• Oct 10, 2018

of Hozyaev of dogs, planning knitting of the animal, have to know about some features which are inevitable during pregnancy of their ward. And first of all, it is necessary to explain the following questions: how many pregnancy at dogs what signs of pregnancy and how to reveal false pregnancy continues. The responsible owner knows that it is the important period in life of his pet, and they together should pass several stages.

Pregnancy at dogs: the beginning and duration of the period of incubation
On average pregnancy of a dog lasts from 56 to 72 days

the Average duration of pregnancy

On average pregnancy of a dog lasts from 56 to 72 days . Most often childbirth happens for the 60th day. If date of knitting is precisely known, then there will be no problems with calculations when the dog has a childbirth, and experienced manufacturers it is always aware of the number of days of pregnancy.

However if knitting happened off-schedule, to calculate exact date of childbirth much more difficult. It is required to trace constantly a condition of an animal during pregnancy and to show it to the doctor in case of need. Veterinarians warn that if childbirth happened much earlier, than in 56 days, or much later 72 days, then it is necessary to address to veterinary clinic surely.

There are several features which will determine duration of pregnancy of an individual. The age of a female (too young or too old) belongs to their number whether she gave birth before this pregnancy and how many times, important are the general condition of an animal (it should not be weakened, suppressed).

Elderly females often perekhazhivat pregnancy, they very expressed short wind, hypostases of paws, these animals have to be under special control and attention. Substantially course of pregnancy of a dog will be defined also by her breed: small (Pekinese, spitz-dog, lap dog, etc.) or large (East European and Caucasian sheep-dogs, Dobermann terriers, riesenschnauzers, Rottweilers, St. Bernards, etc.).

Pregnancy at dogs: the beginning and duration of the period of incubation
Is required to trace constantly a condition of an animal during pregnancy and to show it to the doctor in a case необходимости

Продолжительность at large and small breeds

Pregnancy at a dog of large breed lasts about 2 months, as usual, but childbirth can take place very difficult. There is it because large breeds (mastiffs, Rottweilers and similar) have in the dung very few puppies, and respectively, they will be born quite large and on days of pregnancy will increase in a size. The is larger a fruit, the probability of complications is higher during process of childbirth.

At the genetic level predators (including dogs) are predisposed to short incubation of posterity because of need to hunt and get to themselves livelihood, unlike herbivorous at which pregnancy lasts long months. In the course of course of pregnancy of dogs the pet needs to reduce physical activities, to exclude jumps and long run in order that childbirth took place more quietly and without complications.

At the instinctive level the female itself also will feel that it is necessary to keep energy, and will begin to run less.

Pregnancy at dogs: beginning and duration of the period of incubation

Pregnancy at dogs of small breeds whom toy terriers, lap dogs and other types which are not exceeding 10 kg and height of 45 cm treat lasts generally 62 days, slightly longer, than at dogs of large breeds. Little dogs have a bigger quantity of puppies, than at large.

Their uterus it becomes strong increases and can press on internals therefore feeding of the pet has to be fractional, in the small portions, but very high-calorie, also free access of a dog to clear water which is necessary for it during this period is important. Vitamin supplements are very important for an organism of an individual who bears future posterity, and better that they were picked up by the veterinarian for each breed separately.

At the moment before childbirth temperature of an animal falls on 1-2 °C and can hold on on this mark before the end of childbirth. Small breeds are very sensitive to cold and in general to temperature differences, especially short-haired or naked as Chinese crested therefore veterinarians advise to keep them in the warm and at the time of delivery, however not closely to the battery or the heater as it can do much harm them too. One more important point: time how many childbirth at a dog lasts, on average takes 2-3 hours, but sometimes and about one day.

Signs began expectations of puppies

It will be useful to study signs of pregnancy at dogs. When at a female there occurs pregnancy, its state almost does not change, the behavior remains the same. External differences are not observed too. Only later few weeks future mother can become less active, sometimes apathetic, but the owner should not worry. It is enough to show the alumna to the veterinarian, and the doctor will orient rather further actions.

After 2 months very much external signs of the pregnant woman considerably begin to be shown : at a dog in edges the stomach very increases, it is well noticeable in a sitting position of an animal. Mammary glands still bulk up, the dog becomes less active and avoids jumps and sharp movements.

On deadlines the stomach of a dog very quickly grows and if to put her on a back, then it is already possible to see how puppies in a stomach are pushed, it is possible even to probe their quantity. During this period walks, but short and not intensive, without loadings are necessary for the pregnant alumna.

Pregnancy at dogs: beginning and duration of the period of incubation

"False alarm"

If after a techka of knitting did not occur, then at a dog the hormonal background is broken owing to what so-called false pregnancy (shchennost) appears, or still it is called lozhnyaky. its first symptoms are rather similar to the real pregnancy:

  • swelling of mammary glands;
  • lactation;
  • change of behavioural habits.

The owner begins to watch the animal, enters a certain food. But when there passed 6 weeks, nothing changed: the stomach did not increase. the Dog changes habitual behavior, her instincts say that it will have puppies:

  • it begins "nest" from rags or a laying the place for yourself and cubs;
  • carries to this place of a toy;
  • the long time can lick nipples;
  • the animal can sometimes suck milk at itself, it speaks about deterioration in a situation.

Pregnancy at dogs: beginning and duration of the period of incubation

False pregnancy or not, can show only the ultrasonography procedure . Do it usually on the 4th week. And if the lack of pregnancy is confirmed, it is necessary to take the following measures: the animal needs enough time for restoration – long walks, the strengthened physical activities, liquid consumption reduction, reduction or an exception of a diet of proteinaceous and dairy products.

Veterinarians can offer special means for restoration of a hormonal background of an animal after which it will be able easier to be restored, and symptoms of false pregnancy will pass.

But in the future if the owner does not plan knitting of the dog or it is not of breeding value, it is desirable to sterilize a female not to cause it problems with health. The lack of knitting and the frequent periods of a lactation can provoke tumors, mastitis of mammary glands.

So if at a dog precisely there occurred pregnancy, the owner should show enough attention and cares in care of the favourite. If all its indicators of health are normal, then in 2 months there will occur childbirth, and in family healthy puppies will appear. Next day it will be much better for newly made mother, and in several days her health will return to normal.

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