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the Equipped dogs box is a manifestation of care of a pet, but it has to consider features of the pet and be pleasant to it. This small construction has to become the real dwelling of a dog – not simply protection against bad weather, and own corner where she will feel like the owner. Presently a lodge it is possible to take in finished form for every taste, but the true love to the pet is shown if to make such dwelling for a dog with own hands, having shown an attention maximum to a cosiness. Of course, also the simple canopy, but pleasure and a dog can save an animal, and will deliver to the owner the small architectural construction constructed with imagination and which fitted into the general interior of the yard.

Production of the Box for Dogs the Hands
the Equipped dogs box is a manifestation of care of a pet

That should be considered

The dogs box, or the doghouse, is a small lodge in which the pet sleeps, disappears from bad weather, has a rest, gives birth and brings up puppies. As a rule, such construction is established in the yard, but sometimes the decorative box intends also for installation in the apartment. In essence the dog doghouse is a dwelling of an animal, his individual corner, "property". The dog has to like her habitat, and she has to use the box voluntarily. Any coercion to the settlement in the doghouse can cause undesirable reaction, alienation from owners.

At a lodge construction for a dog the hands it is necessary to consider the following basic principles of its arrangement:

  1. Maintenance of normal temperature inside: heat in the winter, in severe frosts, a cool among hot summer.
  2. Ensuring reliable protection against any kinds of rainfall and from blowing off by wind.
  3. Dryness of a floor (laying) at any time and years, i.e. it is necessary to exclude water flowing from below.
  4. Sufficient durability which including will be able to maintain a dog if she wishes to jump upward.
  5. Safety of all applied materials, they should not cause an allergy, exhale the aromas alien to sensitive dog sense of smell. And color scale should not cause the irritating and aggressive reactions.
  6. It is necessary to exclude completely risk of injuries of an animal in the doghouse and in close proximity to it, including cuts, punctures, injury of paws, etc.
  7. A dog, being in the box, has to feel full safety, that is it is necessary to provide the appropriate review.

Special demands are made at expectation of posterity at a dog. Puppies and "mummy" have to be in comfortable conditions. Besides all specific conditions, of course, it is necessary to consider the general wishes: sufficient volume of internal space, simplicity of a design and minimum costs of construction, external design.

Production of the Box for Dogs the Hands

Choice of an installation site

Works on a construction of the doghouse begin with the choice of the optimum place for it. At placement of the box it is necessary to consider climatic conditions (especially wind situation), arrangement of a house and other constructions, entrance gate (gate), a relief of the site and its sizes, features of dog habits.

Climatic features dictate such terms of the choice of placement of the box:

  1. The lodge for a dog needs to be protected from strong wind. Already existing designs – a house wall, a fence are usually used.
  2. It is not necessary to place on an open blaze of the sun, i.e. on absolutely open site. It has to be rather light, but with a shadow from trees or a canopy.
  3. The dampness has to be excluded. It is impossible to begin construction in lowlands where rain and flood water flows down. At danger of flooding it is worth thinking of a drainage system. It is better to locate the doghouse on the sublime site.

A dog, being in the yard, recognizes function of the security guard, besides, it is subject to a self-preservation instinct. These circumstances dictate additional requirements to the choice of the place for placement of the box. First, the dog from within through the manhole needs to see approaches to the box that gives it a sense of security. Secondly, she has to see entrance gate, and it is the best of all – and an entrance door in a house. It gives the chance to provide some tranquility to an animal that the dog did not run out outside at the slightest noise. The box has to move away from constant irritants (the road, the sidewalk, nakhozhenny paths). It is necessary to consider that excess irritants are frequent, bothering dog bark.

When choosing the place it is worth to remember about convenient approach to the box. Even after strong rainfall there has to be a normal path for the owner, and that the pet will remain without food and drink. It is not necessary to have a dog lodge and it is too far from own housing. Otherwise for feeding it is necessary to cover the long distance that is especially unpleasant in cold weather.

dog Box the hands (video)

Structural elements

Home boxes can have a different design and the sizes. The simplest option – a small rectangular wooden lodge with the manhole covered by dense fabric. More difficult doghouse represents already small architectural construction with the platform and office for a lezhka of a dog or with various design excesses.

in general doghouses can be subdivided into several versions:

  1. On material of walls. It can be the wooden doghouse, small chopped timbered fellings, a bricklaying, combination of a brick and wooden elements, rubble and wooden designs.
  2. On extent of warming – summer lodges (without warming), winter option with thermal insulation, the doghouse with heating.
  3. In a roof form (flat, duo-pitch, rising).

The elementary structure of the box (most widespread) represents a box with a roof with a rectangular projection: 4 walls, and in one are cut a manhole, the bottom and a flat roof. The roof has a slope in the direction of a back wall. For the best protection against rainfall the roof is sometimes carried out from 2 slopes, and the front wall with a manhole has a small pediment and the fad. The entrance manhole can be carried out oval (round) or rectangular.

