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the Puppy huskies – the surprising creation fascinating by the beauty and spontaneity. Small fluffy lumps already from early age are incredibly clever and bright. They will become beautiful partners for all family members, will surely find a common language and with small children. The person who is indifferent to animals will not even be able to resist charm of marvelous doggies.

Puppies Huskies and Correct Care of Them
the Puppy huskies – the surprising creation fascinating by the beauty and непосредственностью

Покупка a puppy huskies

Before buying huskies, it is necessary to understand accurately why this pet is necessary. Only having set the purpose, it is possible to make a choice correctly. Many future owners hurry to bring as soon as possible into the house of the new family member and quite often buy huskies by age in 1 month. However you should not do it. It is desirable to take away the pet at the age of 45 days. To this term he is ready to leave mother and to pass into new family.

It is better to get the pet not from hands, and in specialized nursery. Experienced manufacturers will help to decide on the choice and will recommend an animal who optimum will approach. They will in detail tell how to look after a puppy huskies and the matured dog.

Pets whom sell according to announcements or directly on streets, often do not meet the main requirements. Quite often such doggies grow up in insanitary conditions without normal food. Bad contents in the childhood can negatively affect further development.

Manufacturers offer only genetically healthy individuals. For receiving posterity cross only strong dogs meeting standards. The posterity receives not only great heredity, but also competent leaving: necessary physical activities, timely medical procedures, balanced diet. At monthly age kids surely undergo testing for hereditary pathologies. The risk of acquisition of the sick pet is completely excluded.

Puppies Huskies and Correct Care of Them
it is better for figure id="attachment_4497" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-4497" to Get the pet not from hands, and in specialized питомнике

Всех the dogs offered in nurseries it is conditionally possible to divide into 3 views.

  1. the Show class includes doggies who are intended especially for participation in various competitions and exhibitions. They have the corresponding exterior and meet all requirements of the standard.
  2. of Brid-klass unites the pets optimum suitable for cultivation. Not the fact that such animals will take prizes at exhibitions. But they will present strong, beautiful and healthy posterity.
  3. Pat class is ideal for dog breeders who do not plan to participate in exhibitions. Animals who by a number of criteria do not conform to the standard enter it. For example, they can have too big growth or not that color. At the same time all pets are healthy.

If titles of future owner do not interest, it is possible to buy safely a dog from the last classes. It will cost cheaper and will become the beautiful friend.

Basic principles of the choice of the kid

As a rule, for 1 time at huskies is born from four to six puppies. Within the first one and a half months of life cubs eat exclusively maternal milk. Further they are transferred to a standard forage. Eyes of a doggie open approximately for 14-16 day after the birth.

When choosing small huskies it is necessary to check their documents including the medical passport. It has to contain data on the done vaccination. It is desirable to get acquainted with the pet's parents. If it is impossible to make it, it is necessary to look at their photos at least. It is also important to pay attention to conditions of keeping. puppies Enclosures have to be spacious and clean.

It is necessary to observe behavior of an animal. Correctly grown up huskies have to be inquisitive, active and sociable. The pet has to be interested in everything including your emergence. Most likely, the doggie will decide to approach, sniff and lick to you.

Puppies Huskies and Correct Care of Them

Also external characteristics of animals are important. Thoroughbred healthy pets have a number of distinctive qualities:

  1. At dogs beautiful eyes of an almond-shaped form. Average size. If they are put a little slantwise, it is not considered a shortcoming. Depending on the pet's color, the iris can be blue, brown, multi-colored.
  2. Ears of a little doggie triangular, slightly rounded off, are located quite highly and are directed strictly up. According to the standard at them there has to be an easy edge.
  3. The sizes of the head of an animal are proportional to a body. The skull is gradually narrowed to eyes, a nose back ideally a straight line.
  4. A back at a doggie a straight line, and a breast not too wide.
  5. The tail is fluffy, lowered down.
  6. Lips of the little pet are brightly pigmented, can be black or brown. Surely densely adjoin to each other.

Often males develop more slowly, than females. Therefore if it was noticed that the boy huskies lags behind 4 months in some parameters, you should not worry: over time he will catch up and will even outgrow girls.

It is not necessary to make the hasty choice. Experts recommend to visit several nurseries and to observe different doggies.

Preparation for appearance of the pet

The breed huskies arose in severe northern conditions therefore pets are well adapted even for very frigid climate. Warm wool allows animals to live on the street in spacious open-air cages. However they not bad feel also in city apartments. The main thing – to provide the correct care and contents and also to prepare the dwelling for appearance of the new family member. Basic rules:

  1. It is recommended to allocate to an animal the certain territory where he will feel safe. It can be kitchen, a corridor, the storeroom or any other room.
  2. The territory of stay of a pet needs to be secured: to hide wires and fine details which he can сгрызть, cover low located sockets, remove household chemicals and other dangerous substances.
  3. It is necessary to take care of the organization of a comfortable berth. Pets well sleep on a soft laying or a small pillow. It is desirable that at it there was a removable cover. It will significantly facilitate leaving.
  4. To buy toys which the animal will be able to gnaw. During change of teeth which happens at huskies in 6 months they should scratch the itching gums. If you there is no wish that valuable things were put to use, it is necessary to take care of acquisition of special accessories.
  5. To get all accessories, necessary for a puppy: a breast-band or a collar, a lead, means for care of wool, bowls.

