• Jan 9, 2020
 a pug of a photo

On a photo: pug

The description of a pug attributes to these dogs a small square little body, a wrinkled short muzzle, prominent dark eyes and a tail a curl. Wool smooth and dense. Colors of pugs: pale-yellow (apricot), beige, silvery and black.

A pug – vigorous and cheerful creation therefore with pleasure joins in an active game where it is required to show force, endurance and ingenuity.

As a rule, pugs do not show aggression to people and other animals.

Consider that pugs are subject to a number of the diseases connected with the structure of a muzzle: problems with eyes, diseases of respiratory organs and cardiovascular system. So when choosing a puppy carefully study, parents are how healthy. In the summer of a pug it is necessary to preserve against direct sunshine.

Pugs well feel in the city apartment. They are unpretentious and affectionate thanks to what they deserved glory of excellent partners.

Excessive bark
Relation with children
Aggression to other dogs
Information on breed to Protect
Country of origin China
of Use of breed Partner
Life expectancy of 13 — 15 years
Growth in withers of 25 — 28 cm
Weight of 6.3 — 8.1 kg
Special attention from a heat
Physical activity Moderate

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