Production of the Box for Dogs the Hands

The waterproofing is considered an obligatory element of any box. It needs to be laid under the bottom (for a water ingress exception from below) and under a roof (for protection against rainfall). The main material with great waterproofing properties is roofing material. It is possible to use a thick polyethylene film.

Difficult designs can have the different form. Most often form the platform which creates a reliable barrier to cold. It can be created before a berth (the principle of "tram") or to have side execution. Existence of rather big platform creates convenience to a dog with puppies when she can separately have a rest.

Other complicated box option – a lodge for 2 animals. In this case the doghouse has the increased sizes and is divided by an internal wall into 2 compartments. In a front wall 2 manholes become that allows to get into each of the isolated sections from the street.

Production of the Box for Dogs the Hands

What materials can use

The most widespread material for production of the doghouse is wood. And admits that coniferous breeds best of all are suitable for these purposes (a pine, a fir-tree). Such material has low cost, and when ensuring the correct drying of boards to residual humidity of 12-15% it is possible to achieve the necessary quality and durability. The lodge in which the dog lives, from a tree to make with own hands much more simply, than from other materials, and unreliable standard form. Simplicity of production does wood by demanded material.

the Roof of the box has to be rather strong and perform protective functions. As a rule, it is made of a tree with the subsequent covering the metal sheet, soft roofing material or the sheet of slate. The floor covering is made of well processed boards 25-30 mm thick. At their laying gaps are inadmissible.

As heater such heat-insulating materials are used: mineral wool, felt, batting, polyfoam. Over thermal insulation the internal covering is necessary. It can be carried out by plywood (thickness more than 10 mm) or lining. The external covering of the doghouse creates necessary appearance. For it plastic, a block house or wooden lining is, as a rule, used.

Production of the Box for Dogs the Hands

doghouse Sizes

The size of the internal room dog boxes gets out of alternative reasons. In too spacious lodge it is difficult to maintain heat in winter season, at the same time the dog will not like excessive narrowness. It has to have an opportunity to rise, sit and lie and also to turn freely. It is necessary to consider also such trifles: the need to be curtailed a ball or to be extended, hide and gnaw a bone, other individual habits.

When planning dimensions of the box it is necessary to consider the recommendations of experts. Height of a lodge is established from calculation: height of a dog in withers plus 18-22 cm. Depth of a sleeping compartment has to allow the pet to be extended in a prone position on one side to the utmost, i.e. it is accepted to the equal length of a dog from a tail tip to claws of the forepaws extended forward with a stock of 11-14 cm. Width of the internal room has to provide arrangement of a dog across the doghouse, i.e. not less than length of an animal from a nose to a tail with addition of 8-10 cm is chosen

The sizes of an entrance manhole also have to be optimized: not to vykholazhivat in the winter, but to provide a fast vyskakivaniye "on alarm". The recommended entrance sizes: in the top direction – growth of the pet in withers plus 5-8 cm, in the cross direction – width of a breast of a dog with a similar stock.

such standard (average) sizes of the doghouse Admit:

  • for doggies of the small size (pugs, a Pekinese, a dachshund, a fox terrier, a lap dog) – 72х54х66 cm with a manhole of 32х47 cm;
  • for srednerosly dogs (the boxer, a Shar-Pei, a Rottweiler) – 122х78х82 cm with a manhole of 37х56 cm;
  • for large pets (mastiffs, the Caucasian or Central Asian sheep-dog) – 142х105х98 cm at an entrance of 46х68 cm

Production of the Box for Dogs the Hands

Unusual design

Above usual standard options are considered, but some owners of dogs have a desire to especially please the favourite. Ready are for this purpose got or unusual dogs boxes are made. It is possible to carry fashionable option of a lodge on wheels to such designs. Such dwellings can move on the yard and even to travel with the owner. They are supplied with a sliding ladder or a folding wall.

Elite option: the huge two-storeyed box with artificial heating, and even conditioning. The pet can even receive "guests" in such lodges. In decorative execution it is possible to allocate different designs. It can be the timbered felling which is completely imitating a house, but the smaller sizes. Adherents of exotic build the whole locks of an original form. The plastic dog box gives the huge chance for imagination. Such constructions it is possible to take in finished form or to order according to sketches.

Unusual dog boxes sometimes generate a creative vein at the owner and the aspiration to make it of subsidiary means, but an attractive and original form. Can allocate several options:

  1. The box from a wooden barrel. Such lodge can be made even in 2-storey execution (at installation vertically) or two-section (at arrangement it is horizontal).
  2. Placement of a lawn on a flat roof. This element will allow to provide additional warming and also an opportunity to lie down to the pet on "own" grass.

the Most expensive lodges for dogs (video)

The dogs box can have any design. It is important that the animal liked his dwelling, so, such construction has to be made with sincere care of a favourite pet.

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