During the first days in the new house the puppy will be in a condition of a stress. He can be sad and inactive. It is normal, over time will pass. Therefore it is necessary to take the thing storing a place smell where puppies slept from the manufacturer and to put it on a new bed of a doggie. The familiar smell will a little facilitate a condition of the favourite and will calm him.

Puppies Huskies and Correct Care of Them

Education of the new member of household

Education of a puppy huskies needs to be begun at once after the pet accustoms to the new house. From the first day it is required to show to the favourite who in the house main. He recognizes as the leader of the most strict family member. If it is not possible to choose the favourite, the dog will count main herself and will cease to react to teams of people around. To improve situation it will be difficult. Dogs adore dominating and always understand when owners show weakness.

Huskies in 5 months are already incredibly clever, proud and capricious. If the dog does not hurry to execute commands of the owner, it does not demonstrate his low intelligence at all. Most likely, the animal perfectly understands that is wanted from it by the owner, just a task does not attract interest of it and something to do desires.

That education huskies brought desirable result, the pet needs to be encouraged and interested constantly. It is possible to occupy a pet with an interesting game, then process will go much quicker. The behavior of the owner and even intonation of his voice is important. It is impossible to abuse a dog, it will definitely not help. Teams when training a puppy huskies need to be sent by a quiet and equal voice. It is possible to show persistence, however it is necessary to remember one simple rule: in most cases pets react to a request much better, than to the order.

Puppies Huskies and Correct Care of Them

For correctly executed command of the pet it is necessary to encourage. the Brought-up puppies adore receiving tasty delicacies . Gradually they can be replaced with an oral praise. Sometimes training does not do also without punishment. If the dog does not react to a strict voice of the owner, it is necessary to take it for withers and to press to a floor, having deprived of an opportunity to move.

It is necessary to release an animal after it ceases to resist. It will help to bring up obedience with a dog and to show that the owner stronger also is more chief.

In a year the puppy has to know and execute basic commands: "to sit", "lie", "place", "faugh", "give a paw". If independently it is not possible to teach an animal to rules of conduct, it is possible to ask for the help the expert. The experienced cynologist will easily come into contact with a dog, will train it in basic skills, and will explain to the owner how to bring up huskies.

Puppies Huskies and Correct Care of Them

of the Menu for the favourite

Puppies huskies are sources of inexhaustible energy which bursts forth. For maintenance of their resources it is necessary to take care of the balanced food. Huskies to which 4 months were not executed yet it is necessary to carry out feeding of a puppy 3 times a day. In six months it is possible to transfer the kid to two times food.

Food has to be digestible and high-calorie. It is possible to feed pets with both purchased dry food, and homemade food. If the second option is chosen, should be included in a diet:

  • crude low-fat meat;
  • rice and the porridges made on broth;
  • boiled offal;
  • boiled vegetables;
  • dairy products.

Since five months it is obligatory to add the balanced vitamin complexes to the menu. Not only puppies, but also individuals of average and advanced years need them. Qualitative dry feeds, as a rule, contain all necessary nutrients in structure, but good food costs quite much, and contents huskies in this case will be very expensive. However you should not save on health of a pet, treatment can be still more expensive.

Puppies Huskies and Correct Care of Them

Care of breed

How to look after for huskies – this question concerns all beginning dog breeders. That the pet perfectly looked and well felt, it is necessary to observe several simple recommendations.

The special attention is deserved by a hair of animals. Puppies huskies have soft and very dense indumentum. That it looked faultlessly, it is necessary to take care of regular combing. For this procedure it is recommended to get a special brush in pet-shop. Within the first months of life it is necessary to comb the pet daily. Then the structure of wool changes, and care of a puppy huskies becomes less intensive.

From 5 months it is possible to comb out his fur coat less often, about 1-2 times a week. The special attention is deserved by a magnificent tail, and it should pay special attention. It is desirable that during the procedure the dog lay, then he will not feel unpleasant feelings.

Need for frequent water procedures is absent. needs to Bathe the favourite once a year, sometimes less. Otherwise it is possible to break structure of wool and to provoke various skin diseases including a fungus. A good alternative to frequent bathings is wiping of paws and area of a stomach a damp sponge.

Leaving for huskies means competent hygiene of auricles. They are a weak point of an animal. 1-2 times a week ears need to be cleaned carefully. For this purpose it is possible to use the Q-tips moistened with special lotion or peroxide of hydrogen.

In general huskies – very clean dogs. As well as cats, they lick themselves. Therefore maintenance and care of the pet do not cause the owner serious problems.

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