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Puppies of a Jagdterrier already from early age show the perfectly developed hunting skills. Despite rather small sizes, dogs a Jagdterrier are excellent norny hunters and have obstinacy, inexhaustible energy, physical force and commitment. These qualities are very important for any hunting dog therefore most of dog breeders and experienced manufacturers consider representatives of this breed some of the best norny hunters.

Puppies of Breed Jagdterrier
Puppies of a Jagdterrier already from early age show the perfectly developed hunting skills

the History of origin of breed

Originally the puppy of a Jagdterrier was brought in Germany, and only thanks to laborious work of numerous selectors this breed of dog was brought practically to perfection.

At the beginning of the 19th century when hunting was very popular among notable misters, all needed excellent hunting dogs. At that time fox terriers, but as they were used even more often as exhibition were the best hunting dogs, working qualities of these pedigree dogs were partially lost. Certainly, experts tried to keep attractive appearance of fox terriers and at the same time worked on restoration of initial excellent hunting skills, but they were pursued by failures. Representatives of this breed of dog kept magnificent appearance or were excellent hunters, but their appearance did not conform to exhibition standards.

Walter Zangenbert decided to take a risky step and bought 4 puppies of a fox terrier who were discarded from cultivation because of atypical type of a color, black and subdead. At these puppies the hunting instinct and rage to an animal was perfectly developed, but they had an insignificant shortcoming – weak sense of smell. Among them there were 2 females and 2 males whom Walter tied among themselves and by that fixed their color. Among the puppies born from knitting the manufacturer chose individuals with the most dark color and in further work in cultivation allowed only black and subdead fox terriers. Were allowed to cultivation of an individual with white marks on a thorax and front extremities. As a result for rather short term Walter removed new breed of dog.

How to train a puppy of a Jagdterrier (video)

The first pedigree club of the German hunting terriers was soon educated and the description of new breed of dog is created. Only those representatives of breed who conformed to numerous requirements to an exterior, a color and to working qualities were allowed to breeding cultivation. Not only fox terriers, but also other norny hunting dogs, namely Old English terriers participated in cultivation. Impurity of other blood was proved by the fact that manufacturers tried to improve in every possible way breed of Jagdterriers, to fix their color and as much as possible to increase working skills.

Tough selection of applicants for cultivation of Jagdterriers could not but have an adverse effect extremely on the number of new pedigree dogs. By 60th years of last century manufacturers began to need expansion of a livestock and accepted other knittings of direct relatives of Jagdterriers in work. Despite some discrepancy to standards, manufacturers continued work on cultivation of the German Jagdterriers. Thus, experts achieved that representatives of this breed of dog received magnificent working skills, but their exterior very strongly suffered.

Today experts try to correct errors in cultivation of the German Jagdterriers. And their work is not in vain. At modern prestigious exhibitions great representatives of pedigree dogs are even more often shown, but the most successfully German Jagdterriers nevertheless prove in hunting.

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Appearance of Jagdterriers

the German Jagdterriers are perfectly put, have a harmonious and compact constitution. Externally they look very surely and watchfully. Only the individuals who underwent tough selection at the same time are allowed to work. Originally dogs undergo testing for a chistoporodnost and at the slightest discrepancy are at once discarded. Proportions of dogs and their main lines are estimated. For example, existence of heavy frame, too wide thorax and very much a back straight line is not characteristic of thoroughbred Jagdterriers. The thorax grasp should not exceed growth of a dog in withers more than on 12 cm at all. At the same time growth of dogs regardless of a sex of an individual has to be no more than 40 cm. According to the standard, the weight of dogs has to be no more than 10 kg, and the bough – is no more than 8.5 kg.

The German Jagdterriers are quite often confused with other pedigree dogs. Much more often they are confused with security dogs, for example, - with little Dobermann terriers and large pinschers. Such confusion is connected first of all with a color of Jagdterriers.

