• Oct 3, 2018

At the richest choice in dog nursery indifferent. These lovely sociable creatures are capable to melt the coldest heart. But before getting a puppy of a dachshund, it is necessary to learn more about features of this breed and to be prepared for appearance of the new resident.

Puppies of a dachshund: rules of the choice and contents
owing to pedigree features the dachshund most of all will suit the hunter who will use a dog on назначению

Питомец and new family

Owing to pedigree features the dachshund most of all will suit the hunter who will use a dog for designated purpose (hunting for norny animals) or for family where there are children, and all love active lifestyle. Only receiving the increased amount of attention and communication and also long active walks, the dachshund will grow the cheerful and loyal friend who will bring many pleasant minutes to all family members.

Taking away a puppy from his family, depriving of mother and fellows, the owner has to replace to it all of them. And the kid needs communication as air and food. of the Dachshund do not transfer loneliness at all. Remaining one for the whole day, the puppy will begin to whine, howl, gnaw everything what he will be able to reach. It will be the most unfortunate dog. Owners in this case too will hardly be satisfied. Daily riots in the apartment, the broken-off pillows and clothes, the gnawed footwear and furniture – the vigorous puppy will be able to pay back with a lot of things in hours of loneliness.

But whether it is possible to blame him for it? Even if he will be cruelly punished every day, the same because he will not understand what it was abused for for tomorrow will repeat. And from the lovely playful creature the nervous, angry, vindictive dog will turn out.

To grow up the healthy dog with normal mentality trained in all necessary skills of social behavior in the first 3-5 months of her life it needs to give at least 4-6 hours a day.

Choice of a puppy

It is the best of all to buy a puppy in nursery. Professional manufacturers follow the strict rules and will not allow to cultivation of dogs with pedigree defects, violations in mentality and heredity. Besides, in nursery dachshunds receive necessary feeding, they are in due time given anthelminthic means and do inoculations. What will turn out from the puppy acquired from the private owner – it is difficult to predict.

Depending on wool type dachshunds are sleek-haired, wire-haired and long-haired. It is considered that the last are quieter, and wire-haired most differ in obstinacy and willfulness. The color is not pedigree sign. Color variations improbable set.

This breed also has 3 versions depending on the size. The adult standard dachshund has to be in withers from 22 to 28 cm, chest – is more than 30 cm, the weight of an adult dog – 8-9 kg.

The adult dwarfish dachshund does not exceed 13-22 cm, the chest of such dachshund – to 30 cm, body weight – up to 5 kg.

Rabbit rates at all tiny. Height of an adult animal – 9-14 cm, the chest of an adult dog – up to 30 cm, weight – about 3.5 kg. The puppy has to have clean eyes, ears and an anus, an equal backbone

It is the best of all to take a dachshund of 3 months. The weight of a puppy will be 3-4 kg at this time. To this age of a dachshund already well are able to eat independently and not so strongly depend on mother. Healthy puppies are always mobile and inquisitive. The size is not of particular importance: the smallest puppy by eight months can outgrow considerably all odnopometny fellows.

the Leading character is noticeable already at this age. But alpha individuals are usually more stubborn and capricious. Process of their education is more difficult and is not always successful at inexperienced dog breeders. And the silent, quiet baby, on the contrary, will submit much easier and with pleasure to obey the owner. Though maybe so that the puppy is shy only in the presence of the more active fellows, and having been left without competitors, he will turn into violent and cheerful.

In the new place of residence for a puppy have to be already prepared:

  • ware from which he will eat and drink;
  • the place where he will sleep;
  • toys (he is a child);
  • a stock of time, patience, finance and knowledge how to treat a puppy, at owners.

Care of a dog

Change of a habitual situation will inevitably cause concern in any shchenochk. it can Be shown differently. The first days and especially nights many the taksyat whine and are killed into secluded places. Refuse food. Others not so sharply react to change of the place and quickly accustom to new family.

It depends on character of an animal and the address of new owners. In this case it is the best of all to distract the kid from him "sad thoughts" and to give something tasty. You should not run to a puppy every time as soon as he gives a vote. Otherwise he will whine also without need. The cub will think soon that his complaints are ineffectual, and will cease to cry.

The first that needs to be made, buying a puppy – to find out whether he received anthelminthic medicines and vaccines. If is not present, then it is desirable to make it as soon as possible. In dog nurseries usually anti-helminths in 4 – 6 weeks give to puppies the first time. Then in 2 months carry out the first vaccination which is repeated in 2 weeks.

Anthelminthic medicines can be bought in any veterinary drugstore. Drontal, Kanikvantel, Poliverkan are most popular. The veterinarian surely has to explain in what volume it is necessary to give medicine to a dog. It directly depends on its weight.

Puppies of a dachshund: rules of the choice and contents

Then in 2 weeks it is necessary to visit veterinary clinic. There will do to a puppy vaccination and will write out the passport with the indication of the name of vaccine. Most often veterinarians for vaccination of dogs use Nobivak, Eurikan or Dyuramun. It is desirable to do inoculations by medicines of the same producer in the future. the Veterinarian will tell when it is necessary to make a revaccination.

