• Jan 9, 2020

So, you decided to get a dog and want to start the choice of a puppy of a pug immediately. There are several ways to buy a dog. It is possible to find the announcement in the Internet, in the newspaper, to call club, to look after parents of future pet at exhibitions or to arrive to acquaintances whose dog brought posterity recently.

 the Puppy of a pug of a photo

On a photo: pug puppy

The option with an exhibition looks the most rational. It is even better if there is an opportunity to see the grown puppies of pugs of the previous dung. But this option can be the longest as it is quite possible that the pleasant dog will have puppies at a distant day.

However this way is chosen not by many. The majority buy a pug puppy according to advertisements. It is better to be guided by those nurseries about which it is easy to inquire, see dogs of their cultivation.

If you decided to buy a pug puppy through club, then, at least, can be sure of legality of the issued documents. Besides, to you will help to contact the veterinarian, will offer the master in preparation for exhibitions and the trainer, will supply with information on exhibitions, etc. However, you can receive all this also at the knowing manufacturer from good nursery.

If you buy a pug puppy from a family tree, then upon purchase you will be handed a puppyish card. It contains date of birth of a puppy, names of his parents, the manufacturer's address and also yours a surname, a name, a middle name and the address. There the nickname of a puppy fits in, details of club treat. Then the puppyish card exchanges on a family tree. Data from a puppyish card are transferred to a family tree and also the origin of parents of a puppy to the 4th knee inclusive and numbers of their family trees is specified. The family tree serves as peculiar "passport" of a dog throughout all her life.

At survey of a dung pay attention to the next moments: convenience and purity of a situation, condition of mother and puppies. Everything has to be kept clean — both the room, and animals. Some boughs grow thin during execution of maternal duties, others are not present, however most of them has from below the "dragged" appearance. It should be expected. Nevertheless, they have to be clean, with brilliant wool, clever, vigorous as well as puppies. They should not be thick — "fat balls" — or lean as wretched chickens. The puppy of a pug has to be nice on the touch, wool has to be clean, without the stuck pieces of food or excrement. Otherwise there are serious doubts in hygiene and business management in general.

Little puppies of a pug all charming, but everyone already has the character. Someone independent, and someone tender and playful. Think who would suit you more? Ask in detail the manufacturer. He watches kids every day and for certain knows features of everyone. Most of people chooses that puppy who was pleasant to them on temperament, obstinacy, impudence or appeal, and they are ready to be reconciled with shortcomings of an exterior, wool, movements.

Whom to choose — a dog or to a bough? Boughs more gentle and quiet, are more obedient. They it is more preferable to training competitions and is usually much more appeasable than dogs. Besides, hobby boughs for an opposite sex is limited only to the techka periods (twice a year) unlike a dog who is always anxious with this question. But many people prefer society of a dog and get more joy of its more active relation to life. Dogs are stronger, more independent, demand to themselves serious business approach. Everyone is good in own way so the choice for you.

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