According to the standard, the color at the German Jagdterriers has to be black, grayish-black or brown. For burn marks on a muzzle, in eyebrows, necks, paws and a tail of a dog are characteristic red and light brown colors (in the form of a mask). There can also be marks of snow-white color at a thorax and fingers of a dog.

the German Jagdterrier is sleek-haired and wire-haired. at the same time at sleek-haired Jagdterriers wool is single-layer, dense, short, uniform and to characteristic gloss. The wire-haired Jagdterrier possesses the extended, hardish and dense wool.

Puppies of Breed Jagdterrier

Character and training

At the German Jagdterriers very determinate and fearless character. Dogs very purposeful, bright and incredibly active. As first of all Jagdterriers are working dogs, they are very hazardous and adore hunting. They have perfectly developed instincts therefore the owner has to be engaged carefully in education already from early age. On walks without due education and training the Jagdterrier will be just uncontrollable and flatly will refuse to submit to the owner. Only having caught sight of any small animal or a small pet, the hunting dog right there will designate him as production and will begin to act. At the same time Jagdterriers take for production not only those living creatures which go on the ground. They are attracted also by those who swim in reservoirs and live in burrows.

Unlike other pedigree dogs, Jagdterriers possess very tenacious and strong claws therefore can climb up with little effort after a cat a tree. Even if the Jagdterrier was trained at puppyish age, from a lead it is extremely undesirable to lower it as подзыв he can quietly ignore the owner. Representatives of this breed of dog need constant control and attention. During training it is impossible to develop the aggressive attitude towards strangers at a Jagdterrier. The pet has to execute always implicitly commands of the owner, and it is impossible to give to descent to a dog.

Character at these pedigree dogs quite playful, and they can involuntarily "play" and hurt other pet. Therefore for joint walks and games it is the best of all for Jagdterrier of other terriers to select with courageous and determinate character. Dachshunds and pugs will be able to protect themselves from an impact of a hazardous Jagdterrier.

Puppies of Breed Jagdterrier

At a training of a hunting dog it is desirable to combine training and development of his working skills. For example, for perfectly executed command in an award the pet should not give delicacy, and it is the best of all to hide its some toy and to ask to find it. It is necessary to praise for obedience of a pet by all means as dogs are by nature very sensitive.

As well as in a case with the majority of hunting dogs, Jagdterriers categorically do not get on with other pets in the house. Small rodents, birds and other small pets are an easy mark for a Jagdterrier. With other dog or a cat it is necessary to prepare a Jagdterrier for the neighbourhood gradually.

The representative of this breed treats other family members loyally, but will submit only to the only owner. Strangers most often trifle with Jagdterriers and are not afraid of them in view of the small size. But Jagdterriers quiet by sight very watchfully and even aggressively concern strangers, and this feature should be considered, inviting to the house of guests. The pet needs to give a little time for adaptation and acquaintance to the stranger, and the owner should calm him, then the dog will cease to show aggression.

Puppies of Breed Jagdterrier

Leaving and maintenance

Thanks to the small size the dog of this breed can be supported also in the city apartment. But at the same time it is necessary to meet some indispensable conditions. First, in the apartment there have to be many dog toys which are necessary even for the matured pets. Secondly, it is necessary to provide to a dog daily long walks.

It is much simpler to support the pet of this breed in the house with a personal plot, but at the same time it is better to protect a kitchen garden a reliable fencing. As well as any other hunting dogs, Jagdterriers like to dig and dig, being guided by the congenital instincts. At such contents need of walks remains relevant too.

Jagdterriers in leaving are unpretentious. Wool of pets can be cleaned only as required, and during a molt to comb out a special brush for terriers. Ears and eyes need to be examined periodically on existence of pollution and at their detection to clean.

of Feature of breed Jagdterrier (video)

For those individuals who are planned to be used for hunting it is desirable to choose the diet consisting of an industrial dry feed. Wire-haired Jagdterriers will also suit more such type of feeding as their small beard is quite often soiled in food.

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