as pocket doggies here (breeds like a dwarfish pinscher), and animals are larger. Initially they were brought as rat catchers, but today large animals are used generally as guard dogs. And here kids like a dwarfish pinscher do not perform functions of rat catchers any more and are rather decorative animals. Dwarfish doggies are the breeds exacting to conditions of keeping needing continued care. And pinschers, besides, differ still in willfulness and independence.

One more dwarfish version is an affenpinscher, one of the most ancient European breeds of dog. Her representatives can be seen in Duerer's pictures. Growth of such pinschers is up to 30 cm, but is frequent they even less. Differ in a rigid hair, most often dark color, and dogs with white spots do not conform to standards of breed and are discarded. The muzzle at typical representatives of breeds slightly reminds monkey. Affenpinschers are very clever, hardy, have independent and proud temper, but at the same time become attached to the owner and very much are devoted to it.

Popular Breeds of Little Dogs

Design "hybrid" to the pickup

Interests many people, how much is a small doggie. A lot of things depend on that how rare the breed is. It is clear on the example of such breed as to the pickup (in Russian the last letter is often lost, and owners call animals by "pickup"), which is design. It costs rather much owing to the rarity. It is not absolutely breed more likely the hybrid received from crossing of Pekineses and they are poodles. Such pets can be the standard size, but also mini-doggies meet. The color at such animals can be the most various. They can be red color, silvery, black, white and apricot, etc. And here it is clean - white wool at them happens extremely seldom.

To the pickup – a shaggy dog. But wool at it soft and hypoallergenic, this breed was specially removed such that even the people having an allergy could get to themselves this nice pet.

To the pickup – the friendly dogs feeling the slightest changes in mood of the owner. They perfectly get on with children, with other pets, but can be quite capricious. So they demand more attentive to themselves the relations.

Other breeds

Officially chihuahuas are considered as the smallest breed of dog. They were brought in Mexico in the middle of the 1850th years. However, a word "are removed" not absolutely correctly are found more likely. As these dogs have also a noble ancient ancestor – dogs of a techicha who are mentioned in the written sources created more than 3.5 thousand years ago. Thus, whatever severe seemed to the modern person of a civilization of the Maya and Aztecs judging from the fact that they loved doggies of the medium-sized size, nothing human was alien to them.

Some researchers consider that the first chihuahuas appeared after Mexico was conquered by Cortés's conquistadors. By the Spanish ships as rat catchers "served" Chinese crested dogs from whose crossing from a techicha and there was a breed of a chihuahua described in 1850. The name of this breed comes from the name of the province in which it was found.

Growth of this dog does not exceed 23 cm, but she is more often even lower. The smallest size of this indicator – 10.16 cm weighing 675 g was recorded. This doggie called Bu Bu, and it represented the classical sample conforming to all standards of breed.

Chihuahuas cannot brag of big growth, but they have sweet and cheerful nature. At the same time they are devoted to the owner so that they can undertake even functions of a sentry dog (without special success, of course). It is interesting that in the territory of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev became the first owner of such dog. Two thoroughbred chihuahuas as a token of friendship to it were presented by the Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Popular Breeds of Little Dogs

There are also other small breeds of dog. For example, among dachshunds rabbit rates are considered as the most tiny. Their weight does not exceed 5 kg. These are small dogs with short pads therefore their growth is only 12-16 cm However, pocket them you will not call because of rather big weight, after all not 1 kg. Initially room and decorative these doggies were not. They intended for hunting for rabbits as could get into rabbit holes easily. These animals differ in tender "manual" character. Besides they are very hardy and unpretentious in respect of contents though some willfulness complicates their training.

The Italian lap dog (bolognese) – one more popular small fluffy breed. As well as follows from the name, she was brought in Italy and called in honor of the city of Bologna. Growth at this nice lap dog is up to 30 cm, and weight – up to 4 kg. These are tender, clever, reserved, but at the same time cheerful and active dogs who can easily be taught any teams. Lap dogs were generally brought as partners.

Beautiful breed – the Tibetan spaniel. Though spaniels at most of us are associated generally with England, this version was really removed in Tibet. It is interesting that as selectors the Tibetan monks acted. They were engaged in training of representatives of this breed and taught animals to rotate prayer wheels.

This dog cannot be carried to number of beautiful European spaniels. But she looks in own way it is attractive and original therefore owners for certain want that their animal participated in exhibitions, and many national film logical associations recognize this breed. Growth of the Tibetan spaniel does not exceed 25 cm, weight fluctuates within 4 kg. Besides, the animal possesses a nice on the touch hair, rather long, tousled and corresponding on a color to ordinary spaniels.

There is a lot of breeds of little dogs, and on everyone there will be the fan. And in exchange on care and caress these tiny pets will become true friends to the owners.

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