In 21 days after the second inoculations the puppy has an active immunity. Only after that with it it is possible to walk on the street and in public places, without being afraid to pick up an infection. At the age of 6-7 months the puppy will need to do vaccination against rage. In the subsequent the dog needs to carry out vaccination annually approximately at the same time, without forgetting to degelmintizirovat in 2 weeks the pet before.

Dachshunds differ in good health, and observance of these simple rules will help to avoid many serious illness.

Food for the little favourite

It is necessary to find out from the former owner to what forage the puppy is accustomed. If for some reason it is necessary to change a diet, it is necessary to do it gradually, replacing a part of a habitual forage with that which will be will then be given.

Up to three months of puppies feed with small portions of 5-6 times a day. In pet-shops special dry feeds for puppies are on sale. Best of all the group of a premium class – to Heppy dog will suit, to Royal Canin, Hills, Eukanuba and others. They are made only of natural products and contain the useful substances necessary for growth and normal digestion of the growing organism of a dog. If is decided to give to the kid natural forages, have to enter its diet:

  • meat (50% of a diet, low-fat pork, mutton, beef, chicken);
  • porridges (25% of a diet, rice, buckwheat, porridge, pearl barley, millet);
  • vegetables and fruit (15% of a diet, carrots, paprika, cabbage, vegetable marrows, cucumbers, apples, pears, watermelon, etc.);
  • eggs, cottage cheese, sour milk, kefir (10% of a diet).

Puppies of a dachshund: rules of the choice and contents

The day diet is formed at the rate of 40 g of products on 1 kg of weight of a dog. Food has to be always freshen, the unfinished remains need to be removed. Water should be changed every day. It is safer to use cold boiled. To some extent it is possible to avoid damage of property if the puppy has toys and special stones from the "care of teeth" series.

Respect for hygiene

it is Periodically necessary to carry out elementary hygienic leaving. Eyes and ears at dachshunds seldom need special processing. The long muzzle protects eyes from dirt hit, and ears are rather protected by an envelope from dust too. It is necessary to clean them only in case of pollution and a congestion of release of ear secretion. Do it by means of the wadded tampon moistened in special ear-drops.

Care of wool is simplest for sleek-haired dachshunds. They are enough to be wiped with a damp rag few times in a week. However after each walk the dog needs to wash paws and a stomach with warm water. Completely it is recommended to bathe not more often than time in 2-3 months.

Puppies of a dachshund: rules of the choice and contents

Training and education of an animal

Dachshunds are highly intellectual dogs. Even at children's age they very sensitively react to mood and intonations of a voice of the owner. Therefore in the course of training it is impossible to shout at all and furthermore to beat a puppy. The easy scolding for a nape, and the most effective manipulation of behavior – deprivation of communication for short time has to become the most effective punishment for a cub.

it is desirable to Walk a little dachshund after each feeding as defecation is most probable after a meal. Devastation of a bladder most often occurs after a dream, games and any change of activity. If to consider physiological processes, then щеночек will quickly think for what it is necessary to run on the street. But if he suddenly celebrated needs of nature in the apartment, it is impossible to shout and stick him with a muzzle into excrements. Of course, the kid has to feel that are dissatisfied with his behavior. It is the best of all to shame, expressing it intonation of a voice.

Puppies of a dachshund cannot allow to jump from high objects to avoid spine injuries and extremities. It is undesirable that the taksenok up to 6 months overcame long descents and rises on a ladder. It will help to avoid defects in development of extremities.

Puppies of a dachshund: rules of the choice and contents

In growing of a puppy distinguish several periods, each of which has the nuances of education.

The first social skills at a dog begin to be formed when she is less than two months old. This time needs to be used for laying of the correct relations between the person and a dog. How the owner in relation to the pet will prove, depends whether he recognizes is later than it "the leader of pack" or will try to take leadership.

Bringing up a dachshund, it is necessary to consider features of its character. Very many taksenysh remind the behavior the whimsical child therefore they need to be trained extremely carefully. The owner of a puppy has to know that the dachshund is affected much more effectively by a praise and encouragement, than rough methods of education. It is necessary to try to obtain command execution numerous repetition of team by a strict, but quiet voice. As soon as the puppy executes it, it needs to be praised.

The most important teams which the puppy has to acquire first of all are: "faugh", it "is impossible". It is good if the dog masters orders it "is possible", "to sit", "run". The more teams the dog knows, the easier to operate her. It does not make sense to give the verbose command to a puppy, he just will not understand what from it is required.

Before half a year it is necessary to be severe with the growing-up dachshund as during this period she a trial and error method will find out that it is possible for it and that it is impossible. It is impossible to assume that the dog did not obey teams, ignored orders and did that wants.

At this age it is necessary to walk her 3 times a day, using any opportunity for training. Dachshunds very much like to play. Game elements in training methods considerably will facilitate a task. The teenager of a dachshund with pleasure will run behind a ball or a stick. But from the very beginning it is necessary to stop attempts to run for a cat or the cyclist.

The easy and gay character, congenital attentiveness and affection for family members along with good education do a rate by an ideal room dog. And the small sizes allow to walk her even to children. Dachshunds faithfully will also fearlessly protect little owners. And the pleasure from games and fuss will be got by all.

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