• Dec 14, 2019

Before going to choose a puppy Boston terrier, once again think: whether the dog in general and Boston terrier in particular is necessary to you. Whether there will be enough for you time and forces for daily care of a dog, walks, games, training? Whether everything family members divide your enthusiasm? With whom do the dog will remain if you go to a business trip or to a holiday?

Only if you have answers on these (and others) important questions, it is possible to start directly the choice of a puppy Boston terrier.

If you do not plan for the Boston terrier to a pit of a star of exhibitions, ten champions in a family tree are not obligatory. However you should not rush to other extreme and to buy a puppy in the market or from the doubtful manufacturer: some traits of character (for example, cowardice and aggression) and diseases are descended. It will be offensive, having paid considerable money, to be the owner not of absolutely thoroughbred dog whom it is necessary to treat or be engaged in serious correction of behavior constantly.

If you plan to participate in exhibitions, choose a puppy of the corresponding class. Though at the age of 2 months it is impossible to tell for certain which of puppies will be a champion, but with some share of probability the prospect can be defined.

Anyway, the puppy Boston terrier has to be healthy. The healthy puppy Boston terrier active, curious, playful, willingly makes contact, eyes and ears clean, the tummy is not inflated, at the same time a puppy rather well-fed, a hair smooth and brilliant.

Do not hesitate to ask the manufacturer questions. If in reply you get irritation or evasive answers, it is better to look for other manufacturer.

 Puppies photo Boston terrier

On a photo: puppies Boston terrier. Photo: animalkingdomaz.com

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